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									Presidents and hypnosis

   William Henry Harrison was president of the U.S. for 31 days. He caught a cold on the day of his inauguration and
    died of pneumonia at the White House, April 4, 1841, exactly one month after the oath.
   George Washington was so popular among the French that when he died, Napoleon Bonaparte declared the
    country's 10-day mourning period.
   Full name of President Truman - Harry Truman Es ( Harry S Truman ).The letter S was not reduced, and full
    name. The letters as a second name was a common practice in the United States before World War II.
   For some time, American presidents and their wives and senior officials were exempted from paying the
    postage. They pointed to his name on the corner of the envelope, this procedure is called "franking"
    ( franking). Today, many collectors hunt for similar signatures on franked envelopes.

   To check the patient's susceptibility to hypnosis, many psychiatrists use a standard test. The doctor is behind the
    patient, speaking to close their eyes and stretch his head in his hands the doctor. After that inspires the patient that
    after the hand will take, he must fall. In this case, the doctor ensures patient safety and requests fully trust him. If a
    patient falls on his back without hesitation, it is easy to hypnotize.

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