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									As a kid growing up, I would constantly hear my mom uttering the words “make sure you finish
your apple” or “eat that broccoli it’s good for you.” I was born in the U.S. to Italian (Sicilian)
parents so it was more like “mangia i frutti e vegetable”… you get the idea. I think parents are
conditioned to say that because they’ve heard the same advice growing up as well. It’s actually
one of the best pieces of advice we could have received as a kid. Oftentimes, advice is passed on
blindly without ever really knowing the validity of it. In this case not only is it sound advice to
eat your fruits and vegetables, but it can be even more advantageous to drink them….yes, drink

History suggests that Juicing has been around for thousands of years. I’m currently following the
“Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler and a major component of that diet is drinking fresh
homemade Juices. Incorporating living or raw foods into our diets with Juicing Recipes or Juice
Recipes can improve many aspects of our health. Doctors and nutritionists have always
recommended eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, but finding the time to fit in huge
amounts of produce daily can be a challenge. One way to get more of your requisite servings of
fruits and vegetables is to fit them in a smaller space. You may not have time to eat a large salad
for breakfast, but if you have time to toss a few items into your Juicer, you have time for great
nutrition. Get the most out of your Juicer with Juicing recipes that not only pack a powerful
nutritional wallop, but also taste spectacular.

Juicing Benefits

Plants have the ability to get the energy they need directly from the sun. Unless you’re green,
you aren’t able to perform the same trick of photosynthesis, so you must derive your energy from
food. You also gain vital micro-nutrients from what you eat. Most minerals occur in trace
amounts in your body, but they are essential for life. The iron in a bundle of spinach is the same
element that gives your blood the ability to ferry oxygen throughout your body. The calcium in
yogurt is no different from the calcium in your bones, it’s just arranged in different molecules.
However, those nutrients aren’t always easy to get. If you’re a light eater or just don’t care much
for fruits and vegetables, you’re missing out on important nutrition that a pill can’t replace. The
vitamins in tablets aren’t always in a readily bio-available form as they are in foods. Juicing
gives you complete nutrition in a concentrated, highly digestible form. With Juicing recipes that
make getting your servings of fruits and vegetables a treat, you have plenty of reasons to Juice:

Juicing Advantages:

      Compact nutritional delivery
      Highly bio-available micro-nutrients
      Easily digestible nutrition
      Naturally low in fat
      Customizable nutrition to fit your body’s needs
      A more palatable way to enjoy healthy foods

One caveat to consider: Juicing does reduce the amount of fiber present in foods. While that’s a
good thing when drinking wheatgrass Juices and other green Juices that have so much fiber that
they would be difficult to eat in their whole form, it can cause digestive upset if you’re used to a
high-fiber diet. Fortunately, the solution is as close as your Juicer’s pulp tray. Scoop a little of
the pulp from your Juicer and use it in soups or sauces. You can also stir a little of it back into
the Juice to provide filling fiber.

Juice is at its best when it’s fresh, so drink it immediately after processing to get the most benefit
from your Juicing recipes. If you make a little too much, you can always share it; when Juicing
tastes this good, you’ll want to share.

Juicing Recipes and Juicer Recipes
Although you don’t cook Juices, having a few Juicing recipes on hand is an excellent idea. A
large menu of recipes keeps you from getting bored and expands your nutritional horizons as you
choose fruits and vegetables with a larger variety of micro-nutrients. Whatever your favorite
foods, you’ll find Juicing recipes that showcase them. Specific recipes are also geared to
particular results; Juicing recipes for weight loss, detoxification and extra energy are just some of
the concoctions you can try. Make the most of your local farmer’s market and try some fruits and
vegetables you wouldn’t normally eat. Vegetable Juice recipes are one way to encourage picky
eaters to sample new foods.

Carrot Juice Recipes

When you think of Juicing, you probably think of carrot Juice, and with good reason. Packed
with vitamin A, beta carotene and other antioxidants, carrots are also low in calories. The
smooth, sweet Juice also lends itself beautifully to combinations with either fruits or vegetables.

Start with carrot Juice recipes if you want to ease yourself into Juicing. Almost everyone enjoys
a carrot-based Juice, so they’re also a good starting point for kids who are just learning to
appreciate vegetables. Here are a couple of basic carrot Juice recipes to try.

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice Recipe

5 carrots, washed

1 medium apple

a small piece of ginger root

Remove the stem and seeds from the apple. You can skip this step, but apple seeds aren’t really
healthy to enjoy in large quantities, so if you plan on drinking an extra serving, lose the seeds.
Add all of the ingredients into your Juicer. Enjoy it as it is or with a twist of lemon.

Carrot Tomato Juice Recipe

5 carrots, washed

2 medium tomatoes or 8 cherry tomatoes

1 rib celery

Sprig of parsley

Juice all ingredients together for a savory Juice. If this one reminds you of a Bloody Mary minus
the vodka, you’re right; many of the ingredients are the same. Add a dash of hot sauce if you
enjoy a little spice.

