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					                                Levy News
                                September/October 2011

         Susan Aron and her grand-
       daughter, Jasmine Aron, were
     part of a terrific volunteer team
      who assembled 10,000 F.I.L.E.
          of Life kits over a four-day
       period. Please turn to page 3
     for more information about this
     program, which will save lives!

        Educational Opportunities                               Special Events
v Woman’s Book Club: Sept. 15; Oct. 20.          v “Wine & Chocolate” trip on Sept. 21
  Personal Growth Book Club: Sept. 9; Oct. 14    v Fashion Show and Lunch on Sept. 23
v Writer’s Workshop: second and fourth           v Guys & Dolls: it’s a sure bet on Oct. 13
  Wednesday of each month
                                                 v Popcorn and a Movie (and more) on Oct. 28
v Words Can Heal or Destroy program: Oct. 20
v New! Brain.e.ology class starts Sept. 12                     For Your Health
                                                 v Wii sports fun with the Silver Sneakers on
                                                   Sept. 2 and Tailgate Toss on Oct. 7
                  Fun to Do
                                                 v Blood pressure screenings on Sept. 8; Oct. 13
v Free Square Dance Demo on Sept. 8
                                                 v Diabetes Testing, Prevention & Treatment
v Ballroom Dancing with the Dick Elliott Band;     educational program on Sept. 21
  just listen or dance on Sept. 16 and Oct. 14
                                                 v “Rheumatoid Arthritis Answers” on Oct. 5;
v “Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People”       Alzheimer’s and Dementias info. on Oct. 6.
   half-day program on Oct. 15
                                                 v Flu shot clinics on Oct. 7; Nov. 4
  2            General News, Events & Clubs/Groups                                                                                                                                                                                                      3

September is National Senior Center Month!                                          We’re still looking for six                 Did you know that a wood carving class is                                               Evanston attorney Robert Pantoga
Bring your friends into the Levy Center for a tour or to                            fashion show models! On                     offered at the Levy Center? Join Dr. Gor-       FREE                                    will be at Levy Center to of-
                                                                                    Sept. 23, The Levy Center is
                                                                                                                       FREE     don and learn to create wonderful carvings.                                             fer free legal consults
participate in a program. There are many great activi-
ties happening at the Center! Help us let the community                             hosting a fashion show. If in-              The class begins at 9am on Tuesdays and is free with                                    from 3-5pm on the first     FREE
know how wonderful the Levy Center is.                                              terested, please stop by the front desk     your Levy Center membership.                                                            and third Tuesday of
                                                 New lunch
                                                                                    and let us know. Models will receive a                                                                                              each month. He also is a notary.
                                                                                    discount on clothes they purchase.          One-on-One Computer Training
                                                  hours as
Name That Program!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Please call 847-448-8250 before
Beginning in October, the Levy Center will                                                                                      Have you upgraded your computer technology, but don’t                                   you come, as Mr. Pantoga some-
be home to a new enhanced lunch program            of Oct. 1:                       Evanston Children’s                         have time to slog through the manual? Register for one-                                 times gets delayed while in court.
                                                              .                                                     FREE
through a grant from the federal government.      11:30 a.m                         Theatre is looking to cast                  on-one sessions with a computer instructor from Com-
This grant offsets the fee of each meal and no          to        a senior for their November show. Auditions                   puter Training and Support Services! Adults of all ages          Writer’s Workshop
person 60 years and older shall be denied par-      1:00 p.m.     are 4pm to 6pm on Tues., Sept. 6, and Thurs., Sept. 8, at     are welcome. The fee per hour is $55 for a Levy Center           Join this group of writers that meet to create
ticipation because of an inability to contribute.                 the Levy Center. “Sherlock Holmes” is a highly-               member and $65 for all other adults.                             and critique each other’s work. This is a free FREE
  The Levy Center would like your help in finding                 entertaining adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s                                                                            program offered with Levy Center member-
a name for this new lunch program. We would like                  famed detective story. It combines mystery, romance,          For details on computer classes or fitness classes,              ship. The group meets 1-3pm on the second
something that is easy to say and would attract people to         action, danger and laughter. Other cast members are           please see the fall Recreation & Arts Activity Guide.            and fourth Wednesdays of each month. No experience
visit the program and the Center. The winner receives a           age eight through 8th grade. Interested? Please speak to      Copies can be found in the lobby of the Levy Center or           needed!
