Fruit Pies by chenboying


									Fruit Pies 9” $15.99, 8” $10.99 6” $6.00, Slice $3.25 * denotes Seasonal Pricing Fruit Cream Apple Apple Cranberry Apple Cheddar Strussal Apple Praline $16.99 Apple Rhubarb Apple Cherry Dutch Apple Dutch Caramel Apple Apple Raspberry $16.99 Caramel Apple Caramel Apple Pecan $16.99 Caramel Apple Walnut $16.99 Apple Blueberry Harvest (apple, cranberry, raisin) Apple Blackberry Blackberry Blueberry $16.99 Black Raspberry * Blue – Cherry Blueberry Peach Crumb Creamy Blueberry $16.99 Blue Razz $16.99 Blue Rhuby Bumble (apple strawberry raspberry rhubarb blueberry blackberry) $16.99 Door County Cherries Berry Cherry (cherry, blueberry, raspberry) $16.99 Indian Summer (blueberry blackberry cherry) $16.99 Cherry Crumb Cherry Peach Cherry Almond Chocolate Cherry Cherry Raspberry $16.99 Cherry Rhubarb Cranberry Cranberry Blueberry Cranberry Peach Cranberry Apricot Raisin Fresh Raspberry $16.99 Raspberry Crumb $16.99 Hot Day (blackberry and Raspberry) Fresh Rhubarb $16.99 Red , White and Blue (cherry, apple, blueberry) Rhubarb Custard Berry Rhubarb (rhubarb, blackberry, raspberry) $16.99 Verry Berry (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry) $16.99 Oklahoma Style Peach (custard) Peach Peach Crumb Peach Raspberry $16.99 Pear * Fresh Strawberry (single crust) Strawberry Pie (dbl pastry crust) Strawberry Rhubarb Strawberry Shortcake Pie Strawberry Mango * Chess (lemon Custard) Buttermilk Custard Apple Custard Coconut Custard Custard Cherry Custard Pear Bread Pudding w/ Caramel Sauce $17.49 Fruits of the Forest (fruit version) $16.99 (Peach, pear, apple, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple)

Cream Pies 9” $16.99, 8” 11.99 6” $7.50, Slice $3.35 “10 glass pans $19.99 – $21.99 ( + $3 deposit) Cream Pies Banana Cream Banana Apricot Cream $17.99 Coconut Banana Cream Chocolate Banana Cream Chocolate Coconut Banana Cream Coconut Cream Chocolate Cream Chocolate Coconut Cream Banana Split Cream $17.49 Fudge Bottom Black Bottom Custard Strawberry N’ Cream Pumpkin $16.99 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip $16.99 Pumpkin Chess $16.99 Pumpkin Surprise (layer of Cheesecake) $17.99 Pumpkin Surprise w/ Chocolate $17.99 Pumpkin Pecan / praline $17.49 Cherry N’ Cream Dutch Apple Pumpkin Blueberry Lemon Cheese Pie Butterscotch Cream Butterscotch Banana Cream White Chocolate Banana Cream Caramel Pie Chocolate Chess Dutch Apple N’Cream Peanut Butter Silk Peanut Butter Cup French Silk Raspberry Silk S’mores Cream Pie Turtle Cream Pie $17.49 Blackforest Cream Pie Grasshopper Sour Cream Raisin Chocolate Raspberry Cream Chocolate Cherry Cream

Egg Nog Custard * Key Lime Coconut Rum key Lime Rhubarb Merinque Specialty Pies Prices Vary. As marked 9”, 8” and 6” ,glass pan and Slice Special Order , 24 hour notice Specialty Pies & Nut Pies Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut $22.99 Chocolate Cashew * $21.99 Gooey Chocolate Caramel $17.49 Chocolate Caramel Pecan Silk $21.99 Mud Pie $16.99 Brownie Pie $16.99 German Chocolate $17.49 HillBilly Pie $16.99 Mocha Fudge $18.99 Chocolate Pecan $17.49 Pecan $17.49 Mocha Pecan $17.49 Bourbon Spiked Pecan $18.99 Lemon Pecan $17.49 Lemon Merinque $18.00 Pineapple Macadamia Cream $18.00 Pineapple Pecan Cream $17.49 Cranberry Walnut $17.49 Chocolate Malt $17.49 Sweet Potato $16.99 Peppery Sweet Potato $16.99 Raisin Walnut $17.49 Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie $15.99 Strawberry Maragarita Pie $18.00 Pink Lemonade Pie $16.99 Walnut Rum $17.49 Cherry Almond Coffeecake Pie $16.99 Chocolate Lava Pies $17.99 White Russian Pie $19.99 Lemon Sponge Pie $16.99 Crème Brulee Pie $17.99 Fruits of the Forest (nut version) $21.99 Molasses Walnut Pie $17.49 Cheesecake Pies $18.99 (any flavor you can dream of we can make!!)

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