Learn How Friends Are Helping Friends Make Better Decisions

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					Learn How Friends Are Helping Friends Make Better Decisions

New York, NY, 11-JAN-2013 - Villij has recently launched a site that
gives individuals the ability to find social reviews, recommendations and
referrals from people they know and trust. The social network utility is
a great way to get information about products and services before
spending time and money. Visitors to the page can toggle between
questions and recommendations as well as easily filter the activities of
direct friends.

When interviewed recently Mark Morelli discussed the importance of
developing a way for friends to connect easily and make social
recommendations about products and services. "We have been very excited
to develop this rapidly growing website where friends can help friends
make decisions before they spend money on products or services. We have
created a site that makes it easy for people to share a consumer product
review or give their honest opinion about a product very easily and find
social recommendations through a unique and effective filter system that
will make find friends and opinions fast. Our goal is to become the best
review website and continue to meet the needs of our customers."

When there are questions, Villij sends it to friends in real time so
users begin getting responses directly. The team also find previous
recommendations that may be similar to questions and shares those with
the user. Questions are placed in a weekly digest so they are easy to
find and answer. In addition, users are alerted when they receive
information or notifications frequency can be set to a time that will
work for you.

When a person logs into Villij they are automatically connected to other
Facebook friends and are able to manage connections through their user
profile. Finding a consumer product review or social recommendations
quickly is now easy and is shared by people who are already friends.

To get more information about how easy Villij is to get social reviews,
recommendations and consumer product reviews visit today. Press corps members and others wishing
to get more details about this press release will find contact
information below.

Rob Morelli


New York, NY


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Description: Now you can learn how friends are helping friend make better decisions and save money through Villij social reviews. Visitors will find an easy-to-navigate site that makes getting an accurate consumer product review or social recommendations fast and easy.