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									Larry Hagman Left Lasting Legacy of Creative Learning

People who were around back in the second half of the 1960s had a chance to see a very
unusual television sitcom. I Dream of Jeannie had a rather fantastic plot. An Air Force
officer named Anthony Nelson found a genie in a bottle, and it was in fact a beautiful
woman. "Jeannie" was played by the actress Barbara Eden.

The actor who played Anthony Nelson was Larry Hagman. Hagman went on to more
success playing the role of the infamous J.R. Ewing on the legendary dramatic series
Dallas. However, according to reports those who knew him say that he was a nice person
and a far cry from the diabolical Ewing.

Hagman, who passed away in Dallas on November 23 after battling throat cancer,
certainly made his mark in his chosen profession. He was 81 years of age at the time of
his death.

His work on the screen is his professional legacy, and it will be around forever.
However, he was also a philanthropically minded individual who wanted to give
something back. Hagman created a foundation that bears his name, the Larry Hagman
Foundation, and it is devoted to providing resources to disadvantaged Dallas area
children who are interested in the creative arts.

When you are a youngster from a family with economic need who is seeking creative
self-expression such a foundation can truly serve as a lifeline. If you are interested in
helping further the cause that Larry Hagman started by all means, make a contribution to
the foundation by following this link:

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