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									     Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council Meeting of the 21st
                   November, 2012 in Dalswinton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members – John Young, Neil Munro, Fiona Meikle-Latta, Hugh Johnstone

Non-KCC Members – Councillors Ted Thompson and Yen Hongmei Jin, Claire Corlett, Pam Taylor,
Margaret Wilson, Gordon Bissett, Suzanne and Trevor Hayward

1 – Apologies – Derek Ivy

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 20th October, 2012

2.1 – Approved the minutes of 20th October, 2012 moved by HJ and seconded by FM-L.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes

3.1 – Katherine Leask has contacted NM to ask for a contact in the Council, with whom she would like
to discuss the possibility of improving and expanding the Kirkton children’s playground. The Sam
Leask Memorial Trust Fund currently stands at £6,500, £200 of this sum has been raised by Duncow
Primary School. It may be possible for match funding to be obtained from the Council. NM has
arranged for Katherine Leask to meet with Fraser Marshall.

4 – Co-option of 2 members to Kirkmahoe Community Council

4.1 – Trevor Hayward and Jackie Bodle were proposed by JY and seconded by NM, this co-option
was agreed by the KCC members. Trevor Hayward and Jackie Bodle were welcomed to the KCC.

5 – Appointment of the Events Sub-committee

5.1 – JY noted that there was no immediate event in the community other than the Carol singing (see

5.2 – NM, FM-L, Margaret Wilson expressed an interest in forming a sub-committee - Lesley Ann
Kennedy, who is on the Events Committee of Duncow School may also join the group.

5.3 – JY asked those present to suggest new community events for the future.

6 – Police Report - no police present to give a report.

However Mrs Taylor advised that there had been a break-in at the school, a DNA match has been
obtained and the suspect is to be asked to pay for the damage.

6.1 – JY to get in touch with police force, in respect of their reporting on community matters.

6.2 – FM-L advised the meeting that no texts re crime in the area had been received. She further
suggested that it would be helpful to receive information about any criminal activities as soon as they
occurred so that appropriate advice/action could be taken. To report incidents, please phone 0845
600 5701.

6.3 – Yen Hongmei Jin (YHJ) read out a constituent’s email to the meeting, which was complaining
about disorganised parking at the village green by visitors to a recent funeral. This led to blocked
access to dwelling houses and it was further suggested that the police be asked to supervise parking
on future occasions. JY to discuss with the police. YHJ had approached the Council who suggested
that this might be the funeral director’s responsibility. NM suggested that future windfarm money
might be used to rent an area of the field opposite the church where suitable matting could be laid.
This would provide a sound base, thus facilitating safe and adequate parking off-road and obviating
congestion at the village green or on adjacent roads.

6.4 – A discussion followed in respect of the ownership of the village green and roadways. It was also
suggested that ownership could be ascertained by applying to the Land Registry Department.

6.5 – GB has spoken to the contractors re potholes on the Green. NM advised the meeting that this
had already been dealt with and that, if possible, this would form a part of the reinstatement of the
Green once the line modernisation project had been completed.
7 – Treasurer’s Report (DI)

7.1 – Present Financial Position – The present financial position was, after receipt of the Wind Farm
money for 2012, that there was just over £5,000 in the Bank.
7.2 – Administrative Grant from D & G Council – The application for 2012/13 will be submitted in late
7.3 – Bank Mandate – The new full Committee Members were requested to complete the Mandate
and return to DI for submission to the Bank.
7.4 – Minutes Secretary’s Fee (official D & G Council title for the payment) – It was proposed and
agreed by the committee that this be paid in two half-yearly payments of £175.(£175 would then be
paid in December to complete the current financial year to March 2013).
8 – Councillors’ Report
8.1 – YHJ highlighted two future events being, Day of the Region 2013 and the Commonwealth
Legacy Rewards in which KCC may wish to be involved. E-mail details to follow.
8.2 – YHJ and TT advised the meeting of the importance of the Dumfries Learning Town Proposal
consultation, details of which can be found at the Council website.
8.3 – YHJ said that the Council needs ideas from the public in respect of the £27M budget cuts and
feedback on the key services that must be retained.
8.4 – TT reported that the current one refuse bin kerbside collection arrangement will be replaced by
a segregated rubbish bin system (e.g. 4 bins for different categories of waste). Implementation date to
be advised by the Council.

