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Dear Bride & Groom
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we thank you for showing an interest in Olive Mystery.

A Dream Wedding at Olive Mystery
The dawning of your wedding day brings with it a mixture of emotions… Take some time to relax and let us create a wedding of a different kind With years of experience in event coordinating, we have compiled a complete package – tailor made to all the specific needs of making your wedding day unforgettable. When choosing Olive Mystery you would have the following services provided to you; an assigned wedding coordinator will assist you down to the very last detail.

The Ceremony Venue & Bridal Reception

For Venue hire please see price lists. The venue will close no later than 00h00. Set up time is between 08h00 and 11h00 prior to functions. An overtime rate of R1 000-00 per half hour or part thereof will be charged either 8 hours after the start of the function/service or at 00h00 whichever is the earliest and will automatically be added to your account. The R1 000-00 will include a hostess and 2 barmen. Please note that overtime will also be charged for breakdown after the function.

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Honeymoon Suite
A complimentary Bridal Suite to the bridal couple for their wedding night. The Honeymoon Suite will be available at 12h00 Check out time at 10h00

The family would be responsible for arranging a minister, but should there be any difficulty in arranging one, your function co-coordinator will gladly assist you with arranging a minister.

Linen, Cutlery & Crockery
Plain off-white tablecloths are available, as well as matching serviettes. This linen, as well as crockery and cutlery costs are included in the venue hire and cannot be excluded.

Menu Selection
Your menu and food selections are very important on this special day, and therefore we have compiled a special Buffet Menu selection. Please see attached menus. Should you require canapés, your coordinator will assist you with a suitable menu selection and quote.    Menu prices are subject to change without prior notice, due to sudden changes in item prices or annual increases. Children under the age of eight years will be charged 50% of the agreed adult menu price. Children under the age of two years will not be charged. Food may not be brought onto the premises.

Bar Service
  Bar attendant per 80 guests and two Bar attendants per 100 guest will be needed for all types of bar requirements. (R370.00 per barman) We require clients to brief us with regard to their requirements for the provision of a Full Bar, Wine & Malt Bar or Cash Bar for their account.

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Clients are welcome to set a limit on the total bar expenditure for their account. We will need the bar requirements and 50% of estimated liquor bill payable 14 days before the wedding date. In order to maintain control of this account, we are willing to supply a regular reconciliation of the bar account during the function. You are welcome to discuss your bar requirements with your wedding coordinator. In the case of a specific wine being required you may supply your own wine. Olive Mystery would then charge a corkage fee of R22.80 per 750 ml bottle. No soft drinks or any other spirits are allowed on the premises. Any changes to the bar requirements at any stage are to be done so in writing. Your wedding coordinator would assist you in different options regarding welcoming drinks. The bar will close at 00:00 unless otherwise arranged (see extra charge in venue hire).



   

The provision of Olive Mystery's standard furniture and equipment is at no extra charge. Please ensure that the equipment requested is satisfactory in advance of your function.      Any décor or equipment hired on behalf of the client will be charged to his/her account, including a 10% handling fee and delivery and collection charges. No live animals will be allowed on the Olive Mystery property. All decorations to be discussed with management to ensure no damage is done to the venue No candles to be set up in any of the aisle’s in the chapel, due to the risk of carpet damaging Olive Mystery will not allow candles placed directly on the linen, and reserve the right to remove the candles if necessary. Candleholders must be wide enough to ensure no wax damage to the linen.


No permanent changes are allowed, that includes nails or hooks in the walls, roof or frames.

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Décor and set-up to be complete, five hours prior to the scheduled time of the ceremony – in order to allow for final cleaning of the venue.

Set Up And Cut Off Times
  To ensure that the Bride To Be has sufficient pamper time, a early check in time of 12:00 is available A complimentary drink and snack platter ensures a relaxed radiant Bride

Your flower choice & arrangements plays a very important part of your wedding day, this sets the theme and the ambiance and will create a unique, personalised and memorable addition to your special day. Wilna Pienaar, our in-house florist, will with her usual enthusiasm and flair create a floral dream for any bride. Please advise as to what specific ideas and preferences you have in mind in order for us to request an accurate quotation. This may be discussed with your coordinator. Should you choose to use your own florist please discuss the terms and conditions with your coordinator.

Your wedding coordinator will assist you in selecting the photographer of your choice. Olive Mystery reserves the right to utilize any photographs taken at the venue for marketing purposes.

Wedding Cake
We do have a qualified pastry chef and if needed, together with your wedding coordinator, would gladly assist you in creating your perfect wedding cake.

A musician or DJ can be arranged. Please advise us as to whether or not you have any specific ideas as to the type of musician(s) you prefer to have at your ceremony or reception.
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Live entertainment can also be arranged at and additional cost.

