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									Pollen allergies increase the risk of asthma in infants

High exposure to pollen in the last three months of pregnancy
significantly increases the risk of serious asthma.

A study conducted in Sweden analyzed data from more than 110,000 cases of
pregnancy. The researchers found that exposure to high pollen is
associated with a 35 percent increased risk of the baby developing

Pollen can be found on grass, trees and flowers. In a country with four
seasons, the highest pollen exposure usually occurs in late spring into
early fall.

“Women who are sensitive to pollen during pregnancy have increased risk
of asthma, premature, and impaired fetal growth,” said a research team
led by Dr Adrian Lowe, from Umea University, as reported by the Daily

Now, researchers are developing advanced studies related to the effects
of pollen exposure on the immune system of the fetus. Primarily a severe
respiratory disease in infants early in life.

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