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                             Sick Leave Law in SF
                             [By Robin Salisian]

                             In San Francisco, employees are rejoicing.

                             San Francisco officials released guidelines last Monday for the new paid sick leave law, which was voted on in November
                             and passed in February.

The law, which is the first in the country to be   However, there are some limits. According           members or designated people such as
passed, covers a number of issues for both         to the same article, “SF residents who are          roommates or neighbors. Also, for every 30
full-time and part-time employees, as well as      employed outside the city but occasionally work     hours employees work, they will receive one
temporary staff.                                   from home accrue sick leave for their work-at-      hour paid leave.
                                                   home time if it amounts to 56 or more hours
“Employers cannot require a doctor’s note when     per year” as well as “employees who perform         On the news
workers take three or fewer consecutive days       work in SF on an occasional basis-such as a NY
of paid leave. They can require a doctor’s note    lawyer who is here for a trial-are covered by the   San Francisco
if an employee misses more than three days,        law if they perform 56 or more hours of work
takes time off for a medical appointment, or       here in a calendar year.”
shows a pattern of abusing sick time,” states an                                                       California Employer Advisor
article on “Employees start        Other things covered by the law include   
accruing sick leave after 90 days of service.”     employees using paid leave for sick family


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Description: San Francisco Officials Released Paid Sick Leave Guidelines. According To New Paid Sick Leave Law Now Employers Do Not Require A Doctors Note For Three Or Fewer Consecutive Days Of Paid Leave. The Law Has Number Of Issues For Both Full-Time And Part-Time Employees.
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