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Join in Fundraising Golf Tourney on Calaveras September 26
Jockey Myra Truitt was injured during a race at
Remington Park on December 3rd. Myra suffered
extensive spinal injuries and is recuperating in
California, where her family resides. Myra recently
underwent surgery to repair broken vertebrae
and is recovering. In her career, she won nine races
from 176 mounts with 11 seconds and 12 thirds.
Here’s her story, in her words…

In my 21 year career as a jockey I race rode in
seven states. I rode primarily on the West
Coast , from unrecognized bush tracks in
Oregon to racetracks in Southern California. I         Jockey Myra Truitt booting home Jovi Slew for the win at
                                                       Remington Park.
did well on the East Coast at Delaware Park
and Atlantic City, in the summer of 1986 I
rode many Quarter Horses to track records.
                                                        Come to the Spring Valley Golf Course in Milpitas
I sustained numerous injuries that accompany            Sept 26,2005, to help disabled jockey Myra Truitt
a 21-year jockey career. I had screws inserted
and pieces of bone removed or set to mend                             Cost per player- $125.00
back. Always, no matter how long it took, I            Lunch, practice balls, dinner, golf and cart tee prizes
healed, and rehabilitated myself back to               and a chance to aid a great person who was disabled
riding condition. I love my job.                          doing her job. Drawing for prizes will be held.
                                                                     Check in time ---11:30 am
On Friday, December 3, 2004 At Remington Park                           Tee time----1:00 pm
in Oklahoma City, life as I knew it ended. I was in                  4-person scramble format.
a three-horse pile up. I was in the middle of a
tightly bunched twelve-horse field when a
                                                       To sign up , contact—Ray Harris 510-912-2775
horse in front of me snapped a leg and fell
                                                       Hole sponsorships are $200
directly into my horse. As my horse and I fell,
                                 Continued inside…
From the Desk of Ranch Foreman Bill Wall

Ed Levin: Park History
 Ed Levin County Park was once part of the          The Laguna Cemetery, a two acre historic site,
 tribal lands of the Tamyen Ohlone tribe,           is located in the southeast corner of the park
 and later became rancho owned. Once                (on Calaveras Road). The first burials
 California became a state, the rancho              occurred in the early 1860's, with the last
 owners were required to confirm their              burial in 1914. Most of the 44 plots had been
 land holdings with the state. During this          sold by 1867. The plot map includes the
 time, portions of the ranchos were sold off        names of Josiah Evans, Mary and Jacob Miller,
 to the newly arrived Americans. Settlers           J. Weller, Felter and Pomeroy. By the 1950's
 began settling in the foothill valleys. Josiah     only a few headstones remained. Because so
 Evans, from Ohio, bought 800 acres of              many headstones are missing, the names and
 Rancho Tularcitos in 1853. Jacob Miller            number of those buried in the cemetery is
 first settled in Calaveras Valley and then         unclear.
 became the first to settle in Laguna Valley
 near the Spring Valley Area of Levin Park.         Around the turn of the century, E.O. (Sandy)
                                                    Wool acquired property near Mission Peak
 Pioneers of the 1860's included Henry              and on the north side of Calaveras Road,
 Curtner of Indiana who arrived in                  raising sheep and growing fruit trees. He
 California in 1852. In the 1870's Mary             would later become a County Supervisor for
 Miller and her two sons grew barley and            the area from 1937 to 1953, and Sandy Wool
 wheat around present day Spring Valley             Lake would be named in his honor in 1968.
 day use area. Alex Anderson owned the              The acreage that now includes the Spring
 golf course area and let out his land to           Valley Golf Course was purchased by Al
 Portuguese and Italian farmers. In 1881,           Wool and John Pyle in 1948. Wool and Pyle,
 William F. Downing and his family bought           and a man named Joe Soto built the golf
 the Curtner lands just to the north of             course, which opened in 1956 and operated
 Laguna Valley. Farming, cattle and                 the course until 1967.
 dairying operations continued in the
 valley in the 1890's.                              In 1943, the 2,585 Downing Ranch was bought
                                                    by Vance B. Minnis. The State of California
                                                    had bought several hundred acres in Laguna
                                                    Valley in hopes of building a reservoir;
                                                    however, studies showed that the land was
                                                    not suitable for a reservoir and the idea was
                                                    abandoned. In the early 1960's, County
                                                    Supervisor Ed R. Levin led a campaign to
                                                    acquire the property from the state. After a
                                                    special referendum, the 488 acres were
                                                    purchased from the state in 1965. Levin died
 Here’s the Higuera Adobe. The rancho stretched     in 1966 and Airpoint Park, renamed Ed Levin
 from the confluence of Calera and Pennitencia      Park, was opened in September 1969. In 1979,
 creeks in the northwest to a large live oak tree   the County Parks Department acquired part
 that marked its southeastern corner.               of the Minnis Ranch which is still partially in
            Naming Creatures Who Live Around IHR

