6 Quick Tips For Your New Freight Brokerage by kenabanedlagi


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									6 Quick Tips For Your New Freight Brokerage

Getting your freight brokerage up and running seems like a full time job in itself! But after weeks of
searching and calling I finally found the steps to start my brokerage and was on my way to the lifestyle
that I wanted. Once I had my broker authority, my bond, my software and home office setup, I was the
king of the world ready to get out there and hit the pavement!

However a big problem that I ran into was information on how to Gain new customers. Having to sift
through hours of useless information on how to gain customers I came up with one general guideline
that was "supposed" to make me profitable. The answer I got from everyone out there was to "hit the
phones and start cold calling".

Cold calling is the process of approaching prospective customers, via phone, email, or a connection
through a social network who were not expecting an interaction with you. Like I said before though,
most all other freight brokers out there were explaining to me how numbers create success. When I say
"numbers" I don't mean phone numbers. I mean literally the amount of phone numbers I called per day
would lead me to a qualified customer list. To me it sounded like a shot in the dark, or the shotgun

Well months down the road, after hours of cold calling and getting very little results I knew there had to
be a better way. I always say "if you want it done right, do it yourself!" So I took my own advice and
instead of hitting the phones all day I created a way that the customers would call me instead!

So instead of researching ways for a freight broker to gain customers specifically, I decided to take a
different approach. The big question I instead tried to answer was how new businesses gain prospective
customers. In this day and age the answer was quite clear to me, that we live in an era where whenever
someone needs a service or needs to find a business, the immediately turn to the internet.

Here are a few tips on how to generate more leads for your brokerage:

· Pay-per-click advertising
· Website

· Search Engine Optimization of your website

· Easy means of contact

· Toll free phone number

· Finding a better industry niche

These are a few great tips that helped me grow my business and reduce my cold calling. I hope you can
apply these to your approach on gaining new customers to your freight brokerage, or any business for
that matter!

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