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									50 interesting facts of Rick Perry

   James Richard "Rick" Perry was born on March 4, 1950 in Paint Creek, Texas. His parents were the owners of the
    ranch, and his father, Ray Perry Haskell County Commissioner, school board members, a Democrat and a member
    of the Second World War.
   Perry has served longer than any Texas governor.
   Rick Perry has never lost elections in three decades of service in government.
   While Rick Perry has never been involved in any sexual scandal, Ron Paul, one of his "well-wishers" actively looking
    for at least some clue. It even runs advertisements in newspapers to find women who have sex with Rick Perry.
   Rick Perry and his wife Anita Thigpen first met in elementary school in the competition for the recitation, and the first
    meeting they held, when Rick was 16 years old. 16 years later, in 1982, they were married. Their son, Griffen was
    born in 1983, and daughter Sydney - in 1986.
   Rick Perry grew adherent flow Methodist Protestant Church, and attended the same church at one time, as
    President George W. Bush in Austin. He currently attends a mega-church of Lake Hills.
   Despite its association with the radical Christian evangelicals who openly opposed to Islam, Perry is a friend of the
    Aga Khan, the religious leader of the Shia Muslims of Texas. Perry agreed to establish a far-reaching program to
    educate Texas schoolchildren with the true values of Islam.
   Rick Perry is the owner of the highest distinction Scouts' Eagle Scout "and is a life member of the American Legion.
   Rick Perry is a fifth generation Texan and 47m governor of Texas. He became the first graduate of the scope of
    mechanization of agriculture, who became governor of Texas.
   Perry criticized for the poor quality of school education in the United States and the highest poverty rate in the state
    of the country.
   Under the direction of Perry, Texas, along with the state of Mississippi is still the largest in the country, the
    percentage of low-wage workers. In addition, 26% of Texans do not have health insurance policies, which is the
    worst figure in the entire United States.
   In May 2010, Rick Perry signed a law requiring women intending to have an abortion in Texas must first obtain
    echogram, and the doctor must describe the size of her fetus, as well as the size of its organs and limbs. In the case
    of rape, incest and severe fetal abnormality woman can refuse to listen to the description of the echogram
   One Kick Perry hinted that Texas may well separate from the U.S..However, when people in one of the meetings
    began chanting: "separates! Detach "Rick went back down and said that there is no need to destroy such a great
   Rick Perry makes jogging with a gun loaded with bullets hollow, because he is afraid of snakes. In 2010, he shot a
    coyote that attacked his Labrador.
   In the last two years under the guidance of Perry in Texas was sozdano37% of new jobs across America. However,
    some critics argue that many of these jobs are filled by lower-paid.
   College in Texas A & M (agriculture and mechanization) Perry was a member of the Cadet Corps. After college, he
    became captain of the Air Force. After demobilization, he joined his father's cotton business.
   Rick Perry brought on a wave of criticism in 1993 when he wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton praised the efforts to
    reform health care. R
   Texas Governor Perry signed the official proclamation, which declared three days in April 2011 in the State of days
    of prayers for rain.
   Rick Perry was initially a Democrat, but in 1989 he moved to the Republican side. A year before the transition, he
    was the chairman of the election for president of the then candidate Al Gore.
   Rick Perry once said that his Christian faith compels him to support Israel. He also said that Obama's approach to
    the problems of the Middle East is "naive, arrogant, dangerous, and going nowhere
   In 2001, Rick Perry signed the Texas version of the Dream Act, which allowed children of illegal immigrants to
    education in the state.
   Perry supported the Trans-Texas Corridor, a toll road, which meant that about 81,000 acres of suburban land will
    have to move away to the government. Conservative opposition strongly opposed to this idea, why prospective
    project developers had to cancel it.
   Rick Perry proposed abolishing life tenure for federal judges to amend appropriately. He also proposed the
    introduction of the right of Congress to overcome the decisions of the Supreme Court's two-thirds vote.
   Rick Perry proposed eliminating the Sixteenth Amendment, which would abolish the federal income tax.
   Perry proposed eliminating the Seventeenth Amendment to end the direct election of senators from the state, and
    instead allow state legislators to appoint members of the U.S. Senate.
   In 2006, Rick Perry has publicly rejected the claim that non-Christians were sentenced to unconditional falling into
   Before the presidential campaign Perry called for amendments to the constitution that would have canceled abortion
    and gay marriage.

   At Rica Perry in Texas were executed 235 people, including Cameron Todd Villingema, widely believed to be

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