free one-year membership to the Levy Center! Entry                Karen Hawk at the Levy Center.                                you may ask for a copy at the front desk.
forms are available starting Sept. 1 at the Levy Center                                                                                                                                          African American History/
front desk. Watch for details about the new program.              Snow Shoveling Assistance Available               FREE        Calling All Francophiles!                                        Genealogy Study Group                              FREE
                                                                  This City of Evanston is happy to connect                     Les Francophiles de Northshore Sont Bienvenus!                   Genealogy research and studies of African
Looking for a few good volunteers!                                senior adults and disabled residents with volunteers who      Join the French Club! Meetings are Thurs-                        American history have become interests for many Amer-
The Levy Center is seeking volunteers to assist with the          are willing to assist with snow shoveling as part of the      days from 9:30 to 11:30am and are held in
                                                                                                                                                                                    FREE         icans. In this group, research is shared and we discuss
new lunch program (no food handling or dish washing               snow shoveling assistance program that was developed          the library or garden (weather permitting). All                  the writings of authors such as DuBois, Larry Koger and
required) from 11am to 1pm Monday through Friday.                 last year. The resident who requires assistance with          intermediate and advanced French speakers                        Joel Williamson. Individual research and pointers on
You can pick one day per week or all five days. Training          shoveling sidewalks and driveways must sign a liability       are welcome. This casual, friendly and fun conversation          how to use the Internet are shared. The group meets at
will be provided.                                                 waiver electronically or in print. The senior, disabled in-   activity has been offered at the Levy Center for over 30         7pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at
   SHIP and AARP are also seeking volunteers. SHIP,               dividual or a family member can complete the form on-         years and is free with your membership. All are wel-             the Levy Center. There is no charge for this program.
Senior Health Insurance Program, is seeking volunteers            line or mail the completed form to the City of Evanston.      come! Plus on est de fou, le plus on rit!
to counsel people on Medicare choices. AARP is seeking            Those requesting assistance will be provided a list of
volunteers to prepare income taxes electronically. Train-         individuals in the community who are willing and able to
ing is provided. If you are interested, please speak with         assist! For more info, please contact the Levy Center at       File of L.I.F.E (Lifesaving Information for Emergencies)
Leslie Wilson at the Levy Center.                                 847-448-8250 or e-mail               “Designed to speak for you when you can’t!”
                         The City of Evanston is looking                                                                        Thank you to all the volunteers who helped assemble 10,000 F.I.L.E. of Life kits!                         FREE
                       for individuals who are will-              Help “Build a Kid” this school year!                          Your time, effort and sense of humor is appreciated!
                       ing to help shovel sidewalks               We are looking for Levy Center seniors           FREE
                       and driveways for seniors and              who would like to build relationships with                    The City of Evanston’s File of L.I.F.E. program allows Evanston residents to commu-
                       the disabled in Evanston. This             Dawes School students in kindergarten through fifth           nicate with emergency responders even if they are unresponsive. The File of L.I.F.E.,
                       referral service links volunteers          grade. You will participate in fun, organized activities      a plastic pouch with a bright red sticker, contains an information sheet for residents
                       and residents who are unable to            (treasure hunt, board games, drama group, school gar-         to indicate their medical history, prescriptions, allergies and emergency contacts. This
                       shovel. The volunteers’ contact in-
                       formation will be provided to the
                                                                  den, picnic and field trips).
