IN THE BEGINNING by chenboying


									IN THE BEGINNING Characters: Narrator Assistant Adam Eve (can be played by male clown ‘in skirts’) Satan Props: artificial (pot) plants, cuddly animals of all kinds, Tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil (see appendix), makings for custard pie, toy snake. Narrator: In the beginning, God created the … well, to cut a long chapter short, God created everything, and that included all the plants … Assistant scurries about setting out plants Narrator: … and animals… Assistant: Hang on, I haven’t finished the plants yet. Narrator: Well, hurry up. We’ve only got six days, you know. Narrator and Assistant quickly set out plants and animals round edge of performance area. Stand for Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil placed centrally towards back of performance area.(For construction of Tree see figures one to three at end of script). Narrator: Then, he created a garden and in the Middle of the garden was The Tree of the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Assistant (carrying in tree with foliage but no fruit and placing it in stand): Never catch on with a name like that. Trees need short names like ‘plum’ or ‘apple’. Narrator: Well, that’s what it was called, and it was called that because on it grew the fruit of the knowledge of good… Assistant produces nice looking apple with label on and reads label.

Assistant: English Cox’s Orange Pippin. Clowns lead cheers. Assistant hangs apple on tree. Narrator: … and evil. Assistant produces manky looking apple with label on it and reads label. Assistant: French Golden Delicious. Clowns lead boos. Assistant hangs apple on tree. Narrator: Then God created Adam to live in the garden Enter Adam, singing. Adam: If I were the only boy in the world… Hang on, I am. Hey, God, it’s a bit lonely here, you know. Narrator: So God created a companion for Adam Enter Eve. During the next few lines, Satan enters, if possible without being seen, and takes position behind the tree. He carries a small snake. Eve: Hello. Who are you? Adam: I’m Adam. Who are you? Eve: I’m Eve. Adam: Oh dear. (Eve looks at him questioningly). I’ve just named that big fat thing in the river an Eve. I thought it looked like one. Eve: Charming. Why don’t you call it … a hippopotamus?

Adam: That’s perfect. Hang on, I’ll just tell the Eve (catches Eve’s eye) – I mean the hippopotamus – its new name. You wait here. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. (Exit) Eve: Sorry. At this stage in the story, I can’t think of anything you wouldn’t do. Narrator: So everyone n the garden was happy. Except Satan. Satan (popping up from behind tree): I’m not happy. And if I not, why should they be? I Know. Satan produces toy snake and pushes it out from behind tree Satan: Eve, pretty Evie. Come here, I’m lonely and I want to talk. Oh come on, Evie (singing) you sexy thing, you sexy thing. Eve: I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means. Who are you? Satan: Just call me ‘Snake’. You haven’t tasted the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil yet, then? Eve: No. We’re not allowed to. Besides, with a name like that it’ll never catch on. Satan: Never mind the name, try the fruit.(offers apple) It’s gorgeous. Who told you you couldn’t eat it? Eve (earnestly): God. Satan: Oh he just wants to keep it all for himself. That’s how good it is. Come on (offers apple again) How wrong can a little taste be? Eve: All right then (Eve takes apple and bites. Narrator and assistant imitate cinema-style disaster music.- Da Da DAAA . Satan comes from behind tree clasping hands above head in ‘winner’ style, and then ducks back for cover as Adam re-enters

Adam: That’s one angry hippo. Hallo, Eve. Been having fun? Eve: Nothing like the fun I’m planning to have. Here, try this fruit I’ve found. (Offers apple. Adam takes it). Adam: This looks familiar. Why it’s…No it can’t be…Oh, yes it is. Satan from hiding: Oh, no it isn’t. (Adam and Satan go into ‘Oh yes,,,,Oh no…’ routine, involving audience if possible Adam: There’s only one way to stop this (bites apple) Narrator and Assistant: Da Da DAAA (Satan comes from behind tree, really triumphant. Assistant starts to prepare two custard pies) Adam: What’s up now? Narrator: Adam, why did you eat that fruit? Adam (pointing to Eve); It was all her doing. Eve: It’s not my fault. Adam: Then who’s fault is it, the other hippo’s? (Eve wails tearfully). Adam: Oh, turn the water works off. (Eve wails again) Satan: Will you let him talk to you like that? Eve (stops crying suddenly):

No I won’t (Eve takes swing at Adam. Adam ducks. Eve hits Satan. Adam tries to hit back. Eve ducks. Adam hits Satan. Eve: Give me a weapon. Satan (taking custard pies from Assistant and giving one each t Adam and Eve): Try these. They’re safer. (Adam tries to pie Eve, who ducks. Satan, who has taken station behind her, gets pied. Eve threatens Adam with pie. Adam runs away. Eve chases. Narrator and Assistant provide ‘chase’music. Narrator and Assistant: Didddly dum, diddly dum, diddly diddly, diddly, diddly. (Adam runs full circle, so he’s now in front of Satan. Eve tries to pie Adam. Adam ducks. Satan gets pied. Satan (in Victor Meldrew fashion): I don’t believe it. I’m off. (Exit) Narrator (to Adam and Eve who are squaring up to each other): Stop that. Behave yourselves NOW! Eve, why did you eat the fruit? Eve: The snake told me to. Narrator: Well, that’s a new one, but as this is genesis, I suppose it would be. Now, you’ve both been very naughty, and as a punishment I’m expelling you from Eden. (Adam and Eve start to slink off, arguing.) Narrator: But, before you go, you can help clear up. Narrator directs Assistant and Adam and Eve in collecting and removing plants and animals so that only tree is left.) Narrator: Well, that’s it.

(Narrator takes apples and gives them to Adam and Eve . Exeunt Adam and Eve.) Narrator: Not a happy ending I’m afraid. (Takes leaves off tree, revealing cross. Hands leaves to Assistant. Exit assistant). Narrator: Still, I’d hang around if I were you Picks up cross and puts it over shoulder). There may be a sequel. (Exit, carrying cross.) Finis. Note: this sketch must be followed by some presentation of the Easter story.

TREE: figure one

TREE figure two

TREE figure three

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