9 – Planning Matters

9.1 – JY suggested that KCC members might review planning applications by registering and visiting
the Council Planning website.

10 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)

10.1 – Pilot Edging Proposal – D & G Council have given their written approval to proceed with the
pilot edging proposal for the Green. NM to contact the Planning Department for sanction to proceed.
Commencement approved by KCC members subject to receipt of a firm price from Nigel McKinnon
and comparison with Roads Department quote when received. Agreed, in principle, to proceed with
the pilot scheme subject to approval of the cost of the work.

10.2 – In ongoing discussions with Scottish Power, NM has requested that on completion of the
works, the Green area is restored to its former condition and that, where possible, they reinstate or
improve any eroded areas. There is likely to be a significant cost in edging the remainder of the
Green and a discussion took place as to where we might seek this funding. Suggestions included
SWET, funding from the Village Hall scheme and other potential funding organisations. Ted
Thompson to get details of funding possibilities.

10.3 – The new footpath from the Green to the Church, Scottish Power line modernisation and
additional street lighting is expected to be completed by mid-December. NM extended thanks to
councillors Andrew Wood, Ted Thompson and Jeff Leaver for their support in helping to aid the
progress of the various projects.

10.4 – Still awaiting DGHP response to the additional noticeboard in Duncow Court. There is general
approval from the residents of Longloch Drive to proceed with landscaping similar to that in Duncow
Court. NM explained that there were two properties where consultation with the owners was required
but that contact information was still needed in this respect. It was suggested that the Council Tax
register might be consulted to gain this information.

11 – Windfarms (NM)
11.1 – Feedback awaited from the Moffat Initiative team in respect of their progress with Scottish
Power Renewables, a report on the development of a potential trust model that might serve the
communities involved and overall update on the project.

12 – Kirkton Waste Water Treatment Works (NM)

12.1 – Following a meeting between Councillor Andrew Wood, NM and Mark McLaren, Regional
Community Manager of Scottish Water, the current position is as follows:

• There will be a review of the plant’s future next spring 2013 in respect of the potential replacement
of the unit during the period 2015 and 2020.

• In respect of the present condition, besides the ongoing repair of the SAF unit , Scottish Water to
survey the plant with a view to carrying out remedial improvement/aesthetic work pending future

• Kirkton residents to continue reporting any noxious smells and/or discharges to Scottish Water.
• KCC to contact Scottish Water, Dunfermline, to request information on the plant’s history, operating
system and capacity. KCC thanked Councillor Andrew Wood for his ongoing involvement and

JY asked NM to respond to a letter from Scottish Water into ways that they can improve their services
to the Community.

13 – Events

13.1 – The Carol Singing event will take place on Sunday 16th December.

13.1 – JY – A draft timetable of events is to be drawn up. JY asked for suggestions and arrangements
to be made for the Senior Citizens Evening in early 2013.

14– Correspondence (FM-L)

14.1 – Scottish Water letter - noted C4N road closure from 26/11 to 14/11.

14.2 – Noted Council Safety Questionnaire to be completed before Monday 26th November

14.3 – King George V Playing Field, Duncow – FML read out a letter suggesting that one of the
Trustees ought to be a KCC committee member. FML to attend next meeting on 28th November
2012. The playing field is still good but the play equipment is substandard. The alternatives are to
restore the present play equipment or buy new. Different funding was suggested e.g. SWEAT,
National Lottery, Rewards for All. The KCC is willing to consider funding through the windfarm money.

15 –Any other business

15.1 – Noted HJ comment about how the former Locharbriggs Community Council was in receipt of
windfarm money.

15.2 – Suzanne Hayward asked about salt bins near Duncow School. JY and FML have checked out
the salt bins and there are none above the school. David Gurney has been contacted about this.

15.4 – Noted that the Council offers training for snow clearing.

15.5 – Noted that Duncow School had its Green Flag (ECO schools) award renewed. (PT)

15.6 – GB advised that the War Memorial grant of £2,500 had been approved. The shortfall of £300
will be met by the KCC.
15.7 – Noted FML laid a wreath at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday on behalf of the KCC.
GB said there was a large turnout at the Hall in the afternoon and that Connie Davidson and Morag
Williams had done a lot of work to produce the commemorative book.

15.9 – JY advised that anyone can get in touch with KCC members via email, details are published in
the Grapevine newsletter.

16 – Date of Next Meeting

16.1 – The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 16th January, 2013 in Kirkton Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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