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									Interesting facts about Hilary Clinton

   Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Park Ridge, in the
    same state. She has two younger brothers, Hugh (born in 1950) and Anthony (1957). They were brought up on
    "traditional Midwestern values: family, church on Sundays, respect for elders, good study, exercise," once said

   Hillary Clinton was the only First Lady, called up on the agenda of the court, and it was due to her involvement in a
    case of conflict "Uaytvoter" in 1996, and gave an affidavit at the time of the investigation and civil investigations into
    the Trevelgeyt (Travelgate) and Faylgeyt (Filegate).Hillary and Bill were the first presidential couple, whose FBI

Shortly before she married Bill Clinton in 1975, Hillary tried
to enlist in the Navy, perhaps to make a political move. HR
Department refused her on the grounds that it is out of age,
she has poor eyesight and she is a woman.
    Jennifer Flowers, who allegedly had 12letnyuyu relationship with Bill Clinton, when asked how she felt about what
    to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, said: "I am for a woman to become president. I just can not
    imagine this place it. "
    In the early 1990s, when Bill Clinton was earning 35,000 dollars a year as governor of Arkansas, Hillary got
    100,000 from her practice at the law firm and the commissions. Part of the salary she received from Lafarge cement
    producer, which was later fined for excessive pollution of its factory.
    As a child, Hillary wrote a letter to NASA asking enroll her in the astronaut, but she said that girls "do not take an
    About Hillary Clinton during her youth rumors that she is a lesbian based on her energetic manner, the lack of
    interest in their appearance and the surrounding company, who called herself only as «HERC and girls" playing with
    her initials HRC.
    When Hilary was a teenager, she organized a group to look after the children of Mexican migrant workers who live
    in the countryside in Illinois.
    At the ninth grade level Hilary sometimes appeared in class Scout uniform. Perhaps, therefore, it later became a
    supporter of the widespread introduction of wearing uniforms to school.
    Submitting documents, Hilary was in Yale and Harvard. When she represented one of the most famous Harvard
    professor of law, he said, "Professor, this is Hillary Rodham, and she can not decide between us and our nearest
    competitor." What Harvard professor said, "First, we have no immediate competitors, and, secondly, we do not need
    a girl."After these words, Hilary stopped the choice on Yale.
    Along with Hillary at the Faculty of Law at Yale University had learned only 27 women out of all the students.
    As Hilary met with Bill Clinton: She got up from his desk, walked over to him and held out his hand and said, "If you
    keep looking at me, and I do not mind to look at you, so why should we not meet ? I - Hillary Rodham. "
    When the mother spoke disparagingly about Bill Hilary appearance, he replied, "I also need someone to talk to. Do
    not you understand? "His connections on the side, however, almost became a few times cause of divorce.
October 11, 1975 Hillary and Bill Clinton married to the canons of the Methodist Church.
When Hillary was asked about what it attracted in the Bill, she said: "He was not afraid of me."
Many biographers and commentators have expressed suspicion that the marriage of Bill and Hillary was based on
political ambitions and a desire to revolutionize the Democratic Party and to the presidency of Bill than on love.
In 1988 and 1991, the Journal of State Hillary Rights called one of the most influential lawyers of America.
After graduating from Yale University, Hilary passed the examinations for admission to the bar in Washington and
Arkansas. In Washington, it has not passed, but the Arkansas Bar Association accepted it.
In 1977, Hillary got a job at the law firm of Rose in Little Rock in Arkansas. The firm was founded in 1820 and is
one of the oldest and most prestigious firms west of the Mississippi River.

 One biographer Clinton wrote that she would like to have more than one child (daughter Chelsea), but this was
not possible for medical reasons.

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