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									Permanent deafness drugs is found ?

Scientists succeeded in developing a cure for permanent deafness
problems. The drug is said to stimulate the inner ear.

The drug, codenamed LY411575, can trigger the regeneration of sensory
hair cells. Restoring sensory hair cells damaged by several factors, such
as loud noises, infections, and toxic drugs, is not an easy job.

In the present study, the scientists succeeded in developing a cure for
the damage caused by loud noise in mice. Although the research is still
quite preliminary, they believe that it could lead to effective treatment
in humans.

Small sensory cochlear hair is very important to hear. Sound vibrations
is transferred from the eardrum which then moves the hair cells and
causes nerve messages fired to the brain. Without the hair cells, the
auditory pathway is blocked and there are no signal received by the
auditory brain central.

While birds and fish are able to regenerate hair cells in the ear,
mammals can not. Therefore, the new approach involves reprogramming cells
of the inner ear by blocking a protein called Notch.

Laboratory studies have previously shown that Notch signaling helps
prevent stem cells in the cochlea transform themselves into sensory hair
cells. Well, the drugs LY411575 could suppress Notch.

Hearing loss is a problem that affects 250 million worldwide

“We found that hair cells can be regenerated from the surrounding cells
in the cochlea,” said lead researcher, Dr Albert Edge, from Harvard
Medical School in the United States, as reported by the Daily Mail .

Hearing loss itself is an issue that has affected 250 million worldwide.

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