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									Interesting facts about Barack Obama

   Barack Hussein Obama was named after his father - a complete "namesake" - Barack Hussein Obama, who died in
    1982 at age 46. The name "Barack" is translated from Swahili as "blessed", "Hussein" is close in meaning to the
    adjective "beautiful". Senior Obama expressed himself in Swahili, since it was his first language.
   Obama at school was a little chubby, and his initials were the word "bo", which has some funny translation from
    English. So over it enough offensively teased at school. The color of his skin also gave him some problems.
   Barack Obama, despite the "anti-smoking" image of the White House, smoking cigarettes, although he did try to get
    rid of unhealthy habits.
   Tickets for Obama's inauguration January 20, 2009 were sold online for 40 thousand dollars. Although entrance to
    the inauguration ceremony for those who got a ticket from a member of Congress or your state senator, is always
   Grandpa Obama Oniango Hussin Obama (1895-1979) during World War II worked with the British colonial
    authorities in Kenya. According to the memoirs of one of his wives, he was put and tortured for taking part in the
    Kenyan revolution after the Second World War. He later moved from Christianity to Islam. He was a good farmer,
    tribal elders and medicine men.
   Obama has countless relatives, as his ancestors in the male line had several wives and many children.
   Barack's father was born in a village near Lake Victoria and good in school, but for subversive activities and
    numerous omissions, he was expelled. He regarded himself a Muslim, but spent most of his life as an atheist.
   When Obama's father was in the University of Hawaii, he left his pregnant first wife in Kenya in the care of his
    father's third wife Sarah Hussein Onyango. He became the first man from a family of Barack Obama, who left Africa
    and settled in another country.
   Stanley Ann Dunham (1942-1995), the mother of Barack, known as Ann, came from an old American family. Her
    father was a Baptist, and his mother tended to the Methodist doctrine.
   Anne was the competition at the University of Chicago, but his father would not allow her to study, because he
    thought her too young. The following year the family moved to Hawaii Ann, in the same 1959 arrived there and the
    senior Obama.
   Prospective parents of Barack Jr. met in class in Russian, when Anne was 18. Anne waited patiently Barack Sr.,
    when he was late for dates.
   In 1961, following a modest wedding ceremony, the couple formed Obama. Ann was three months pregnant with
    Barack, and the senior Obama by then divorced from his first wife. While in some states, marriage between people
    of different races were not allowed, but not in Hawaii.
   Father Barack Senior was set firmly against his marriage to Ann, because he was shocked that he left his wife in
    Kenya, with two children. Also, he is not satisfied that Anne was the representative of the European race.
   Interestingly, some of the relatives on the maternal side of Barack ... were slaveholders.
   Obama, who as a child was often called Barry or bar, was born in 1961 in Hawaii. This happened on August 4 in
   When Obama is one year old, his father went to Harvard to do - Barak sees him later only once - just before his
    death in 1985.
   In 1964, when Barack Sr. confirmed his degree at the university, the mother of Barack Jr. has filed for divorce. After
    earning a degree Obama's father returned to Kenya with his next wife, Ruth Naydsend, white American teacher.
   In 1967, Anne married again. This time her husband was Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia.
   While living in Indonesia, Barack riding a water buffalo, playing in paddy fields, eating pungent chili dog and snake
    meat, and even fried grasshoppers. He had a hand monkey Tata, and lived in the yard chickens, geese and calves
    ... alligators. In Indonesia, the first time he saw a leper people living in desperate poverty.
   In 1970, Obama appeared half-sister Maya Soetoro. In 1971, Ann realized that she does not want Barack grew up in
    Indonesia, sent him back to Hawaii. She later divorces Lolo.
   With grandparents Obama graduated with honors from one of the most prestigious schools in Hawaii.
   Obama graduated with honors from Harvard Law Academy. Before that, in 1990, he became the first black president
    of the Harvard law review.
   Barack met Michelle Robinson, his wife, in Chicago, when he was an intern at a law firm Sidley Austin. They were
    combined in the Holy Trinity Church in Chicago, here christened their future daughters Malia (born July 4, 1998) and
    Natasha (10 June 2001).
   The pre-election debate for the seat of Illinois governor characterized by the fact that the first of the two major
    parties have been nominated a black candidate. With a huge margin Obama won.
   After his famous speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, America embraced the real

   Once Obama admitted that Indian Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, a white American and African American,
    Martin Luther King - people on whom he always wanted to be like.

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