Sermon On The Mount Outline by jeffafro


									                   Outline I: Matthew 5:1-7:28 and Handout One

 I. The Sermon on the Mount
         A. The Eight Beatitudes
                  1) poor in spirit – kingdom of heaven
                  2) mourners – comfort
                  3) meek – inherit the earth
                  4) those who seek righteousness – will be filled
                  5) merciful – mercy will be shown
                  6) pure in heart – will see God
                  7) peacemakers – will be called sons of God
                  8) persecuted because of righteousness – kingdom of heaven
         B. Salt and Light
         C. The Fulfillment of the Law
                  1) Anyone who breaks one of the least of Jesus’ commands will be
                      called least in kingdom of heaven.
                  2) Anyone who practices and teaches Jesus’ commands will be called
                      great in the kingdom of heaven.
         D. Jesus teaches about the law
                  1) Anger
                  2) Lust
                  3) Divorce
                  4) Vows
                  5) Retaliation and loving enemies
                  6) Giving to the needy
                  7) Prayer
                        a) Pray in secret and your Father in heaven will reward you
                        b) God already knows what you need before you ask him.
                        c) The Lords Prayer
                        d) Forgive men for their sins and you will be forgiven
                  8) Fasting
                  9) Money
                  10) Worry
                  11) Criticizing others
                  12) Asking, seeking, knocking
                  13) The way to heaven
                  14) Fruit in people’s lives
                  15) Building houses on rock and sand
         E. The people were so amazed at Jesus’ teaching because, unlike the teachers of
            the law, he taught with authority.
II. Handout One (Who Do Men Say That I Am? By Cullen Murphy)
         A. A Traveler’s Question
          1) Who do men say that I am?
                a) From a man who wishes to disturb
                b) From a man who himself is disturbed
          2) Aid in the explanation of scripture
                a) The Nag Hammadi manuscripts
                b) Dead Sea Scrolls
B.   The First Quest
          1) Did Jesus claim to be God?
                a) Not in the Gospels
                b) It would have been hard to understand
          2) What about the resurrection?
          3) What about the virgin birth?
          4) What about the historical reliability of the Gospels?
          5) Living a Christian life has not gotten harder, but defining how a
              Christian should understand Jesus has.
          6) The Council of Chalcedon
          7) The “Q” source
          8) The messianic secret
C.   Above and below
          1) Christology (“from above”)
          2) Christologies today are “from below”
          3) “I believe in Jesus with the apostles.”
          4) Docetism
D.   The Second Quest
          1) Rudolf Bultmann (1884-1976)
          2) The point to fix is the Christ of faith rather than the Jesus of history.
          3) Form criticism used to dig into the period between Jesus’ life and the
              appearance of the first Gospel texts.
          4) This quest used new or refined criteria
                a) The principle of multiple attestation
                b) The principle of coherence
                c) The insights of redaction criticism
E.   The Grand Inquistor
          1) Hans Kung
          2) “Why do you, Jesus, come to disturb us?”
F.   A Life and Death
          1) Jesus was a Jew
          2) Palestine to Jesus was a land in religious and political ferment.
          3) Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist
G.   Resurrection
          1) The New Testament is the testimony of believing people.
          2) The people in the New Testament are not saying it is history, but
              expressions of their belief of Jesus as Christ.
H.   The First Coming
I.   Christmas

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