I've heard numerous people comment on how great it is
to spend a day at Indian Hills, and how nice it is to see
all the wildlife around. I know many of you appreciate
stepping out of the city and into the hills, even if you
don't know that much about what you're seeing. I have
an advantage identifying the local critters, as I spent
four years of college studying them and now work as a
biologist. With that in mind, I'd like to share some of
what I know with you, and I hope you enjoy learning a
bit about some of our non-human residents. ~Angela

Canidae ~ Canidae is the family of dogs,                    Myth: The coyote is a central part of much American
including our domestic pets, wolves, coyotes,               myth and lore. It has been vilified for years by the
and foxes.                                                  cattle industry, even though there is little evidence to
                                                            support its bad reputation (both of my grandfathers
Coyote ~ (Canis latrans)                                    were cattlemen, and were they still alive, I'm sure we'd
Features: Coyotes look like a medium sized                  argue over this, but the data does not support coyote
                                                            killing cows). Coyotes are quick to scavenge on dead
dog, and vary in color from gray to rust, with
                                                            cattle, and may take sick or injured cows down. Loose
a light throat and belly. Compared to a dog,
                                                            or wild dogs are much more danger to livestock than a
the nose is more pointed and the tail more                  coyote. Sheep, on the other hand, are the right size for
bushy. They weigh between 20 and 50 lbs.                    an adult coyote, which can create havoc in a flock.
                                                            Coyotes are a great part of IHR, as they help take out
Lives in many habitats, I have heard them                   rodents and pose no threat to our horses
deep in the Olympic Forests, and seen them
chasing down rabbits in the Mojave Desert.                  Gray Fox ~(Urocyon cinereoargentus)
Body size varies in part with their geographic              Features: Gray fox have a salt-and-pepper coat, with a
location, and proximity to wolves (if there are             black stripe down the middle of the tail and black on
wolves around, coyotes tend to be smaller in                the tail's tip. Weighs 7-13 lbs.
size. In areas where wolves are absent,
                                                            Highly nocturnal and secretive. Lives in chaparral and
coyotes can grow to the size of a small wolf).
                                                            open forest. Dens in logs, beneath boulders, or in the
Primarily nocturnal. Dens in the ground.
Usually part of a small pack, although loners               Diet: Primarily eats small mammals, but may also eat
are not uncommon. Call: The coyote howl is                  acorns, bird eggs, fruit and insects.
unmistakable, and can often be heard around
dawn or dusk. Coyotes often yip and yip-                    Interesting Fact: The Gray Fox is the only member of
howl as well.                                               the canine family (foxes, coyotes, wolves) that can
                                                            climb trees, which it does by using its front feet to
Diet: Up to 80% of their diet consists of rodents.          grasp a tree trunk and its hind feet to push upward.
Coyotes often scavenge. They hunt alone or in               Gray foxes have been found in squirrel nests and
pairs. They may, on occasion, eat loose cats or             abandoned hawk nests up to 60 feet above the ground.
dogs, but are more likely to stick to ground                This habit is useful for escaping enemies, sunbathing,
squirrels and rabbits.                                      and eating fruits or other foods found in trees.
 Similar Species: Fox hold their tail strait when
running, and are smaller in size.                                                                Continued…
                                                                      shown at 12
                                                                      hours old, left,
                                                                      and nearly
    Wow! I’ve sure                                                    six months
    grown up                                                          old. Now she
                                                                      is weaned!