                                                                    This program operates on Tuesdays from 3:35 to 4:30
                                                                                                                                pouch is placed inside the individual’s freezer, which is where emergency response                 FILE
                                                                                                                                personnel have been trained to look when responding to medical emergencies. Other
                       resident and the resident is respon-
                       sible for contacting the volunteer.
                                                                  pm, Sept. through Nov. at Dawes Elementary School,
                                                                  north of the Levy Center. For more info., please contact
                                                                                                                                important information may be placed in the pouch: power of attorney, living will, Do            OF L.I.F.E.
                                                                                                                                Not Resuscitate (DNR) documentation, etc.                                                          Lifesaving Information
                       If you are able to volunteer your          Ann Robbins at 847-370-2991 or                                                                                                                  For Emergencies
                                                                                                                                 This is a free community program that educates seniors and the disabled population
                       time, fill out the online form or                                                                        about the importance of maintaining up-to-date medication and allergy lists — and
                       call 847-448-8266.                         Congratulations to Charlotte! In our May/June Levy            taking steps to make them easily-accessible in case of an emergency.
  The Levy Center gift shop in the southeast corner               News, we told you about Levy Center member Charlotte            The free File of L.I.F.E. pouches can be picked up at the Levy Senior Center, 300 Dodge Avenue, or at any of Evan-
of the building is open Monday through Friday, 10am               Abarbanell entering the Composition Festival of the           ston’s five fire stations. The File of L.I.F.E. is a nationally-recognized program and is sponsored by the Evanston Police
to 3pm. The gift shop is always looking for volunteers.           Chicago Area Music Teachers Association. She won the          & Fire Foundation.
Training is provided. Interested? Please call the Levy            adult division for one of her compositions.
Center office and leave a message for Stephanie Quan.
  4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 5

                                                                                                                            5:00 – 6:30 pm                                   FR   EE
            September ’11                                    teem, spirituality, self-talk, strength-building, resilience
                                                             and relationships. Books may be purchased from Ama-            YSTEP
                                                                                                                                                                                           or the Music Institute of Chicago. Seniors who develop
                                                                                                                                                                                           more advanced skills can serve as assistant teachers in
  Please see the Levy Center At-A-Glance brochure for and local bookstores, or borrowed from your            Fleetwood-Jourdain Community and Levy Senior Center            future workshops and residencies. There will also be
information on ongoing programs. For details about the       local library. The group is led by Sharon Rosman, a li-        is teaming up again with YSTEP, the Youth and Senior           the opportunity to perform the skills learned at vari-
Center’s many computer, fitness, and arts classes, please    censed, clinical social worker who specializes in positive     Theatre Ensemble Project. This amazing program helps           ous events throughout the Chicago area. This class runs
 stop by the Levy Center office or refer to the Fall 2011    psychology. Please register at the Center’s front desk.        to create intergenerational partnerships between teenage       through Nov. 2. Program # 533102A1. The fee is $65,
       issue of Recreation and Arts Activity Guide.                                                                         students and senior citizens. Together they will share life    Levy member; $75, nonmember.
                                                             Saturday, Sept. 10                                             stories and conceive, write, and perform an original short
Friday, Sept. 2                                              9:00 am                                                        one act play under the direction of an YSTEP Artistic          Thursday, Sept. 15
9:30 am                      FREE                            Commission on Aging meeting; Levy Center                       Leader.                                                        10:30 am, Square Dance
Silver Sneakers                                                                                                               The mission is simple: strengthen the community              Swing your partner and do-si-do! If you think exercise is
This month we will bowl and play basketball with Wii.        Monday, Sept. 12                                               by bridging the gap between the generations through            boring, switch to square dancing! Join our new instruc-
Please register at the Levy Center front desk to join us.    8:30 am                                                        theatre, communication and mutual respect. Enthusiastic        tor, Arlene Kaspik, to learn the basics of square dancing.
