How Companies are Helping our Water: Featuring David Liu of KKR, Jessica Alba, and Andres Santo Domingo

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					 How are Companies
Helping Preserve Our
 Featuring KKR and United Water, and the Nature
      KKR & United Water
 On December 20 2012, KKR invested in United
  Water, which is a water treatment plan in Bayonne,
  New Jersey. On January 8, they increased to
  $118.3 million their investment. United Water is a
  subsidiary of France’sSuez Environnement Co.

 KKR “is excited to have the opportunity to
  increase our investment in UEL,” David Liu, chief
  executive officer of KKR Greater China, said in the
      How Will They Help?
 This joint venture will operate under a 40-year
  agreement with the Bayonne Municipal Utilities
  Authority. So far, $150 million has been paid it has
  been agreed that another $157 million will be paid
  a some point during the 40-year contract. KKR
  will fund 90 percent of the venture.
   What United Water Does
 Drinking water treatment
 Wastewater treatment
 United Water, and its parent company, Suez
  Environment, work together on research and
  development programs for water and wastewater
  treatment. They have a budget of $102 million.

 They also partner with municipalities and
  industries so that they are able to meet everyone’s
  local needs.
 The Nature Conservatory
 The Nature Conservatory, is another organization
  working for clean water. They work in habitats,
  deserts, forests, oceans and coasts, and just about
  everywhere else.
 The Nature Conservatory is well known by many
  celebrities, like Jessica Alba and Andres Santo
  Domingo who have made large donations and
  attended or put on fundraisers.
 This organization helps water by designing and
  implementing new strategies to keep water clean
  not just now, but for decades to come.
           How the Nature
          Conservatory Helps
 The Nature Conservatory not only keeps our water clean, but works on
   many other tasks as well:

 Conservation Action
 Water
 Climate Change
 Coral Reefs
 Migratory Birds
 Land Conservation
 People and Conservation
 Smart Development

Description: This is an overview of what some companies are doing in order to help maintain clean water. It profiles how KKR, with David Liu invested in United Water. It also profiles Conservation International, whom Jessica Alba and Andres Santo Domingo are a part of.