Planning to Build a Detached Garage by mcclainmy


									Planning to Build a Detached Garage
Every project worth doing right has to be 100% planned in advance. This means that you know the
dimensions of the completed project, what materials and how many of them need to be there on
certain days, what tools you’ll need, and how much time you expect to take.

Whether you’re building a doll house for your daughter or a skyscraper for your construction company,
you need a very detailed plan if you want it to turn out right. Now, plans may change throughout the
project, but you need to be ready for every step before you take the first one.

Where to Start
Planning to build your own detached garage falls somewhere between the doll house and the
skyscraper. Err on the side of over prepared though and approach the project as though you were
building the skyscraper.

Here are the major things you’ll need to do to prepare for your project. First, figure out what you want.

Determine the function of the building. Are you making it for storage or are you actually going to put
cars in there?

What is it going to look like? If you want it to imitate your home then you’ll have to figure out what
kinds of walls and roofing you have.

                                                       Then determine how much storage space you’re
                                                       going to need for your possessions and do some
                                                       simple math to determine the dimensions. The
                                                       average size of a comfortably sized two-car garage
                                                       is 20’ x 24’, though the actual dimensions are up
                                                       to you.

                                                       Once you have a width, length and height figure
                                                       out, go straight to your city’s ordinance
                                                       information records. Find out if there are any
                                                       restrictions on building another structure on your

You will likely need a permit, regular inspections at key points during the building process, and find out
about any other processes they require. Make sure your idea of a garage fits within their plans,
otherwise you’ll never get it approved.

How to Build
Next, figure out what the process is for you to build your own detached garage. View the project like
you would a new recipe.
First, list out the materials, equipment, and tools you’ll need to finish your project. This includes how
many of each material you’ll need, what size and how much each will cost you.

Next, you will need to list out the “cooking instructions” to make the perfect structure. Make them
detailed and include everything in a timeline.

You will need to include city inspections that have to be taken care of at crucial moments. Plan for
subcontractors to come in and do some of the work you can’t accomplish yourself.

For other projects that just need unpaid manpower to complete, figure out who you can ask and when
you will need their help. Put it all in your plan and inspect it.

Read through it several times, making sure that your recipe isn’t missing anything crucial. Edit it as
necessary until it is perfect.

Only when you know exactly how the city needs to be involved and your plan is complete can you begin
moving forward. Alert your neighbors of your intentions with a timeline of planned events so they know
what you’re up to and then get to work.

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