                                                             Advisory Board meeting; Levy Center                            participants who can attend eight 90-minute artistic ses-      It’s a great way to exercise and stimulate your brain. It
Monday, Sept. 5                                                                                                             sions over a four-week period, twice a week, are encour-       can be strenuous, so come ready to work and wear com-
Levy Center will be closed for the Labor Day holiday.        9:30 am – 12:30 pm                                             aged to enroll. Space is limited! Program runs through         fortable clothes. Class runs through Dec. 8. Program #
The Center will reopen at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 6.     Ceramics/Pottery                                               Oct. 6. Program # 432115A1.                                    534167A1. Fee: $65, Levy member; $75 nonmember.
                                                             Choose from a variety of green ware or learn how to
Thursday, Sept. 8                                            hand build and let your imagination run free. You can                                      Wednesday, Sept. 14                         3:00 pm, Woman’s Book Club
                                               FREE                                                                                                      1:00 – 2:00 pm                             This month’s selection is Major
9:30 – 11:30 am                                              also learn to use the pottery wheel and the slab roller.
Blood Pressure Screening                                     Fee includes instruction, firing and supplies. Studio time                                  Using Accessible CTA,                      Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen
Levy member and Nurse Practitioner Dona LeBlanc              is available for class members at no additional fee. The                                    Pace, and Metra Public                     Simonson. New members are always welcome.
provides FREE blood pressure screenings every second         instructor is Janice Wojciechowski; class runs through                                      Transportation
Thursday of the month.                                       Oct. 31. Program # 534603A1. Fee: $70, Levy member;            Accessible CTA, Metra and Pace mainline service is                      Friday, Sept. 16
                                                             $80, nonmember.                                                easy to use and the RTA would love to show you how!            1:00 pm
10:00 am – 12 noon                                                                                                          It’s important that people with disabilities and senior        Ballroom Dancing with the Dick Elliott Band
Jewelry Making                                                                         12:30 – 2:00pm                       citizens stay informed about accessible public transpor-       Refreshments will be served. Fee is $5.00 at the door.
From glass to ceramic, explore the art of jewelry mak-                                 Brain.e.ology                        tation options in order to get to appointments, maintain
ing. Artist Janice Wojciechowski will teach you how to                                 Brain.e.ology is a 7-week pro-       social connections, and maximize their                         Monday, Sept. 19
make beautiful pieces, broaches, necklaces and bracelets,                              gram (through Oct. 1) designed       contact with the outside world. The RTA
                                                                                                                                                                              FREE         8:30 am, Life Enrichment Fund Committee
which you will be proud to wear or give as gifts. Fee                                  to dispel the limiting myths of      is offering a free presentation on topics                      Meeting; Levy Center
includes some materials and assembly of finished pieces.                               memory loss and aging. This          including:
Class runs through Oct. 27. Program # 534106A1. Fee:                                   class gives participants a better    • An introduction and overview of accessibility of CTA         10:00 – 11:30am
$52, Levy member; $62, nonmember                                                       understanding of how the brain         and Pace buses and CTA and Metra trains                      Beetles to Beethoven
                                                                                       works. It will also give you         • The benefits of using the systems                            Join musical director and professional concert pianist
10:30 am                                                                               the tools to incorporate brain       • How to reduce travel-related anxiety                         Evelyn Malouf Binz in exploring the background, gossip
Square Dancing Demonstration                       FREE                                fitness activities into your daily   • Trip planning, reading maps and schedules, station ac-       and music of some of your favorite composers and sing-
Have you ever wanted to try Square Dancing                                             life. Topics covered include           cessibility                                                  ers as she plays the piano. We will look into the world
but wasn’t sure it was for you? Here is your opportunity     memory, language, creativity and logic. Limited space;         • Tips to help you travel safely, easily, and arrive at your   of rock ’n’ roll. Class runs through Oct. 24. Program #
to try square dancing for free! Our new instructor, Arlene   register early. Program # 534112A1. Fee: $15, Levy               destination                                                  534174A1. Fee: $40, Levy member; $50 nonmember.
