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					Laugh at our ancestors
The researchers were commissioned by satellite channel Dave "top ten" of the old jokes,
dating                    back               to                 1900                  years

Dr Paul McDonald, senior lecturer of the University Wolverhampton, said: "The origin of
modern humor can be traced to the earliest jokes in history. There is a general line - the
desire to beat a certain taboo subjects and rebelliousness. "
Steve North, channel head of Dave, added: "Subject has not changed."
Well, perhaps something was lost in translation. Or are these stories just need to be able
to tell ...
Old - is better, right?
Many inform, "Yes your jokes older than Noah's Ark"! Well, here's to you:
1. That which from time immemorial would not happen: a young woman sitting on the lap
of her husband, was not allowed winds (1900-1600 years BC, "A Collection of Sumerian
proverbs", 1.12-1.13)
2. How to entertain a bored pharaoh? Put the boat girls in fishing nets instead of clothes,
send a boat down the Nile and persuade Pharaoh to go fishing (first written hieroglyphs in
1600 BC "Uestkarskom papyrus").
3. Three mahouts bulls from Adab thirsty: one owned the ox herder, the other - the owner
of the cow, and the third - the owner of the goods, which is carried on a cart. The owner of
the bull refused to go to get water because he feared that his bull eats lion cow owner
refused, fearing that the cow wanders into the desert, owner of the wagon refused, fearing
that the stolen goods. I had to go get water all together. During their absence bull to
inseminate a cow, she gave birth to a calf, and the calf ate the wagon load. Question: Who
should belong to the calf? (First written on papyrus in 1200 BC).
4. Blind in one eye, she was married and lived with her husband of 20 years. Then he
found another man, and his wife said: "I divorce you because of you say that one eye can
not see you." To this she said, "You have just discovered this, after 20 years of marriage?"
(First mentioned in writing on papyrus Egyptian hieroglyphs from 1100 BC).
5. Odysseus told the Cyclops, that is called "Nobody". When Odysseus with their mariners
were attacked Cyclops, he cried out: "Help, I have no one to attack". No one came to
help. (Homer, "The Odyssey", VIII century BC).
6. Question: "Which animal in the morning walks on four legs, at noon on two, and in the
evening - at three?". Answer: "Man. As an infant, he crawls on all fours, in adulthood walks
on two legs, and in old age, leaning on a stick "(found in the drama of Sophocles' Oedipus
the King," which premiered in 429 BC).
7. Lustful man even than the ass, that's just holding back his wallet. (First written in
Egyptian hieroglyphs in the era of the Ptolemies - 304-30 BC).
8. Traveling to their empire, the Roman emperor Augustus in the crowd noticed a man who
was remarkably like him. He inquired: "Your mother accidentally served in the
palace?". "No, Your Majesty, - he answered - but my father was." (Found in the
"Saturnalia" Macrobius Ambrosius Theodosius, ca. '63 BC).
9. Pedant taught his ass is not, and it did not feed at all. When the donkey died of hunger,
the owner said: "What a pity. Just learned to not have and then died. " (We know from the
"Filogelosa" (IV-V century BC) - a book that is considered the world's oldest joke books).
10. When the king asked the court barber how to mow, the monarch said: "Silently"
("Filogelos", IV-V century AD).

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