 Animal Chiropractic Solutions

Every month at Indian Hills Ranch, Dr.         Care, Custody and Horse
John Red Eagle Valenzuela, D. C.,                 Services Available
provides equine chiropractic clinics.
Chiropractic care is appropriate in the
treatment of:                               Jay and Linda Pepe are available to
                                            provide care for your horse whether you
      Neck, back, leg and tail pain         need to go on vacation, can’t get away
      Muscle spasms, nerve problems         from work, or are not able to get up to
      Performance problems on the trail     the ranch for any reason. Years of
      or arena                              satisfied customers can attest to the care
      Jaw or TMJ problems, difficulty       Linda & Jay provide. References are
      chewing                               available upon request.
      Event or sports injuries
      Maintenance of joint and spinal       Jay charges $20 for a one-hour exercise
      health                                ride in the park or around the ranch; $6
      Difficulty holding legs for farrier   for turnouts; $6 for hand walking, and $8
      Compensation problems from            for lunging.
      existing injuries
                                            The Pepes will also provide wound care
Many animals with chronic disorders
                                            and will allot your feed supplements
can benefit from regular adjustments.
                                            upon request. For information or to ask
To sign up for upcoming clinics, please
contact Dr. John Red Eagle at (831)         for assistance, you can call them at (408)
261-5625 or Linda Pepe at (408) 926-        926-5457.
Equestrian Volunteers Needed to Trail Watch
           ~ Four Hours a Month

Spend four hours a month riding through a
county park helping to enhance patrol and public
safety presence on County Park trails and related
areas used by equestrians.

Must possess adequate physical and mental health
to perform the elements of this job. Patrollers
must demonstrate to the public, through their
actions, proper biking technique and trail use.
Trail Watch patrollers are responsible for             and courteous, and must be able to
answering questions and providing information to       appropriately represent the mission of the
visitors. They provide EMS activation for major        Department. The volunteer’s mount must be
incidents. Trail Watch patrollers correct minor        able to be ridden under saddle for at least six (6)
safety hazards when observed and report major          hours; complete a five-mile course in one hour
hazards, while assuring the safety of visitors.        and recover in 15 minutes; be able to walk for 30
Trail Watch patrollers must pick up a radio, first     minutes; negotiate park obstacles; accept other
aid kit and Trail Watch Patrol Card prior to           trail users; be able to pony other mounts; be able
starting their patrol. While on-duty all Trail Watch   to be ponied; stand calm when tied; be
members must wear all assigned uniform items           mountable from both sides; tolerate radio noise;
issued.                                                be a gelding or mare older than four years of
                                                       age, and exhibit good trail manners. Patrollers
APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS                               must demonstrate trail use courtesy skills such
Minimum Time Commitment Required Per                   as passing warnings and reduced speed in
Month: 4 Hours. Specific work days/hours vary.         congested conditions.

Department Training Provided: All Trail Watch          BENEFIT TO THE VOLUNTEER
candidates must complete a 16 hour training            The ability to ride in a park setting. Meeting
academy which includes a program orientation,          new people and opportunities to make new
radio use class, an American Red Cross                 friends with parks staff and visitors. Training
community first aid/CPR certification and              and experience in first aid/CPR and two-way
tabletop scenarios. Trail Watch members must be        radio use. Learn new equestrian techniques.
re-certified in CPR annually and must re-certify
for community first aid every three years.             For More Information, or to Apply, Call (408)
Additionally, equestrian Trail Watch patrollers        355-2254
must complete a post-academy qualification             Applications May Be Filed At:
ride/written test and a separate escorted patrol       *Any County Park
ride prior to their first active patrol.               *Department of Parks and Recreation
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS                                          298 Garden Hill Drive
Must be at least 18 years of age and have the                 Los Gatos, CA 95032
ability to work independently. Must possess good       *Or Call (408)355-2254 to have an application
communication skills. Patrollers must be friendly      mailed to you.
                                                       ~Submitted by Debbie Souza
 Local Critters, Continued

