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									Our Country is Safer Because of YOU                    Government Job Preferences
You were called and you went, and our
country is all more secure and free because of
                                                           and State Benefits
                                                  A 30% or higher VA disability rating, or a
                                                                                                       Welcome Home
your selfless service, courage, and sacrifices.   Purple Heart Medal, qualifies you for a lifetime
As America's veterans of many wars and
much combat, we are very proud of you and
                                                  10-point government job preference for many
                                                  federal and state agency jobs. For federal jobs,
stand ready to support you in any way we can.
Our Chapters will welcome you home and into
                                                  you use the Standard Form (SF) 15 with your
                                                  application to provide proof of disability or a      THANK YOU
their care.                                       Purple Heart Medal award.
When you make a transition from the military      Veterans with less than a 30% disability rating
                                                  have a lifetime 5-point government job
                                                                                                      for Your Service
status, your new veteran status gives you
access to many benefits and entitlements. Our     preference. Written proof of service is required
National Service Program (NSP) and its            with your job application. State benefits and
National Service Officers (NSOs) will provide     government job preferences for veterans are
you with:                                         at
 • Counseling on your benefits from a variety
   of government sources                                  Assistance with Appeals
 • Help with filing claims for disability                 of VA Claims Decisions
 • Assistance with entering the VA health         You have the right to appeal a VA decision on
   care system                                    your claim for benefits within one year from the
                                                  date on your VA notification. You may represent
Yes, we are here to help you, and our services    yourself or have an NSO, other approved agent,
cost you nothing. Don't try to go it alone. Let   or attorney represent you. NSO representation is
us help you and guide you. After all, we have     free. Attorney’s fee may be up to 20% of your
been there too.                                   disputed claim’s value. For further information,
                                                                                                       The Military Order of the
      Help with Military Transition
If you are leaving military service, only a
                                                  please see
                                                                                                       Purple Heart
Transition Service Officer (TSO) from the           E-mail or call for help or questions
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) or                                                                              and
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is allowed to
help you during the transition and represent                                                           MOPH Service Foundation
you with a signed Power of Attorney (POA).
National Service Officers from all Veterans
Service Organizations are not allowed to
assist you until after you are discharged. ALL
Service Officer support is free. We, who meet
you, are not professionals, but we can refer
you to professional help when needed.

       Welcome Home and
 THANK YOU for Your SERVICE                       We appreciate your tax-deductible donations.
                                                      All information is current as of Summer 2012.
                                                                  New Post 9/11                          Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs)
   Some Initial and Practical Advice                             GI Bill Summary                       American Legion
                                                                                                       (202) 861-2700 •
1- Keep good copies of ALL your medical            These provisions are all effective on August 1,
   records, especially from the date of your       2009. For 36 months of active service on or         Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
   first injury or wound in combat. You have a     after 11 Sep 2001, or for 30 days service and a     (202) 554-3501 •
   right to these medical records, and, in fact,   service connected disability discharge, you are     Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
   you should keep your own Medical 201 file.      eligible for 36 months tuition and assistance for   (212) 982-9699 •
   These records will be very important for you    up to 15 years after retirement or an honorable
   in pursuing any claim with the VA.              discharge. Lesser benefits are available for        Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)
                                                   shorter periods of service. After 10 years of       1-888-668-1656 •
2- The VA provides assistance to veterans          active duty service, a person may transfer          Veterans Vocational Technical Institute
   and their eligible dependents and survivors     tuition to an eligible spouse or dependent child.   1-800-274-9772 (M-F 10 AM – 6 PM Eastern Time)
   in all states through a variety of programs                                                (MOPH Foundation Program)
   available in medical centers, clinics, or vet   For more information and details:
   centers. Major military hospitals have VA       DVA Education Customer Service Office               Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
   Liaison Officers assisting seriously injured    1-888-442-4551 (7 AM – 7 PM Central Time)           1-800-VFW-1899 (839-1899) •
   Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with their, and/or,        NOTE: Some VSOs may require membership
   military to VA transition.                      and/or                or give service priority to their members.
                                                                                                       MOPH provides free service to ALL
3- You can help resolve any dispute with your           Other Educational Assistance                   veterans. Membership is NOT required.
   unit about the facts of your wound or injury
   by sending an e-mail inquiry to your unit,      Many schools offer military and veterans tuition                    Military and VA
   regardless of where it is located. We can       rates. A Purple Heart Medal qualifies you for       Veterans Crisis Hotline (Suicide Prevention)
   help with senior officer follow up assistance   free tuition at many universities and colleges,     1-800-273-8255 •
   if needed.                                      on a state-by-state and school-by-school            Veterans, press 1. Family, listen for options.
                                                                                                       National Resource Directory
         Special License Plates                                                              
                                                   Some military and veterans groups offer
All states have military, veteran, and Purple      scholarships and grants to military service         Military OneSource
Heart license plates. Many states have plates      members, veterans, and their families. Purple       1-800-342-9647 •
for combat veterans and some military awards.      Heart recipients, their spouses, children, and
                                                   grandchildren are eligible for scholarships from    DCoE for Psychological Health and TBI
The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in                                                              1-866-966-1020 •
your state may require a copy of your orders       the MOPH.
or other proof of military service and award.
                                                   Many states provide tuition assistance or           Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline
                                                   waivers to military service members, veterans,      1-800-984-8523 •
                                                   and their families. Check with your state and
                                                   school of interest on an individual basis, and      Vets4Warriors (National Guard, Reserves, Families)
                                                   ask about available assistance programs.            1-855-838-8255 •
                                                                                                       Marine for Life Program
                                                   Free information about military and veteran         1-866-645-8762 •
                                                   friendly schools and scholarship is available at
                                              VA Benefits and Programs
                                                                              1-800-827-1000 •

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