Getting More from the Garage by mcclainmy


									Getting More from the Garage
Most homeowner in Sacramento treat the garage as a large storage unit with all of the homes unwanted
but kept items tucked into every possible cubic foot of garage space. Some do not even have room to
park their cars in the designed shelter.

Using the garage as the family’s personal storage space is not inherently bad; however, a family who
decides to use the garage for more than just a family dumping spot will soon learn the many benefits of
having a working garage. First, a family should consider looking at the garage as another room in the
house; except this room can handle all the grease grim and dirt that the family desires to put into it.

Using the garage’s natural roughness can be of great advantage to the Sacramento family. Cutesy crafts,
sweaty exercise, school science experiments, man cave undertakings and other projects can all be
performed in the garage whereas they typically cannot be performed in any other room of the house.

Making the Most of Your Garage
To enable this, a family should consider reorganizing the garage into a workable and functioning room of
the home. After clearing out all of the stored junk, most of which can be hauled down to the local
                                                      second hand store or municipal dump, treat the
                                                      garage as any other room in the home by giving it a
                                                      solid cleaning and inspection.

                                                     Upon doing so, most families in Sacramento will
                                                     realize that the garage door is not very insulated or
                                                     sealed at the bottom. Garage doors in Sacramento
                                                     that are insulated and have proper seals will save
                                                     the family hundred or dollars per year on heating
                                                     and cooling costs because a majority of energy lost
                                                     from a home will seep out of these cracks and
                                                     fissures in the home.

Once the garage has been cleaned out and inspected for energy audit waste, the real fun of organizing
the one’s own garage comes into play. This can be done however the homeowner wishes and towards
whatever design the homeowner has in mind.

To decide on this purpose or design for your garage, determine what main function you wish the garage
to have. Will it be a place for handyman jobs or school projects, or a place for daily exercise and a
personal home gym?

The eventual purpose and use of the garage will determine exactly what will go into the space available.
However, there are a few generalities that a homeowner can follow when designing and organizing the
newly available garage.
The Best Ways to Make the Most of It
The first is to remember to use the walls as much as possible. Unlike the living room, where decorations
are typically the only things allowed on the walls, the garage’s walls can be used for an actual purpose or

Using the walls to hang cupboards, shelves or pegboard and hooks is an extremely effective way in
which to clear the ground space of a garage by having other locations to store items. Implementing a
workbench into the garage is another great way to create a functioning space within the garage.

By using the garage as another room of the home and not simply a storage heap, a family in Sacramento
can get the full use of the space in their home.

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