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									Adventure Tour To Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a northeastern state of India which is famous for its supreme natural beauty. The state
cover s up various hills and is also known as the abode of clouds. Meghalaya is one of the most scenic
states of India and it attracts large numbers of tourist especially for those who are in seek out
adventures. There are a variety of things to do in Meghalaya tours filled with fun and adventures. You
can experience and enjoy a lot of attractions when it comes to adventure: trekking, waterfalls ,biking,
camping, caving and boating.


Meghalaya tour is a perfect destination for trekking. And it is known to be a paradise for trekkers. You
can find a wonderful and scenic trekking routes, which will make your trekking experience the most
memorable. While trekking you will bypass the gorgeous green hills, rivers and waterfalls. Some of the
best trekking routes are Mawlyngot, Smit, Pynursla and Weiloi.


Through Meghalaya tours You can also enjoy boating with paddle boats, row boats, cruise boats and
sailing boats. One must obviously have a boating experience in the big reservoir of Umiam Hydro Electric
Project, Umiam.

Caving :

Caving is one of the major adventure providing activity existing in Meghalaya tours. Tourist from all over
the world visit Meghalaya for caving. Some of the important caves that you must explore are Siju,
Mawsmai, Mawsynram, Syndai etc. Caves are found in almost all the districts of the state makes up
plenty of natural beauty of Meghalaya.

Camping and Biking:

Meghalaya is also a perfect place for biking and camping holidays. This state also provides wonderful
opportunities for all the adventure lovers to camp and biking.


Angling is one of the favorite sports in the state of Meghalaya. The major site for Meghalaya tours
angling is Ranikor. This place offers a huge natural beauty with numerous fresh water fish like the carp,
Ranikor. It offers a Meghalaya tours an interest in adventure sports, a superb place for angling at


Golfing is one of the main sports of the north-eastern state of Meghalaya. It is facilitated by the golf
course, which is llocated in Shillong at a very picturesque place. This golf course is the main spot of
practicing golfing in Meghalaya.

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