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					2009.06 5b 知识点梳理

1. Mr Tan          (feed) the animals every day.
    Ben,       ( not feed) the baby monkey now.
2. 2. Taste the          (cherry). Are they
3. 3. Look, it          (rain) outside. He can’t
    (go) out.
4. It’s late. Let      (we) go home.
   5. I_____ (take) a No.977 bus to school
     every day. But this morning I ____ (walk)
                   to school on foot.
1. There ____(was, were)some sheep.
2. Is ____(there, their) any milk in the cup?
3. Is ____(there, their) milk in the cup?
4. The bell is not ______(quiet, quite)
5. I need a pair of ____(sunglass,
6. I like the green grapes. Which ____ do
   you like? (one, ones)
7. Do you want the black tea ____ (and, or)
   white tea? The black tea.
 8. Do you want the purple ______(and, or)
            green grapes? Yes, please.
1. The _____(ten, tenth) of September is the
   teacher’s Day.
2. The office is on the __(nineth, ninth) floor.
3. _____is coming before winter.
4. _____is coming after winter.
5. This toy isn’t ______(my, mine). It is
   ____.(her, his)
6. I have two dolls. I like _____(both, all)
7. Would you like to have a cup of tea?_____
           (No, thanks. / Yes, I do.)
   8. ______(how many, how much) flour are
1. I am sorry ___ hear that. ( for, to)
2. I go ___ a picnic. (have. for, to)
3. We ___ like animals. ____ animals like us.
   (both, all, all the )
4. It is ten to ten. (10:10, 9:50, 9:10)
5. It is five past five. (5:05, 4:55, 5:50)
6. These soft ____(brush)are for ____(he)
7. ___ have got a bottle. ____ bottle is big.
            _____ is full, too. (they)
           8. ___ have a hammer. ___
            hammer is big. This small one is
             not _____(you)
1. Do you want both peaches? No, the small     ,
   A. ones         B. one        C. one’s
2. What do you need        Children’s Day? Can
  I have a skateboard?
   A. in          B. at         C. for
3. ____ Mother’s day, I make a card___ Mum.
   A. In/ for     B. On / for C. On / to
4. I can hear different ___. They are
1. Both 后面是复数,别忘了加 s.
Both Peter and Mary 同样是复数.
小窍门: 在阅读文章中如果有both A and B,在
2. all like , all live,动词前面不加the
  all the animals, all the toys名词前不加the
小窍门: All the animals live in the jungle.
    一般情况下如果是判断T,F, 凡是all 的句子
      Change the sentences
1. Grandpa watches TV every day. (yesterday)
2. Aunt Li likes the blue dress best.
3. It was warm in Shanghai.
4. I ride a bicycle to school on Monday.(意思不
5. Mary went to the park on foot on Sundays.
6. Teddy Bear play football now.
7. I was in the kitchen. (一般疑问句,并肯答)
 8. Mr Tan feeds the monkeys at 9:00 in the
      9. Please mix these paints. (否定句)
1. My uncle is a farmer. He has got a
  lot of farm animals on h___ farm.
  They are ducks, c____, pigs and
  horses. Every morning, he f_____
  the horses hay and the pigs c____ at
  six o’clock in the morning. This is his
  f_____ time. In spring, he p ____
  the rice and cuts the rice in a_____.
 2.Yesterday was April the t____, it was
   S____. I was sad. I can’t find my dog.
Someone told me he saw it a moment ago.
  It was in the f___ at ten o’____. It was
   o____ the park at eleven. It was in the
m____ at ten to t____. I l____ for my dog.
 But I couldn’t f____ it. At last, my father
told me my dog was in the police s______.
So I went there and took my lost dog back.
3. Here is the weather ___ Shanghai.
In the morning, there was much ____.
There were about twelve ______ of
  rain. In the afternoon, the ____ was
shining. The temperature was 35 ____.
4. Ben got up at seven o’clock. He ____
his teeth and washed his ____. He ate
  some ____ and drank some ____ for
 his breakfast. Then he played football
   with his _____, Peter. He ___ two
    goals. He ____ home at half past
   twelve. He and his family went to a
 restaurant for _____. The restaurant
         ____ noisy. There was a ___
 group. The music was very ___. Ben
A. space, lay     B. bowl, ago
C. down, south    D. doll, want
E. floor, warm    F. castle, market

1. // branch_____    2. / /
3. / / storm______    4. / /______
5. / / shadow   ____ 6. /  / clock
A. weather, many B. beach, green
C. mirror, between D. sign, high
E. put, football   F. food, durian

1. / / goose _____     2. / / book_____
3. / / diary______      4. //
5. /  / these____    6. / / egg ____
A. here, near         B. her, early
C. boy , join         D. along, doctor
E. hair, pear         F. some, touch

1. / / rug _____       2. / / hear_____
3. / / there ____ 4. / /
5. /  /driver ____      6. /  /nurse ____

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