WW1 and WW2 Memorial Tour - 28 June to 4 July 2013

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                        WW1 ANO WW2 MEMORIAL TOUR
                          28TH JUNE TO 4IH JULY 2013

Once again the Roger Casemenl (An Corps)BEnch wl run a memora trp lo WWl sites in
Fandarc a.d the Somme, before louring the WW2 D DayLanding Beaches n Nomandy

Every day wilbe a high ight,lhis lrp has been very suc@ssful nlhepasland we i.v te members,
lke minded co leagues and tiends to jo n us to emember lhe many kshmen who foughl and ded

ln partcular we wil concnrrateonlheactonsofthe 16rh lnsh Division at Gui lamonr and lhe 36rh
llsler Divislon atThiepvalduriig the Batl e of the sohme. we wil join wilh lhe somme
Associalion and olherc allheceemonies held on 0'l Juy 2013.

Tourdela ls are atlached foryour nfomat on Th s lour s being organised by the Battlefield and
Historylourspecaisl Grcupl6ve nlemalional (GTl) GTI are a lul y bonded icefsed company
in a@ordaie wlh lhe Transpon (Tour Operato6 and T€valAg6nts) Act 1S32

ln orderlo ensure a da@ on lh s unique lour an initial booking deposil ot€250,00 per person is
requned between now and 13 January 2013 along wilh your compl6l6d booking form. As
numbers are sl clly imited, avoid dsappointment by paying your deposil eady gaai@ of
payhentisdue 3 weeks prior to traveland nvores wilbe s6ntoul prior to the due daie

The deoosit is oavable to Grouo Travel lnlernational   lclll   bv   ch&ue.las€ror dedit card,

Fudherdela ls may be obtained f.oml
fooy            Casenent Bftoch) 081 36u120 / r9L!pE!!AE!!99!t
       Roe (Roger                                                            !9!
Michaal Whelan (Air Coips Mus.un) O37 11Oj761 / 01 1O367U


GTI                                 i1,EV2         D.'iAY BEACHES

                          2A JUNE - 04 JULY 2013
                         €7A9 PER PERSON SHARING
oi nJ soD on rhu.€mdd\cb'e
-.,.'"..;i                                                      l"'oe'.ano'rcsoare b'owng'f'
         i,,"' -:ooooo                                      "es'r'r'd{w 'RAonoldsGa' te'6h
oi,", v"-o"t G' leno'r LJPi _o*                                            oc{   srrd'ed i' Mer'rcs
   pea* p*t rcmnemoaetne Batl e ot Ivless nes where lhe 16lh Ldsh D vision and lhe 36ih u sler Divison
;;qri;;" ;, ,,;- ."",N ,                    '
                                              rv 1.,o'! e'J r +' @lds r. ro,v .o, lor \are rFd
oooonuniy ro   *e   wharhappened loryouEelr

h,e co^tnue onlo lhe D Day Landins Beaches of Nomandv. vistinq lhe landins beaches of omaha utah
s*o,a, cora ana   l,- *    L *$t manv bunkerc sun efrpla@menls
                         "i,     Jlarolslre'eD"a'"at \'o'q'T€hdq'qddrca'                           rra\lo'€col
 ,.-*,i,,q" r.-r -; * ,r e '"r'eo'1noaatcrt
very beaches is ines€pable and deepy moving

   .    Flishrs rom Dub n lo BrusseLs and Paris lo oublln incud ng almod   bres and charges lola   ling €93 00
   .    Execul ve coach 116 nsle 6 Ihroug ho ut lour.
                                                            _o'or-e o'Pa ldr
                                                           ''i   on q
   .,     n;n6aeommod"r,on"r F" veau'" r ",o,neLa"r'n'rLoi' e              od+!'e_dde
   .    vstslo me n"n o e' . Barte,Etd: {               -dnqera{.C€Tte v
        vero'd lrFCorCeaP'"r/ hooqeC'are'. I 62 'dlDvnonMeno'a d wrls la4''l c_dor
        rrerand Pea@ Pa* and w Lie Redmond s G6ve
    .   Enrran@ to the intemclve ln Flande6 Fed Mu*um in Yp€s
    .   Allendance at ihe Last Post ceremonv at the Men Gate [lemor a
    .                                                  ^
        vstslo lhe somme Banefelds in.luding Gui emont Tvnesde lrsh Memo           al Lochnagercrater ulster
        Tower, Thiepvaland he SommeTrendh Museum n Albed
    .   v'e'l P€oasus Brdoe Memonaland Ranlile cemeterv
    .   vrsi.rheDDarl.noinoBeacl.' o On"ra Lr"r d_o ',od
    . .. " c,.h; G.."; .emerc^ s M..cq F d-drt€ aae"un ccnerery                       Jl < l
    . V s I io Bayeux ior rree Iime

