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									Salmeterol asthma drug can make asthma worse in children?

A study showed that asthma medication called salmeterol does not work for
the use in children. Worse, the drug is believed will actually worsen
asthma in children.

A genetic disorder in the salmeterol is said as the cause which will make
asthma more severe on one of the seven cases of childhood asthma.

“Generic drugs are usually not going to be successfully when used in some
parts of the population,” said Somnath Mukhopandhyay of Brighton and
Sussex Medical School, as reported by the Daily Mail.

When the drugs do no work, doctors often blame the parents for not giving
medication properly to the children. When in fact the drug may not work
in some cases.

Treatment of asthma in children are usually done gradually. Additional
drugs are given as the first drug does not work. Initial drug given to
children is usually inhalers to open the airways when under attack.

If the inhaler is not enough, your doctor will prescribe a low dose
medicine containing steroids in red inhalers. If this still does not
work, the doctor will give salmeterol in purple or green inhalers.

Professor Mukhopadhyay his and colleagues at Dundee University decided to
compare salmeterol with another drug, that is montelukast. Approximately
62 children were given medication for one year, while researchers
observed their progress.

In general, salmeterol worked better than montelukast. But in some
children, salmeterol does not functions, while montelukast works better.
Children who took montelukast does not require other medications and have
an increased quality of life.

According to researchers, it’s good for doctors to try giving the drugs
before prescribing to children. Because for some children with certain
genes, different drugs may have better outcomes.

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