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									Interesting facts about Iraq

   Researchers say that most Irish and Britons can trace its roots in Syria and Iraq.
   Iraqis celebrate two New Year's Day. The first of these is the first day of Muharram, the first month of the Muslim
    calendar. Some Iraqis and celebrate the New Year on the Gregorian calendar.
   Dancing plays an important role in the culture of Iraq for several millennia. One of dance styles, called «hacha'a»,
    very similar to belly dancing, but it has more movement of the neck and arms and thighs smaller movements. The
    woman should have long hair, as one part of the dance to rock the hair.
   In Iraq, as in many other Muslim countries, it is considered impolite to use the left hand when eating, as it is
    considered "unclean."
   In Iraq, there is not considered shameful quickly and without using forks and spoons. Opposite greedy eating food
    guest indicates that it really is delicious. Guest house in Iraq would be extremely offended if suddenly near the
    dining table will be a pet.
   By tradition in Iraq, most brides and grooms are married to their cousins or second cousins.
   Fertile valley between two legendary Tigris and Euphrates rivers has become a good platform for the development
    of civilization in the 7th century BC. This area is called differently in different periods of history, including the "Al-
    Jazeera", which translated from Arabic means "island" or "Mesopotamia" - "the land between two rivers" in Greek.
   Iraq for the first time took part in the Olympic Games in 1948 and won just one medal in weightlifting (bronze) at the
    Rome Olympics. Iraq has never participated in the Winter Olympic Games.
   Women in Iraq have traditionally enjoyed more freedom than representatives of other countries in the
    region. However, after the last war, their situation is increasingly deteriorating. Religious groups are trying to make
    women completely hide the face and threatening to those who wear Western-style clothes. In addition, because of
    the poor state of the economy is increasing the number of Iraqi women trafficked into sexual slavery.
   Archaeologist Leonard Woolley (Leonard Woolley) argues that the fear of black cats wont divide the time by 12
    hours of the morning and afternoon, and prediction of human destiny by the location of the constellations were
    "invented" in Iraq.
   In 1923, the U.S. Supreme Court found that the people living in the Middle East, including in Iraq, refer to the
    Caucasoid race, but they are not "white", since most people do not consider them as such. This view was changed
    in 1946. Currently, the U.S. Census said people from the region, as well as Jews, "white" people.
   In December 2011, the last American troops were withdrawn from Iraq, which meant the end of the nearly nine-year
    war. It was the largest contingent of U.S. troops was in a country since Vietnam. However, continue to work in Iraq
    1700 diplomats, advisors to develop laws, economic development and agriculture; 5000 security professionals and
    more than 5 thousand specialists in other areas.
   More than half of Americans believe the war in Iraq has got a stalemate.Also, more than half believe that the Bush
    administration lied to the public opinion, claiming that Iraq had found traces of weapons of mass destruction. About
    half of the respondents reported that U.S. intervention has had negative consequences for Iraq, and the money
    spent on the war, became the main cause of the economic crisis in the U.S..
   According to the Bible, Abraham was born in Ur, which is in Southern Iraq. Isaac's wife Rebekah came from Nahor,
    which is also in Iraq. On top of that, the legendary Garden of Eden were also in Iraq.
   Mountains account for 20% of Iraqi territory. The two main mountain ranges - is Taurus, on the border with Turkey,
    and the Zagros - on the border with Iran. Forests in Iran preserved only in the mountains.
   One of the most common plants in Iraq is licorice (Glycyrrhiza), which for thousands of years, used as a
    drug. Warriors in ancient times noticed that chewing licorice, you can cheat thirst.
   Of the more than 150,000 Iraqis who have died in the last war, 80% were civil people.
   The war in Iraq has cost 800 billion, killed more than 4,500 U.S. troops and more than 30,000 were wounded. In all,
    Iraq has served 1.5 million.
   During the 5000 years of the Iraq people keep bees. Honey is one of the main sources of income for many Iraqi
   Dust and sand storms are raging in Iraq from 20 to 50 days a year, especially in summer. Sandstorms raise sand to
    a height of 15 meters, and dust clouds rise to a height of one to two kilometers.
   Carp in Iraq could grow to weight about 140 pounds, and shark rise far up the largest Iraqi rivers.
   Over the past 50 years the first democratic elections were held in Iraq in January 2005.
   Football is the most popular sport in Iraq. Also here for basketball, boxing, weightlifting, horse riding and dressage.

   Prior to the first Gulf War, the U.S. was an ally of Saddam Hussein. They helped Saddam obtain information on Iran
    during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, to prevent Iran from winning the war. Also during this war, the Americans
    supplied Saddam's weapons.

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