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									7 Symptoms of painkiller addiction

Do you usually take painkillers containing opiates? Painkillers commonly
are used to relieve discomfort or pain in people with arthritis,
headaches, or those who had an accident, or surgery.

Painkillers can indeed work well, but also can be addictive if consumed
too much and too often. Here are some signs if you have experienced the
painkiller addiction, as reported by the Third Age.

1. Adding dose
The longer, you want to increase the dose of painkillers. If you have
been taking painkillers too long, beware when having these desires.

2. Loner
You become happier alone, do not like hanging out with friends or family.
You start avoiding social gatherings and events that you would normally

3. Loss of focus
You are beginning not to think about work, business, or anything else
that becomes your routine. Every day only the drug that’s all you have in
your mind.

4. Request additional medication
Extending the use of the drug when the health condition is improving and
does not require painkillers can cause addiction again. If you wanted to
get a prescription for painkillers when you no longer need one, then it
is a sign.

5. Do not care of appearance
You begin to not care about your appearance, for example your start
rarely bathe, do not wear makeup, do not cleanse the body. This is one of
the signs that you start an addiction. Other signs can be seen through
the changes of eating and sleeping time.

6. Increased sensitive sense
The use of painkillers that are too long can cause excessive emotional
reactions. You are easily distracted, irritable, and reacts even on small

7. Argue
When someone says you might have a problem then you act defensive and do
not want to admit it, then this is a sign that there are things to worry

When used in the appropriate dose and for the right reasons, painkillers
can be useful and beneficial to health. But beyond that, the use can be
harmful to you.

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