 Owls are primarily nocturnal birds of prey that
 all have forward immovable eyeballs, strong
 hooked bills, feathered feet with a reversible toe,
 talons, and round heads with flat faces forming         Great Horned Owl ~Bubo virginianus
                                                         Features: A large owl with ear tufts or 'horns'. Yellow
 facial disks. Owls are carnivorous, territorial, lay
                                                         eyes, heavily barred chest, with a white throat bib.
 2-8 eggs, and have young that are helpless for
                                                         Lives in both open country and forestlands. Call: Five
 the first weeks of life. They use a combination of
                                                         or six resonant hoots, commonly heard around the
 sight and hearing to detect their prey, aided by
                                                         barn at night (or as the owl call in any TV show). Diet:
 ears that are asymmetrically placed on their
                                                         Small mammals up to the size of skunks (yes, they
                                                         will eat skunks), and the occasional stray cat or small
 Barn Owl ~ (Tyto alba)
 Features: The Barn Owl is known for its heart-
                                                         Interesting Fact: Great Horned Owls are incredibly
 shaped face, dark eyes, and light coloration.
                                                         territorial, and have been known to act aggressively
 They lack ear tufts, and average a wingspan of
                                                         toward other smaller owl species. Two Spotted Owl
 3.5 feet. They are a slim, medium sized owl, and
                                                         technicians I know of have been attacked by Great
 one of the world's most widespread birds. This
                                                         Horned Owls while calling like a Spotted Owl. One
 distribution is due in part to the birds' flexibility
                                                         was bare-knuckled by the owl in the back of the
 in nesting sites, which includes: ledges, caves,
                                                         head, and woke up an hour later with the owl still
 lava tubes, wells, tree cavities, tunnels, duck nest
                                                         angrily calling in the area (if you behave like a person,
 boxes, stacked hay bales, barns and other human
                                                         and not an owl, they are harmless).
 structures. Call: Unlike the rhythmic hooting of
                                                         We have had a family of Barn owls above the indoor
 most owls, Barn owls communicate with clicks,
                                                         arena, and I have heard Great Horned Owls in
 harsh screeches and whistles. Diet: Primarily
 small mammals (ground squirrels, rats, mice,            numerous locations around IHR.
 rabbits), but may also prey on small birds, lizards     About the author: Angela Rex has been owned by
 or insects. Interesting Fact: Barn owls have the        Charger for ten years. Angela went to college for a degree
 most acute hearing of any animal tested, and are        in Fisheries and Wildlife, and has moved about working
 able to hunt by sound alone in complete                 on Spotted Owls, Coyotes, Mojave Fringe-toed Lizards,
 darkness. Due to their diet, they are highly            and salamanders. Angela is currently working as a
 susceptible to accumulating rodent poison, which        Biological Research Assistant for USGS, working with
 effects their reproduction.                             numerous species in the bay.

Myra’s Story, continued from the front page…

another horse from behind also fell over the top of us. I suffered extensive spinal injuries. My spinal
cord was severely bruised and swollen totally paralyzing me. I was in the Oklahoma University
Hospital until December 20, 2004. Then I was Life-Flighted to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

After spending two months in the hospitalt, I am working diligently to regain feeling and movement
in my body. Physical and Occupation Therapy are helping me relearn everything. The process is
gradual and frustrating. Unfortunately, Remington Park Racetrack insurance maxed out at $100,000.
My career is over, I am now totally disabled and I am buried in debt. I struggle to pay for the
therapy that is imperative to regain my feeling and movement. I would like to take this opportunity
to thank everyone for you help and support by participating in this event. Your generosity is greatly
appreciated. ~ Myra Truitt
                                 Indian Hills Classifieds