Kaspik, is holding a sample class. The next square danc-     member; $25, nonmember.                                        • Information about paying fares and applying for fare
ing session begins Sept. 15. Please register for the demo                                                                     reductions                                                   Wednesday, Sept. 21
at the Levy Center front desk.                               Tuesday, Sept. 13                                              This is a free program provided by the RTA. Please reg-        9:00 am
                                                             9:30 am                                                        ister at the Levy Center front desk.                           Chocolate & Wine
Friday, Sept. 9                                              Happiness Club                                                                                                                Join us as we head to Long Grove Confectionery for a
9:30 – 11:00 am                                 FREE         Every month, Sharon Rosman, LCSW, will lead a                  3:00 pm – Brazilian Percussion                                 tour and tasting, then we’re off to Coopers Hawk Winery
                                                                                                                            Students will learn basic rhythmic patterns and calls and
Personal Growth Book Club                                    discussion on a different topic relating to happiness. We                                                                                    for lunch, followed by Lynfred Winery
                                                             will learn how to view life with a “good eye” and learn        breaks on various Brazilian percussion instruments from                       for a wine tasting. Please select salmon or
Come join us on the second Friday of every month for a
                                                                                                                            teachers of the Evanston Escola de Samba. They will
new and UNIQUE type of book club! We will read and           how to bring more humor into our life. The program                                                                                           chicken entree at registration. Program #
                                                             meets the second Tuesday of each month. Everyone is            have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with youth                       554001H1. Fee: $77, Levy member; $87,
discuss personal growth-oriented books on topics such
                                                             welcome! Program # 554201J1. Fee: $5.00 per session.           from various Evanston-area organizations and the pro-                         nonmember.
as happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, positivism, self-es-
                                                                                                                            fessional members of Orquestra de Samba at the YMCA                           10:00 am
  6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  7
Diabetes Testing, Prevention and Treatment
It is estimated that one in three Americans will have
                                                                               October ’11                                    management process including utilization
                                                                                                                              of hospital services, observation status and discharge
                                                                                                                                                                                                               9:30 am – 5:30 pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Guys & Dolls
Type II diabetes by 2050. CJE Senior Life will                                                                                planning. Dr. Margaret Thomas, MA, M.D., Associate                               Join us as we head to the Theatre at the
                                                                        Please see the Levy Center At-A-Glance
present a program to help you develop a                                                                                       Medical Director of Palliative Care and Hospice Ser-                             Center in Munster, Indiana for Guys &
                                                                     brochure for information on ongoing programs.
greater knowledge of diabetes prevention,          FREE                                                                       vices at NorthShore, will discuss palliative care and its                        Dolls, the Tony Award-winning show
diagnosis and treatment, as well as how to                      Saturday, Oct. 1                                              benefits, and the difference between palliative care and       about love, luck and gambling. The stakes are high and
build an action plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A1C       9:00 am                                                       hospice. There will be time for questions and answers          the tunes are swinging! Please make your selection
testing will be available; no fasting required. If interested   Commission on Aging meeting; Levy Center                      and light refreshments will be served. This program is         of roast loin of pork or veal parmesan at registration.
in the test, please make an appointment at the front desk.                                                                    sponsored by the Evanston Commission on Aging.                 Program # 554001J1. Fee: $94, Levy member; $104,
Appointments will begin at 11:00 am.                            Monday, October 3                                                                                                            nonmember.
                                                                8:30 am                                                       Friday, Oct. 7
                             1:00 pm                            Advisory Board meeting; Levy Center                           9 am – 3 pm                                                    Friday, Oct. 14
                             How to Prevent Falls                                                                             Flu Shots                                                      9:30 – 11:00 am                             FREE
                             Make sure you’re steady on         Wednesday, Oct. 5                                             This is the first of two flu shot clinics being held at Levy   Personal Growth Book Club
                             your feet before the snow          12:00 pm                                       FRE    E       Center (second is Noon – 5:00 pm, Fri., Nov. 4, ). Flu         Please see Sept. 9 listing for details.
