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Apple announced the iPhone 5 on Sept. 12 in San Francisco. The new smartphone features a 4-inch
display, 4G LTE, 1080p HD video quality, 720p HD front-facing video, Panoramic photos, a new
Lightening connector and EarPods.
Similarly, the impact of the new phone's thinner profile isn't terribly noticeable compared with the
iPhone 4S. What is dramatic is the new phone’s weight; it’s 3.95 ounces, almost an ounce less than the
iPhone 4S's 4.9 ounces, and feels every bit lighter
Apple's newest smartphone has gotten mixed reviews since its launch. Customers have complained
about the lack of Google Maps, purple light flares and scratched phones out of the box. In light of those
complaints, it is still considered a phenomenal smartphone by many reviewers.

Consumer Reports says that Apple's new smartphone is "the best iPhone yet." The report cites the
larger 4-inch display, slim body, light weight and 4G LTE as some of the highlights of the iPhone 5. The
agency also said that, aside from the Nokia 808's 41-megapixel camera, the iPhone 5's camera is the
best seen on a smartphone.

Consumer Reports does admit that there are some issues with the phone. Apple Maps "fell short" of
expectations, when compared with other navigation apps. However, the agency still recommends the
iPhone 5. It’s much faster to load content, as expected. Camera, which allows you to take a 240-degree,
wide-angle still image. It worked well, and comparably to similar features now found on Android
phones. One quibble: The feature only works in portrait model, and there’s no alert when you shoot in
landscape—which can mean some trial and error when you shoot your first panoramic shot.In the US,
the recommended retail price for the 16GB iPhone 5 is US$199 with a two-year contract or US$650
without one.

 The iPhone 5 runs on iOS 6, which can also run on the iPhone 3GS and later models, the iPod Touch 4th
and 5th generations, the iPad 2 and the new iPad. The most notable feature is a new maps app. Previous
Apple operating systems used Google maps. But iOS 6 runs its own maps, which provide turn-by-turn
navigation as well as traffic information. While the maps app's functionality seems good, map
inaccuracies have already been well-documented. Improvements will undoubtedly be made as was the
case with Google maps. Until then, just add maps.google.co.nz as a web app on your home screen Just
like the last two iPhones.

The iPhone 5 is also readily equipped to service your connectivity needs, with a few extras. With the
addition of LTE support, the iPhone 5 can support 4G speeds if and when you can find it. And naturally,
you can still easily fall back on the good old 3G and EDGE when required. Wi-Fi with the ability to create
a personal hotspot is also on board along with Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP support. Apple is still restricting
Bluetooth file transfer; however, iOS6 does include Bluetooth sharing to a small extent via the Privacy
option in the Settings menu. It’s designed to work with a few third party apps for a variety of purposes
like multiplayer games and transferring certain details between compatible apps. Thanks to this
persistent closed-off way of thinking, features like Wi-Fi file transfer will also probably be kept at bay for
a while longer. For some reason, Apple has also chosen to leave out NFC from the iPhone 5’s make up.

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