 For Sale                                          For Sale
                                                   AQHA Mare
 Kid Safe Pony
 Giggles 10 hands can be
                                                   Well built Bay, AQHA, 4 yrs old, mare 14.1 hands
  ridden and she pulls
                                                   Foxy has been used on the trails and the in the arena.
  a cart. She is 15 yrs. Red, roan and white.
                                                   She was started as a three year old. She ties and
 She has been very good to the kids. She
                                                   bathes. She stands well when being mounted and is
 can be led, saddled, mounted and
                                                   patient. She too, will be a excellent beginner’s horse as
 dismounted as well as ridden bareback.
                                                   long as they have a instructor with them. $4,500 Call
 She stands well being groomed. No vices.
                                                   Tracy (925) 961-0845, only selling due to owner’s
 Giggles sells with a cart for $2,700. Call
 Tracy (925) 961-0845

 Appy Gelding
 Friendly, cute, kind, quiet and sensible
 Appaloosa, gelding, 5yrs, 14.2 hands.
 Cowboy has excellent ground manners.
 He has been ridden on trails and in the
 arena, he is not spooky. He has ponied             For Sale
 other horses and has been ponied himself.
 He can be ridden out by himself or in a
 group. He prefers to ride in the middle or
                                                    Save gas! Haul your horse without a huge truck!
 back of the group as he is not much of one
                                                    2005 Brender Up two-horse trailer, Apollo model.
 to get in a hurry. He will walk quietly, has
                                                    Fits big Warmbloods easily. Nice front unload ramp
 a slow jog and lope. He opens and closes
                                                    so your horse doesn’t have to back blindly down a
 gates. Works well in the round pen. Loads
                                                    ramp. Back loading ramp, storm doors, dividers,
 in the trailer, ties and bathes well, too.
                                                    feeder, tack box. Used less than 10 times. Very light,
 $3000. Call Tracy (925)961-0845
                                                    safe and well designed. I hauled my 17H
                                                    Warmblood with my Subaru Outback. Paid $14K,
                                                    asking $12K. Georges (408) 383-7673.

                                                    Abetta 13 in. black leather saddle and green navajo
                                                    $300; Big Horn 13 in. nylon and leather brown fairly
                                                    new $250; tooled black unnamed small child’s
                                                    saddle $75; 2 pony sized bridles snaffle and curb $30
                                                    each. Call Tracy (925) 961-0845
Indian Hills Smoke Signals
 is published on the first of each month. The       Blanket
deadline is in late September for the October,
2005 edition. The editor is Erica M. Nelson, and    72" Stateline brand quilted, water resistant stable
you may e-mail her at            blanket. Recently cleaned and repaired (1 small
with story ideas. You are also invited to write     tear) by Denise (still in plastic bag). $40. Please
and submit stories and photos! Text-only            contact Lisa Hodges at 408-656-1764 or
classified ads are free for boarders.     
                     Upcoming Events
                     Tack Sale & Craft Fair ~ October 8
                     Anyone interested in selling can contact Linda Pepe at
                     408-926-5457 or Terri Migleo at 408-267-6755. The
                     more the merrier. BBQ to follow in the afternoon.

                     Fall Vet Clinic ~ October 1
                     Time for shots: flu/rhino, West Nile Virus or
                     Strangles. Sign up sheets will be posted around the
                     ranch, or please call Liz at Tri-County Vet (925) 449-
                     7922 with any questions. Please schedule lameness
                     checks, teeth floats and sheath cleaning on different

                     Poker Ride Sunday ~ October 9
                     Ride with the TriValley Trailblazers at Del Valle
                     Regional Park in Livermore. The date will be Sunday
Humor from Ranch     October 9th, with a BBQ and Raffle following the
 Foreman Bill Wall   poker ride. Call Dawn Johnson at (925) 484-4684 for
                     registration info.

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