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Humor Works by jeffafro


									Humor Works
 Do research
 Believe
 Look for humorous ideas
 Right under our noses
 Helps joke transition
 Rarely stands alone
 Relate to the audience
   Stories have three parts
     Natural Beginning (setup)
     Middle (information/conflict)
     End (payoff/punch line)
   Disturb the rhythm and kill the laugh
   Use your voice as an instrument.
     Emotion
     Joy
     Intensity
     Amusement
     Frustration with   your voice
 Coincides with your Rhythm
 Practicing will provide confidence when
  the time comes
   How to relax
     Improve time management
     “Time management translates to life
      management.” – Jon Denoris
     Evaluate your own degree of stress
Relaxation Through Exercise
 Produces endorphins to cut stress
 Play sports or swim at lunch break
Relaxation Through Diet
 Regular meals
 Plenty of fruit and vegetables
 Avoid caffeine and sodas
Stress Relieving Activities
 Acupressure
 Aromatherapy
 Yoga
 Meditation
Desk Side Relaxation
   Stretching
     Neck   and back stretch
   Breathing exercises
     Six   second breathing
 Don’t think too much
 When you jump, jump big
 If you don’t ask, you won’t get
 Expect failure and rejection
 Be a judge, not a suspect
 Focus on facts, not feelings
Risk (continued)
 Practice
 What do you have to lose?
 Go before others
 Be responsible

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