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									Is Responsive Web Design beneficial or not?
Responsive Web Design in Los Angeles (LA) has changed the way of designing websites or web
applications. It has made it easy for the web designers to design websites for multiple remote
devices with an optimal viewing experience. However, this amazing style has its own set of
pros and cons, that one should keep in mind while planning to opt for it.

Before spending your precious time and money into the responsive web design, let’s have a
look at these pros & cons which will help you take a right decision for your venture:


   •    It is quite beneficial to have a single website which works smoothly on all screen sizes &
       devices because it then becomes easy to maintain your website later on.
   •   One of the major issues in designing websites is that the end user is possibly going to
       share the URL and it is not always possible that a user uses the same device to browse
       your website, through which the link was shared. This results in a poor visual
       appearance of the website, but a responsive website design efficiently gets rid of this.
   •   It happens more often that we avoid using a web browser in a full screen view while
       surfing a website. This makes it difficult for users to see the website in its original form,
       instead they use horizontal or vertical scroll bars to navigate within a website. However,
       with a responsive design, you can be hassle free from the use of scroll bars.

   •   Very much complex to design a responsive website as it requires a lot of time and effort
       from the Los Angeles based web designers.
   •   A poor browser compatibility issue with HTML5 & CSS3.
   •   Poor loading time is a big problem as a responsive design approach needs additional
       calls to the server due to its poor browser & platform compatibility. Moreover, resizing
       of various media elements also increases the page loading time of a website by using
       this approach. Image resizing could result in an interruption of the ad campaigns.

It is absolutely crucial to know the advantages & disadvantages before going to a responsive
custom website design since it helps you to take an apt decision regarding the appearance &
feel associated with your website. Digital firm like 337design, a US based company, makes sure
to look at all the perspectives before creating a responsive web design for clients which helps
them to reap the benefits in the form of visitors turning into prospective customers.

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