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Business Etiquette by jeffafro


When conducting business, you need to know the proper etiquette for each situation. This presentation will teach you the proper business etiquette.

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									Business Etiquette
Meeting and Greeting-Introductions

   Make introductions
   Lower-raking person
    to the higher ranking
   If equal- mention the
    older one, guest, or
    woman first
Meeting and Greeting-Introductions

   Either parties may
    initiate the
   Forgot a name?
   Business cards-
    exchange at the end
    of the encounter
   More important your
    guest= the better
   Maitre d’- then your
    guest precedes you to
    the table
   No maitre d’- then you
    take the lead
   Guest gets preferred
Dining-Table Diagram

1.Napkin             6.Dinner plate
2.Salad fork                            12.Water glass
                     7.Dinner knife
3.Dinner fork                           13.Red-wine glass
4.Dessert fork       8.Teaspoon
                                        14.White-wine glass
5.Bread-and-butter   9.Teaspoon
                                        15.Coffee cup and saucer
plate,               10.Soup spoon
with spreader        11.Cocktail fork

   Who pays?
   Tips
    – Meal- 15%-20 %
    – Cloakroom
      attendant- $.50-$.75
      per coat or $1 in an
      expensive restaurant
    – Valet- $1-$2
Dressing- Women
Dressing- Men
Around the Office
   Coffee
    – Pay
    – Clean
   Smoking
    – Find the smoking
   Copier/Fax
    – Reset after your jobs
    – Refill paper
    – Don’t leave a sheet
      jammed in the copier
Starting the Job
   Lunchtime
    – Don’t invite yourself; leave the office
   Personal Relationships
    – Wait to make friends
    – No gossiping
   Where I worked before
    – Don’t compare
   When to leave on the first day
    – 15 minutes after quitting time
Decorum on the job-don’ts

   Mix personal and business life
   Abuse office supplies
   Bring your moods to work
   Swear
   Cry, whine or complain
   Leave a messy work area
   Groom yourself public

   “Hello” is not
    appropriate for work
   Speakerphone-
    inform the person
Things to Remember

   Accuracy
   Attitude
   Credit
   Deadline
   Good Use of Time
   Speech
   Taking Initiative
   Thoughtfulness
Things to Avoid

   Absence                Reprimands
   Breaking               Romance
    Confidences            Smoking
   Criticism
   Drinking
   Gum Chewing
   Personal comments
   Personal Problems

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