Beet Juice Recipes
Like carrots, beets have a distinct sweet note to them, but their earthy undertones make them a
great partner for darker greens. That earthy flavor, geosmin, is the same compound that makes
the air smell so fresh after a rainstorm. You’ll feel refreshed after trying some of these Juicing
recipes with colorful beets.

Beet-Cucumber Cooler with Pineapple

1 whole beet, washed

1 small cucumber

2 to 3 chunks of fresh pineapple

Peel the cucumber to remove any traces of wax. Add all of the ingredients to your Juicer and
process them into an unusual, but deliciously sweet and refreshing drink.

Celery Beet Cocktail

1 whole beet, washed

2 to 3 ribs celery

¼ head green or purple cabbage

Sweet basil or mint to taste

Juice the vegetables together and add the fresh herbs during the last few seconds of Juicing to
keep their flavors bright. The cabbage in the Juice adds liquid without imparting a strong flavor
to compete with the herbs.

Juicing for Weight Loss Recipes

Juices still count as food, but because they’re typically made with low-fat, low-calorie
ingredients, they’re a good way to get essential nutrition while staying on a calorie budget.
Dieting can sap your energy, so weight loss Juices that help replenish it are helpful. It’s always
easier to lose when you have the energy to stay active, and these Juices can help you do it.

Apple-berry Blast

1 large apple

2 generous handfuls of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or strawberries

Splash of cranberry Juice
Blend the fruits together and add cranberry Juice to the apple berry mixture to taste. Tart, tangy
and sweet, Juicing recipes with cranberries satisfy a dessert craving while supplying you with a
wealth of antioxidants.

Melon Berry Juice

½ cantaloupe or honeydew, peeled

2 handfuls blueberries or blackberries

Juice the fruits together for a refreshing Juice that fits well into any diet plan. Unlike some fruit
Juice recipes, this Juice uses fruits that are relatively low on the glycemic index, so it can also fit
into a lower-carb plan.

Citrus Spinach Slimmer

2 oranges

2 generous handfuls of spinach, washed

2 ribs celery

2 carrots

Fresh mint to taste

Squeeze of lemon or lime Juice

Process the fruits and vegetables before adding the fresh mint to avoid bruising the herb’s
delicate leaves. Add a squeeze of your favorite citrus fruit to add a piquant note. Green Juice
recipes for weight loss are especially valuable because they typically contain so few calories,
little sugar and zero fat.

Detox Juice Recipes

The concept of detoxification is far from new. The ancient Romans had their own version of
Juice fasts, concocting their own Juicing recipes from local fruits. However, they didn’t have the
power that a modern Juicing machine can produce, so today’s Juice detox recipes are a bit more
sophisticated. While your body doesn’t store true toxins unless you’ve been snacking on chips of
lead-based paint, a Juicing detox will give your body a break from the preservatives, excess
sodium and fat that your usual meals may contain.

The TLC Detox Cocktail

2 medium tomatoes or 8 cherry tomatoes
2 to 4 handfuls of lettuce leaves, any variety except iceberg

1 cucumber, peeled

Squeeze of lemon or lime

Process all ingredients except the squeeze of lemon or lime Juice and add the citrus to suit your
taste. Give your body some tender loving care with the TLC cocktail; you’ll get a rich supply of
lycopene along with plenty of chlorophyll from the lettuce.

The Classic Juice Detox Recipe

1 thick bundle wheatgrass, about 3 inches in diameter

1 apple

1 small cucumber

1 small knob fresh ginger

Squeeze of lemon

Blend all of the ingredients together and add a tablespoon of the remaining pulp back into the
Juice, stirring well to incorporate the fiber. This Juice cleanse recipe is rich in both soluble and
insoluble fiber to aid in digestion.

Creating Your Own Juicing Recipes
The beauty of Juicing recipes is that you don’t have to be a trained chef to create them. If you
know what you like, you can devise your own Juicing recipes. Experiment by Juicing small
amounts of single ingredients and mixing the Juices together after processing. This method lets
you compare individual flavor notes and combine those that you think work well together.
Strongly flavored ingredients such as wheatgrass and beets may be more palatable in smaller
doses until you get used to their complex tastes, so be sparing with them if you’re a novice
Juicer. Adding soy or almond milk, yogurt or whey protein to your Juicing recipes expands your
repertoire even more.

Quick and Healthy Juicing Recipes to get you started:

Orange Delight:

3-5 carrots

1 apple

1 orange
1 kiwi (optional)

This will taste fruity and I feel pretty energized after this one

Juice, Stir and Enjoy

The Green Monster:

2-3 kale Leaves

2-3 celery Stalks

½ green bell pepper

1   lemon (Juice only)

**If you find the taste too bitter even with the lemon you can add a kiwi or an apple to sweeten
the taste**

If there are any Juicing Recipes or Juicer Recipes you enjoy please share them below.

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