                             and ice season! Get a free         Rheumatoid Arthritis Answers                                  shots are free with Medicare part B (please bring your
                             assessment from a physical         Are you one of the nearly 1.3 million people in the U.S.      Medicare card with you) and $25 if you do not have                          1:00 pm
                             therapist and learn many           living with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)? Identify the           Medicare part B. Only cash or checks accepted.                              Ballroom Dancing
                             helpful tips to help prevent       symptoms and challenges of this disease and what you                                                                                      with the Dick Elliott Band.
                             falling. This program is           can do about them. The speaker is Alfonso Bello, M.D.,                      9:30 am                                                       Refreshments will be served. Fee is $5.00 at
presented by Allied Home Health Care.                           FACP. This program is sponsored by Abbott Laborato-                         Silver Sneakers                       FREE                    the door.
There will be time for questions and re-          FREE          ries. To register, please contact Abbott Laboratory’s res-                  Fall is here and it is time for
freshments.                                                     ervation center by calling 800-901-9206; use reference #                    Tailgate Toss. We will set up in the park and    Saturday, Oct. 15
                                                                664796. Registration deadline: Oct. 2.                        play a few games. Join us for this free program. Please        9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Thursday, Sept. 22                                                                                                            register at the Levy Center front desk.                        Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People
10:30am – 12:30pm                                                                          Thursday, Oct. 6                                                                                  You might be surprised that in just half a day you can
¿Habla Español?                                                                           1:00 pm                             Monday, Oct. 10                                                learn all the chords needed to play any pop song: any
If you have experience speaking Spanish, but want to                                      Alzheimer’s                         8:30 am                                                        song, any style, any key. You’ll learn how to play several
brush up on your skills, try our Conversational Span-                                     Disease and           FREE          Life Enrichment Fund Committee Meeting;                        songs in class, and then perfect your technique at home,
ish class. This is not a class for beginners. Class runs                                  Dementias                           Levy Center                                                    using an exclusive DVD and audio CD. Program #
through Nov. 10. Program #534150A1. Fee: $50, Levy                                        Join as us as we learn about                                                                       533122A1. Fee: $55, Levy member; $65, nonmember.
member; $60, non-member.                                                                  the physiological aspects and       Tuesday, Oct. 11
                                                                                          early stage warning signs, as       9:30 am                                                        4:00 pm
Friday, Sept. 23                                                                                                              Happiness Club                                                 “Saturdays at Sherwood” Concert
                                                                                          well as the emotional strains                                                                                                                       FREE
9:30 – 11:30am                                                  of Alzheimer’s disease and dementias. We will also learn      Sharon Rosman, LCSW, leads a discussion on a topic             Music Director Evelyn Binz and her piano
Rules of the Road Review Course                                 about the differences between forgetfulness and Al-           relating to happiness. See Sept. 13 listing for details.       partner, Bette Coulson, are giving a piano
The free class, offered by the Secretary                        zheimer’s disease. This program is sponsored by Senior        #554201K1. Fee: $5.00 per session.                             concert for the “Saturdays at Sherwood” series. The con-
of State’s office, includes a review of safe     FREE           Helpers and the Alzheimer’s Association. There is no                                                                         cert will be held at Sherwood Community Music School
driving techniques and Illinois driving                         charge for this program, but registration is requested.       Thursday, Oct. 13                                              at Columbia College Chicago, 1212 S. Michigan Ave.
laws, so you can prepare to take the written driver’s test.                                                                   9:00 am – 1:00 pm                                              There is no admission fee and there’s plenty of lot and
Please register at the Levy Center front desk.                  1:30 pm                                                       55 Alive Safe Driving Class                                    street parking. You also can reach Columbia College by
                                                                Be informed, Be prepared, Be proactive . . .                  This class is sponsored by AARP. Fee is $12, AARP              the CTA Red Line.