Appointment Requirements
Your wedding coordinator will be available to assist you at any time, by prior arrangement 120 days prior: 60 days prior: 14 days prior: 1st Consultation – Planning of flowers, colour scheme, table settings etc. Confirmation on flower arrangements, make-up artist, hairdresser, DJ, photographer and other details on décor as well as venue hire options Final payment of invoice (excluding bar totals) Procedures of wedding day should be discussed Final Checklist Final confirmation of menu and liquor requirements Final number of guests Table lay out Confirmation of menu and bar requirements Delivery of additional items Confirmation, seating plan Wines and Champagnes On the day of the wedding the balance of the bar account is settled as well as any possible overtime costs and costs for damages/breakages. This may only be done with cash.

3 Days prior:

Risk, Loss or Damages
 No paper confetti is allowed. You are welcome to use fresh flower petals, bubbles or butterflies. If confetti is used regardless of the agreement, the client will be charged per hour for casual cleaning staff. Olive Mystery shall not be held liable for interruptions of services (water, electricity, sanitary services), but every precaution will be taken to ensure an uninterrupted supply or all services.



Olive Mystery will not be liable for loss or damage to any property (décor, flowers, wedding gifts, valuables etc.) We recommend that all personal and valuable property be removed directly after the function. Décor and props must be removed before 10:00 the Monday morning. Arrangements regarding this can be discussed and finalized with the Wedding Coordinator. Should the Olive Mystery buildings, surrounding gardens and décor be damaged during the set-up, duration or break down of the function, the client shall be held responsible and will be billed accordingly.
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 

 

Olive Mystery, its employees or any person employed at any function will not be held liable to any loss, or injury to persons, due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever. No smoking inside the venue – a fine of R3 000-00 will be payable should any guest smoke inside the venue.

Payment details
Please note that to confirm your wedding dates a 10%, refundable deposit is required to book your wedding date.  14 days before wedding: Final appointment - procedures of wedding day discussed Final number of guests  Day of the wedding Balance of the bar bill and any overtime charges must be paid on the day

Monthly Payment Option
If your function is booked more that 4 months in advance, you may prefer to split the payment of your total bill (excluding bar bill) over the months prior to the function. This can help you to smooth out the financial demands of your wedding, as no lump sum venue hire is required, the first payment secures the booking. These payments can either be presented as a number of post dated cheques, or a payment order through your bank. These payments must be monthly, on any constant date, with the full amount paid up within 14 days prior to the function.

Reservation Terms & Conditions
1. In the event of non-payment of any of the venue hire fees within the time specified, Olive Mystery shall be entitled to cancel the booking without further notice or liability.

2. If the amount of guests falls below the minimum numbers, clients will automatically be billed for the specified minimum. Billing will be based on last confirmed number, 10 days prior to the function. Please note that the minimum number of guest we cater for are 80 people. If this number is less than 80, we will charge an extra venue hire depending on the guest amount.

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3. Olive Mystery reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without liability on its part, in the event of any damage to, or destruction of the venue by fire, shortages of labor, strikes, industrial unrest, or another cause beyond the control of Olive Mystery, which shall prevent it from performing its obligations. In these circumstances every effort will be made to find an alternative venue.

Cancellation Fee
If you cancel:
      The deposit of R3 000-00 to book your function is non-refundable on cancellation. 60 - 45 days before arrival: 25 % of contract value cancellation fee 44 - 30 days before arrival: 50 % of contract value cancellation fee 29 - 15 days before arrival: 75 % of contract value cancellation fee 14 days and less, prior to arrival: 100 % of contract value cancellation fee No show: 100 % of contract value The client must confirm any cancellations in writing.


Please initial each page, complete details on this page and fax the entire document back to Olive Mystery on 0866 302 182, together with proof of payment of the venue hire. I________________________________________________ confirm that I have read and understood the general terms and conditions and I hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in the Olive Mystery General Terms and Conditions Document as referenced below and hereto bind myself in my personal capacity as surety for all monies owing, arising from this agreement. I further confirm that it was explained to me that I am entitled to have this document translated into a language of my choice at my expense. Written confirmation must be obtained from Olive Mystery for any variations to these standard terms and conditions or any other special arrangements. Dated at BAPSFONTEIN on this the day of
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______________________ Bride ______________________ Groom ______________________ Owner/Co-ordinator



SIGNATURE : _________________________________________ NAME (PRINTED) : _________________________________________ CONTACT TEL : _______________(w) ___________________(cell) EMAIL ADDRESS : _________________________________________ POSTAL ADDRESS : _________________________________________ _________________________________________ PHYSICAL ADDRESS _________________________________________ _________________________________________ WEDDING DATE : _________________________________________ TODAY’S DATE : _________________________________________ Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of the signed contract and payment.

