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					Full archive of manuscripts of Einstein
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ends scan and publish online manuscript of Albert
Einstein. OnlineEinstein Archives Online presents about 3000 scanned images to the end
of this year the number will increase to 7,000. Full archive of Einstein is more than 80 000
records, including letters, notes, travel and other personal documents, such as school
certificate .

All documents are recognized and indexed for full-text search in the database. Now the
index about 43,000 documents by the end of the year the base will be complete.
In the picture above - the fragment of the article «E = mc2: The most pressing issue of our
time", manuscript in German. The article was published in the journal Science Illustrated,
1946. Interestingly, the famous formula found only three manuscripts of Einstein.

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Description: Documents about the historical facts of which we are not told at school