12:00 pm                                                        Understand Today’s Hospital Experience                        member; $14, nonmember. Please bring your AARP card
Fashion Show                                                    A stay in the hospital has changed! NorthShore Univer-        to the first session to get the discount. You must attend      Thursday, Oct. 20                             FREE
Come join us for lunch and a fashion show presented by          sity HealthSystem clinicians will explain these changes.      both sessions (Oct. 13 and 20). Please register at the         9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Taylor Maries. Models will be our own Levy members!                           Dr. David Lovinger, M.D., FHM, Division         Levy Center front desk or call 847-448-8250.                   55 Alive Safe Driving Class
We’re still looking for a few more models, so contact                         Chief of Hospital Medicine at NorthShore,                                                                      Second class; please see Oct. 13 listing for details.
us at the Levy Center if you’re interested. Lunch will                        will discuss physician hospitalist activities   9:30 – 11:30 am
be a choice of chicken salad or tuna salad. Program                           within the hospitals. Mary Ellen Mitchell,      Blood Pressure Screening
#554104G1. Fee: $7, Levy member; $14, nonmember.                              BSN,MA, Senior Director Care Manage-            Dona LeBlanc, Levy member and nurse         FREE
                                                                               ment at NorthShore, will discuss the care      practitioner, provides FREE blood pressure
                                                                                                                              screening every second Thursday of the month.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Continued on page 8
October 20, continued from page 7

                          1:00 pm
                          “Words Can Heal or Destroy”                 Wednesday, Nov. 2, 10:45 am – 3:45 pm
                          We don’t always realize the feel-           Follies at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater
                          ings we may cause by a look, word,          It’s one of the most anticipated shows of the season! An
                          sound, or deed. Marion                      ensemble of over 40 actors and musicians create a val-
                          Rosenberg, founder of          FREE         entine to a bygone era of American musical theater. The
                          Universal Dream of Peace,                   Broadway premiere garnered seven Tony Awards. No meal
                          will speak about how words and              is included; we’ll have time to eat at Navy Pier before the
actions can heal or destroy. All are encouraged to attend.            show. Program # 554001K. Fee: $65, Levy member; $75,
Refreshments will be served. Please register at 847-448-8250          nonmember.
or Levy Center’s office.
                                                                      Friday, Nov. 4
3:00 pm, Woman’s Book Club                                            12 noon – 5 pm, Flu Shots
This month’s selection is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.          This is the second of two clinics; see Oct. 7 listing.
New members are always welcome.
                                                                      Friday, Nov. 18
                Friday, Oct. 28                                       1:30 pm, Fran Randall Memorial Concert
                1:00 pm, Popcorn and a Movie                          Columbia College student Yu Lu performs on the Stein-
                “The King’s Speech” is the story of Britain’s         way. This program is supported by the Life Enrichment
                King George VI, his impromptu ascension               Fund of Levy Center. Refreshments will be served.
                to the throne and the speech therapist who
                helped the unsure monarch become worthy of            Wednesday, Dec. 7
                his role. Did you know that October 28th also         10:30 am – 5:30 pm, Sound of Music
                is National Chocolates Day? So . . . besides          Drury Lane Theatre
                popcorn, chocolate will be served! Program            Lunch is chicken breast Marsala or tilapia. Class
                # 554104H1. Fee: $4, Levy member; $8,                 #554001L1. Fee: $77, Levy member; $87, nonmember.

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                                                hli ghts news w posted online: w
                                   City’s Hig rmation is no                                                      count on
             2011 is  sue of the            t in fo                                              for  a 50% dis nd re-
    The Fall                     s. Correc                                           re eligible               for a
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                                                   f 65 and d                 Benefit C                 t have an
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                        seniors ov hold by obtaining                  this year.                           n
                                                                                              ut the Eva
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                le sticker
                                                       O                                                  nsto
                                         r, it will N Senior Cen                              cityofeva
      one vehic ount card last yea                    e vy                   250  or aging@
                 isc                      e at the L              47/448-8                                      r 1, 2011.
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