Persuasive-Messages by jeffafro


									     Chapter 8
Persuasive Messages
             Audience Analysis
   Knowledge and attitude of the reader
   Effect on the reader
   Writer Credibility
    Prefer the DIRECT Plan When
   Writing to superiors
   Presenting a long or complex proposal
   The reader prefers directness
   Strong persuasion is not needed
   The reader will probably listen objectively
    Prefer the INDIRECT Plan When
   Writing to colleagues and subordinates
   Writing to someone outside the organization
   The reader prefers the indirect approach
   Strong persuasion is required
   The reader is initially resistant to your proposal
        Gain the Reader’s Attention
   Subject: Restructuring Budget
   Rhetorical question
       What do you think the labor costs are for changing just one
        light bulb?$2? $5? More?
   Unusual fact
       Our company spent more money on janitorial service last
        year than on research and development.
   Reader/Writer common ground
       Automotive News calls your 6-year/60,000 mile warranty the
        best in the business.
                Create Interest
   Not: Locating our plant in Greenville instead of
    in Anderson would result in considerable
   But: Locating out plant in Greenville instead of
    in Anderson would result in annual savings of
    nearly $175,000, as shown in Table 3.
            Minimize Obstacles
   We believe the extensive publicity our sale will
    generate justifies your temporarily setting aside
    company policy and providing an in-store
    demonstrator. The ease of use that your
    representative will be able to display are sure to
    increase the sales of your microwaves.
               Motivate Action
   Not: I know you’re a busy person, but I would
    appreciate your completing this questionnaire.
   But: So that this information will be available
    for the financial managers attending our fall
    conference, I would appreciate your returning
    the questionnaire by May 15. This information
    will help allow for more benefit money.
    Interpret- Don’t Just Describe
   Not: The Comfy Lap Desk is 13”by31”.
   But: The Comfy Lap Desk is 13”- by-31”
    surface provides a enough room to hold an open
    encyclopedia and still have room to take notes.
   Not: The portable desk weighs only 12oz.
   But: You don’t have to be afraid to rest this lap
    desk on your knees for hours at a time. It weighs
    just 12oz- about the same as your favorite can of
    soft drink.

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