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                     Chowk, New
                     Delhi, India            a
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    Explore Uttarakhand –                      Uttarakhand, 27 state of India, with a population of almost 10,116,752 people is divided into 13 districts. All districts are
    Land Of God During                         attached to the Himalayas with some renowned pilgrimage sites and hiking routes, which make billions every year or rupees.
    North India Tour
    8 h o u r s a g o (0 c o mme nts )         It will be your most sensible decision to trust your travel agent completely for planning and organiz ing our trips Uttarakhand
    Snow Skiing – A Thrilling                  .i.e. UK. For it might be your first visit to the country and our 16 day trip itinerary included a visit to Berinag, a place you had
    Adventure Sports                           not heard of either searching the web provided much information about this heaven of a place. By the very name you will be
    Ye s te r d a y 2 :4 8 :a m (0             excited all about the journey like from where to start and how to begin. Apart from national parks and sanctuaries which
    c o mme nts )
                                               attract thousands of tourists throughout the year, the famous shrines and temples bring millions of pilgrims since time
    Explore Binsar Wildlife                    immemorial. People all over the world visit these shrines, mainly to pay tribute to our Hindu gods and goddesses as our
    Sanctuary                                  ancient Indian culture. During summer season this religious places are opened to devotees and they come here is great
    Ye s te r d a y 2 :1 7:a m (0
    c o mme nts )
                                               number to seek the blessings of the almighty God.
    Why Hire Team Building
                                               Not only this, UK is the first name that comes in the mouth of all adventurers lovers. Trekking routes in Uttarakhand are
    Ye s te r d a y 2 :1 3:a m (0
                                               classified in section easy, moderate and vigorous. Walks are able to entertain both amateur and professional, and trekker.
    c o mme nts )                              People all over the world visit here hiking and exploring the hidden gems of “Land of the Gods” i.e. UK and walk the roads
    Rishikesh – Perfect                        less traveled. A person realiz es about being yourself and nature of life, when he / she is hiking. There are numerous hiking
    Weekend Gateway From                       trails in here lead to different towns, temples, lakes, glaciers and waterfalls. Trekking destinations are conserved and perfect
    Delhi                                      places of here, which are far from the crowds of the frustration of the people. The far- flung destination has played a crucial
    Ye s te r d a y 1 :4 1 :a m (0             role in the conservation of their beauteousness. Plan a trip trail to the exquisiteness of the state if you are a nature lover and
    c o mme nts )                              seeking tranquility. Most of the hot els in Ut t arakhand are located in scenic location which gives you a relaxing fell at the
  View All Blogs                               very first look.

                                               People who want to spend their vacations in the adventure of searching routes and there are countless trekking destinations
                                               such interest that not only the charm our eyes with its scenic beauty, but also refresh our souls. Since time immoral people
                                            such interest that not only the charm our eyes with its scenic beauty, but also refresh our souls. Since time immoral people
                                            have been trekking through the dense forests and Snowy Mountain passes to reach Roop Kund, Pindari glacier- Kafni-
                                            Sundardunga, Gaumukh- Badrinath via Kalindi Pass, Hemkund Sahib- Valley of Flowers National Park Sangla Valley via
                                            Rupin Garhwal pass. Apart from the shrines and temples of Hindu gods and goddesses, TALS and glaciers are the main
                                            attractions of this paradise this are the main sources of various rivers of northern India. If you are really interested to know
                                            about India and its natural beauty, these are the best places to do that. There are number of religious places here namely
                                            Char Dham, holy Panch Prayag, Lord Shiva's Panch Kedar, Lord Vishnu's Panch Badri and numerous other renowned
                                            temples are situated here. Regarding lodging facilities you need not worry for their number of resorts and Hot els in
                                            Joshimat h and other tourist places of Uttarakhand.

                                            Himalayanecolodges is a leading travel industry. They offers different hotel packages like Hot els Ut t arakhand , hotels
                                            Joshimath. Find more information visit: http://www.himalayanecolodges.com/

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