Visit New York on a Budget with Chinatown Buses by christerrodi


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									                    Visit New York on a Budget with Chinatown Buses
Are you going to visit the Big Apple and wish to see the city in all its charm that too on a limited budget?

The best and cheapest way to see this vibrant city in its glamour is by taking a bus tour. I have visited
New York several times and still love to travel around the city by taking cheap bus ticket New York. It
offers a great travelling experience that too within the budget.

New York is one place that has a lot to offer to people from all walks of life. Museums, art galleries,
cafes, theatres, MNC’s fashion, architecture, parks you name it you have it.

Some of the famous landmarks include Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, the
Rockefeller Centre to name a few. The five boroughs, Little Italy, Little India, Greenwich Village, and
Chinatown are also places where you would find an amalgamation of culture in the city itself.

These are only a few known places but New York offers much more than this. It is not easy to discover
the whole of New York on your own so to enjoy it to the fullest, hop on a bus and leave the rest to the
tour organizers.
Although many bus services are available but to enjoy within a budget, Chinatown buses are the best
option. They do not offer many amenities but will provide you the experience worth your money. The
Chinatown bus schedule would let you know about the tours they operate and even offer
transportation to other cities by offering cheap bus ticket New York.

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