    Emait hto@stiireland.com

Fy nom Dubin lo Btussels. [4eer yourTourManager on ariva]and rransrer by executve @aoh lo Ypres where
you w lvst lhe awad wnn ng ln F.nd6re Fierd Museum This evenrng h€ar tE Lasr Posr pedomed atlh€
Men n GaleMemo.al Oremiqhr Line

                            ner Ypres including Wilie Redmond's Glav€ at Loker, Poppeinge, EserFarm
Today visit lhe baltere d siles
cemelery, Francis Ledvidqe's G6ve, rhe Geman cemot€ry Langemarc*, Tyne col cemelery sancluary
Wood and he prcseryed t€nches of H ll 32. OvemiOht Line

Fo .sing br€kfasl ve rerum io Flanderc .nd visr rhe 13th rrish Division Memo ar at w,,1sdaete, lvlessines
and tE lsland ot lrerand Peace Park, spanboeikmoren craGr Prcwse Ponl cemelery and rhe emofive site
memoiar 1olhechrstias Tru@ Foolball Maich ovemighl Lill.

                          tE Somme Trench tr,tuseom in Atberr, folowed by vis ls !o wile MoBndes GEve
Our lirsl srcp rhis moming s
Iyneside kish auemoial, Lochnagar CEler al Poziees and Thiepval, with wrefl ayng ceremonies al
Gu llemont and U ster Tower in rcmembGn@ or ihe expols ol lhe 16rh hsh Oiv6ion and the 36$ Utsrer
Divisiondo n!rheceatw4or1914 1913 ove ighlL te.

Ihis mornins we lBnsre.    1o Normandv. Visil Peqasus Bridqe Allborne Memorial siie of one of lhe mosl
oulstand ng flyng achiovements of lhe war, and Ranville Cemetery, lnal resting pla@ ol sold erc oi lhe 6rl
(Anborne) Division. Also visii Swod Beach, a main laiding site lor lhe B lish Secror Ovemight Caen

Fulrday visit b lheAmer€n Secror O,Day Landino S les ncudin! La Cambe cerman Cemetery. Urah Beach
and Mureum st Mee Eqrise, omaha Beach and rhe Ame.i€n cemerery 6r sl Lau€n( sur-Mer, set oi a ctifi
toP ove ookina Omaha beach.

Fo lowinq a late $arr Ihis mohing v sil Bayeux ,ilh oplion tos     the lamous Bayeux Tapestry (payabre
locally) belore Glum nq by exedulive ooach ro Paris Ailpon ior   yon reruh llioht to Dubtin.

       F qhls iiom Dubrinld Brussets relurn ng Paris ro Oubxn ncrud nq at a @ort and i ghriaxes and chaEes
       Price is inclus ve of 1 sla.dard pi€e oahand ugqase cheoked in tuggage: €30 per l standad pee
       Prioe is bas€d on rwin sha@ rryouaetravettingatoneandar€wltinqtcshaealrxnroomwlhanolher
       goup member or lhe eme sex. we vil do our best to aMmmodale tlis r€quest alhough it €nnot be

       A single r@m sopplefreitof €137 perpercon pertou is app €bre
       Optional,nsuEnoerortis tou €25 ps peMn (tems and condftons appty).
       a non etundab e / non lramtuEbre deposil or €250 per pecon is Gquired .r rime ol bookinq
       Balanm sdues weeks pdortodepadure.
       The pre s bas€d on Gach ng a minmum of 30peGons.
       P es, i ghl l mes   & lisisd itineGry may be subjeot lo change

    Email inf6@si,n.ranc.con
[ *r*NG

                                           FoBNr                                               CTI

 Pl-   noL   |!B tr.t!. - FE.gt.O.                     t lmdlrDt-        drE d brlltlE rl[ sly

 Ne snd.   M   llpl.mln.Ddy.   ch   dtrn   rdr! h!!r   hrr nruyh. Forbr.rb.dic.liELob iEE.i'*l w''lnr
 .io0stup mn .or0Eme.rn              .,                                                 noth.surr .d.
 C(,|fIACI DETA(3:

                                    udi.r.d.q,bt lrw                pl1c b   tr\.r. PrG td( 5 krdrod *rxfi.ryou
 lrb tdrM dlgtl:ld'! itrd ,ruED arh.0*FU rtqlr. crn b la6rav.r llm d                        yo, b.hdr. F€ .Dpr-
 PM 7! F.r.4 ori'- "rn b. '!q'rd b 9.y -.ddo.a ruin Tm ad dl(f[c .pdy.

 PL..r(Mr.ltyoulEr.ry.p.ddn rlordltalryr.qulr.. .ta

 rcb4r@rrdrqhdb                                                          !d.o&.h6&dts6&d                     .q

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