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T-4 DEGAUSSER                                                                                                             •   Deployable Case with Wheels
                                                                                                                          •   12 Volt Battery Operation
                                              For More Info                                                               •   Internal Gaussmeter
Product                                       Click Here --->                                                             •   External Gaussmeter
The Proton T-4 produces a bi-directional field,                             Features                                      •   Straightened Exit Chute
which provides a 20,000 Gauss positive field and                                                                          •   Custom Vinyl Dust Cover
a 20,000 Gauss negative field. This results in a                                                                          •   Hard Drive Crusher (PPD-1)
field spread of 40,000 Gauss (4 Tesla). The T-4                                                                           •   Extended Warranty
achieves this by using unique, patented             • Listed on the National Security Agency's Evaluated
"Reverse Polarity“ technology. Other                  Products List (NSA EPL-Degausser) and complies
degaussers may have either a positive or              with DoD requirements for destroying classified
negative pulse, but only one. The T-4 has both        information on magnetic media.                                                               Benefits
and is fully automatic. This ensures complete       • Software requires all parameters (capacitor voltage,
and permanent erasure of your sensitive data.         switch, etc.) are present prior to the “Go” LED display.
The T-4 will degauss the highest coercivity           If any problem exists that will compromise
media available today and is projected to             degaussing, the “Go” LED will not display.                                •   Permanent destruction of confidential
sanitize future media coercivities for many         • Internal Gaussmeter option guarantees consistent                              and classified data.
years to come. No other degausser compares.           performance by reporting the magnetic field strength                      •   Compliance with recognized standards
                                                      of every cycle numerically on a blue LCD display. Also,                       and regulations, including FACTA, HIPAA,
                                                      has digital cycle counter and status display.                                 GLB, DPA, etc.
                                                    • Patented “Reverse Polarity” Electro Magnetic Pulse                        •   Sanitizes both Longitudinal and
                                                      (EMP) technology.                                                             Perpendicular recorded media and is
                                                    • Fully automatic operation: no drawer to open and                              projected to reliably degauss future
                                                      close, simply insert media into top slot and push start                       media with increased coercivities and
                                                      button.                                                                       higher Oersteds (Oe).
                                                    • Lightweight and portable design enables table top or                      •   Stores energy from previous cycles to
                                                      floor operation.                                                              reduce subsequent cycle times and save
                                                    • CESG Approved (UK) and CE Approved (EU).                                      energy.
                                                    • Manufactured in the USA in ISO 9001 certified                             •   Simple to use and fits easily into existing
                                                      facilities.                                                                   operations.

                                             Technical Specifications
                                              Dimensions          10 in x 19 in x 26 in (25 cm x 48 cm x 66 cm)
                                              Weight              128 lbs (58 kg)
                                              Power               Dual Voltage - Automatically converts between 120 V and 240 V; 12 V Battery (Optional)
                                              Media Size          Accommodates all magnetic media within 1 in x 6 in x 4.3 in (2.5 cm x 15 cm x 11 cm)
                                              Duty Cycle          Continuous
                                              Cycle Time          45-60 seconds
                                              Altitude            Operates at altitude up to 25,000 feet (7,620 meters)
                                              Field Strength      20,000 Gauss positive (+2 Telsa) and 20,000 Gauss negative (-2 Telsa), resulting in 40,000 Gauss (4 Telsa) field spread                                           Proton Data Security • p 305.670.5202 • f 305.508.6664 • •

   Why Choose Proton’s T-4 Degausser?
   Data storage technology is constantly advancing, so it is important to consider longevity when investing in a
   degausser. The Proton T-4 is built to last well into the future. How long will it be until your degausser is surpassed
   by ever-increasing media coercivity that requires higher or reverse flux fields to sanitize the data?

   The T-4 has a 40,000 gauss spread, giving it the highest flux field (+20,000 gauss/-20,000 gauss) of any degausser
   available today. It utilizes a patented “Reverse Polarity” process, which creates a high field saturation that is
   unique to the T-4. Other degaussers may have either a positive or negative pulse, but only one. The T-4 has both,
   and it is fully automatic. This ensures complete and permanent erasure of your data and protects your sensitive

                                                                                   USE ANYWHERE
                                                                                     Available with 12-Volt battery
                                                                                   option for all field and emergency
                                                                                     Light weight design allows
                                                                                   operation in virtually any work space.
                                                                                     Optional deployment case with

                                                                                   UNIFORM EXPOSURE
                                                                                      Only allows one piece of magnetic
                                                                                   media in the chamber at a time to
                                                                                   guarantee uniform exposure to the
                                                                                   effective magnetic field.
                                                                                      The T-4 does not need to rotate
                                                                                   the media during the cycle because
                                                                                   of its unique chamber design. This
                                                                                   assures uniform field strength and
                                                                                   magnetic depolarization at every
                                     For More Info
   ENERGY EFFICIENT CYCLE            Click Here --->
   T-4 cycle time is 45-60 seconds. Continual use decreases the cycle time because the capacitors charge and store
   energy from previous cycles. This reduces energy consumption. In data security there are no short cuts. The
   Proton T-4 guarantees the most thorough degaussing operation available.

   Permanent magnets can also last a long time but are limited in their strength and are far heavier. Pulse
   degaussers are much stronger and less cumbersome. The Proton T-4 takes security one step further with its
   patented “Reverse Polarity” technology.

   Before initiating the “Go” LED display, internal software checks capacitor voltage and power before each cycle,
   which guarantees that each degauss cycle deliveries sufficient strength and consistent performance. Proton’s T-4
   degausser uses Electro-Magnetic Pulse technology (EMP) and is built to last a long time. Independent testing has
   shown no reduction in capacitor strength after 100,000 cycles. The National Security Agency/Central Security
   Service Evaluated Products List for Degaussers (EPL-Degausser) states that “...though listed in the EPL-
   Degausser, customers that acquire these products should have them re-tested periodically according to
   manufacturer’s recommendations.” Proton recommends testing the T-4 after 7 years of use or when 50,000
   media devices have been sanitized. We also have an annual recertification program available.

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