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									8 Symptoms of liver damage you need to be aware of

The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. If your liver
is not functioning properly, the body will experience a variety of
diseases. Liver damage is usually triggered by unhealthy habits such as
drinking alcohol and eating saturated fatty foods. To that end, recognize
the symptoms before it’s too late. Here are some of the symptoms of liver
damage, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Bad breath
You probably never thought that bad breath can be a sign of liver damage.
If your liver is not functioning properly, the mouth usually smells. This
is because of excess ammonia produced by the body.

2. Dark circles of the eyes and eye fatigue
Impaired liver function can be associated with skin damage and fatigue.
The skin under the eyes are known to be gentle and also can reflect a
person’s health condition. If you find it difficult to eliminate the
problem of dark circles and tired eyes, see a doctor immediately. It may
be symptoms of liver damage.

3. Severe digestive problems
If your liver contains a lot of fat, you will not be able to digest
water. However, mild digestive problems that occur at regular intervals
also indicate damage to your liver.

4. Changes in skin color
Changes in skin color may occur due to liver damage. Liver damage are
also evident from the symptoms of white patches that occur in the skin,
called liver spots.

5. Dark color urine and feces
People who have problems of dehydration usually have urine and feces that
are dark brown. Aside from being a symptom of dehydration, it also
indicates a problem with the liver.

6. Yellowing of the eyes and nails
The whites of your eyes and your nails look yellow? You may be exposed to
jaundice. Immediately consult a doctor to get proper medical care.

7. Bitter taste in the mouth
The liver produces an enzyme called bile. So, if you feel bitter in the
mouth, you may have experienced liver damage.

8. Swelling of the abdomen
The liver will be enlarged due to infection or liver damage. If the
condition is not addressed, your stomach will become enlarged or bulging.

Avoid unhealthy eating habits, especially those containing a lot of
saturated oils. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods such as
vegetables and fruits.

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