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VIEWS: 63 PAGES: 8 New Sentry Surveillance reviews for January 2013. Sentry Surveillance offers a completely customizable, turnkey CCTV solution. Our RealEyes� line of surveillance systems provides you with the simplicity of a PC, along with the world class functionality and reliability necessary to serve your surveillance and security needs. Call us today at 770-592-0400

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									Sentry Surveillance Reviews
  Customer Testimonials
       January 2013
“The absolute best in the surveillance business! I
was in need of a surveillance system for my new
business when I received a call from Sentry. I
spoke with a wonderful young woman who gave
me great information and offered me a free (no
strings attached!) demonstration. Man I was
impressed! In no time, I was fully set up with my
personalized system, and I am so happy. The
people of Sentry are amazing. Any time I have
questions with my equipment or need a
technician to help me out they are always there
to help. I suggest going with a company that
knows exactly what they are doing and how to
treat their customers, and that is exactly what
Sentry is!” – by ProPics
“Their timing couldn’t have been better, they
called me a week after I had had some
items stolen from my yard. Their salesman
was professional and showed me how I
could use the system to help me reduce
other costs. The Installers were easy to work
with and had the system installed in a day. A
Great experience overall and I am glad I
have this system.” – Robert
“The Technicians were very helpful at
answering any Questions we had about the
equipment. They were on time for our
scheduled appointment. They showed us
how to use our equipment and explained
everything in great detail. Overall our
experience was very enjoyable.” –
“Sentry Surveillance is the place to contact if you
are ever in need of a surveillance system. They
work hand in hand with you to get you the best
system for your business and make the entire
process easy and efficient. From the free
demonstration to the installation and even now
after having my system for over a year, I am very
pleased I went with such a professional and
friendly company. They work hard to do the best
services and I have never spoken with or met
someone associated with Sentry that did not treat
me and my company with respect. They sure did
treat me like I was their top client. I would
recommend Sentry to anyone at any time!” –
S. Autoking
“An excellent camera system that’s very
affordable for being one of the best systems
on the market, I even was able to view my
cameras at my job on my smartphone! I
would recommend this company to anyone
looking to bring their business out of the
economic hole, these cameras not only
helped me save my business but i also was
able to increase my profits by 167% in the
first year!” – Anonymous
“Sentry Surveillance in my opinion is one of
the best surveillance companies out there
today. I received a fantastic demonstration
followed by a very reasonable price quote,
and I was sold. I have had the cameras now
for over 3 years, and even have had a few
upgrades during this time. Sentry always
handles my problems or concerns timely and
efficiently. I would recommend their product
and customer service to anyone!”
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