Venue Hire Min Guest booked Max Guest Booked

Please note that these prices exclude VAT
Jan 2010 – April 2010 May 2010 – August 2010 September 2010 – December 2010 Friday evening 2010

8000-00 7000-00 9000-00 7000-00
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80 80 80 80

140 140 140 140

Saturday Morning Jan – Aug 2010 Sep – Dec 2010

6000-00 7000-00

80 80

140 140

All wedding packages include the following          Tables, Chairs, Cutlery and Crockery Linen tablecloths and serviettes Champagne and Wine glasses A Cake Table and Cake Knife A easel for table seating plan Exclusive use of the Chapel and Reception venue for the day Honeymoon suite Staff to set up before and clean up after the function. Function co-ordinators and supervisors

All Wedding packages exclude the following 1. Décor: o Overlays o Flowers o Draping & Fairy lights o Chair covers Mobile Disco or any other entertainment Any sound system including in the Chapel Menus, Table numbers and guest list Detail on the tables (name cards, thank you presents)

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Menu 1 Evening

Please note that these prices exclude VAT
R195 per person Wedding Cake as dessert served with ice cream and fruit salad or fruit kebabs Chocolate fountain as dessert with : Wafers, Turkish Delight, Nougat, marshmallows, etc. A choice of 2 from the dessert menu Wedding Cake as dessert
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R220 per person


R240 per person Brunch R180 per person

If the menu does not meet with your approval, custom-made menus can be requested to suit your needs. Starters (Select 1) Spring rolls served with mild sweet chilli sauce Ripe avocado mouse on a bed of butter lettuce accompanied by prime cut biltong Slice of pancake with tuna and spinach Spinach roulade with creamy ham filling Shrimp/Tuna cocktail on a bed of lettuce Rainbow fish mouse with cucumber sauce Haddock salad towers with a herbal yoghurt dressing Chicken liver and herb terrine served with apple, celery, raisin and nut salad Philo baskets with chunky Biltong mouse Beef or chicken pockets with herbal creamy sauce Scrunches smoked salmon with caper and cream cheese Bilton/Butternut/Sweetcorn soup Roasts (Select 2) *Karoo lamb roasted with lemon and black pepper - served with mint jelly Sticky fingers spare ribs Roast beef with a rich barbecue sauce Oven baked chicken in a tangy paprika and chutney sauce Old fashioned chicken pie with flaky pastry and sun dried tomatoes Beef roll stuffed with bacon and fruit *Country style pork neck served with a sweet mustard sauce *Roast sirloin of beef served with black mushroom and brandy sauce Chicken or beef Cordon Bleu Roasted pork chops with apple sauce Cape style Bobotie Beef Stroganoff Biltong potjie *Venison Pie
*Should you choose any of the marked Roast there will be additional costs

Starch (Select 1) Steamed rice with chopped fried vegetables and an assortment of herbs and spices A combination of white and wild steamed rice Yellow Rice with raisins Potatoes (Select 1) Jacket potatoes tossed in olive oil and herbs Fried sliced potatoes and sautéed onions Traditional roast potatoes Potato cheese bake Spicy Mashed potatoes with chick peas

Vegetables (Select 1) Assortment of steamed young baby vegetables tossed in pure farm butter Green bean fritters Mixed vegetables in cheese sauce Mini frittatas with butternut and feta Mediterranean vegetables Creamed spinach with mushrooms Broccoli and cauliflower in white sauce
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Roasted tomatoes and peppers (Select 1) Pumpkin fritters in a caramel sauce Sweet potatoes with ginger biscuits Pumpkin pie with caramel sauce Glazed baby carrots in orange juice Sweet corn soufflé Salads (Select 1) Mozzarella cheese with a slice of tomato drizzled with olive oil Garden salad Greek salad Potato salad with tangy mayonnaise Banana and yoghurt salad Mediterranean salad Dessert (Select 2) Cheesecake with fruity topping Layered peppermint mousse Delicious chocolate/mango/caramel/strawberry mousse with liqueur Chocolate éclairs Banoffi Lime & coconut tartlets Granadilla custard slices Romany cream delight Toffee fudge tart with macadamia nuts Black forest truffle Heavenly apple pie Old Cape brandy tart with dates and nuts Malva pudding with lavender cream Chocolate brownies

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All desserts served with Tropical fruit salad and vanilla custard Ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce Coffee and Tea Extra to menu Extra vegetables - R12 p.p. Extra meat dish – R30 p.p. Extra salad - R10 p.p. Extra dessert - R15 p.p. Extra cheese platter – R20 p.p. Hors D'oeuvres – R20.00 p.p. (After the ceremony while guests wait for bride and groom to return from photo's) Cocktails – R20 p.p Cherry – R10 p.p

Kindly note that the menu is a guideline and can be interchanged with other traditional options subject to seasonal availability.

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