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AMD Going for Mobile

Early reports on AMD’s latest processor (code-named Palomino) are out.
This processor, which has a 37-million transistor core,
 will be called the Athlon 4 and marks AMD’s first serious performance
product for mobile computing products. Athlon 4 will initially
 come in four speeds: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 950 MHz and 1 GHz for mobile
computers. According to AMD, Compaq will probably become the first
PC manufacturer to offer the Athlon 4, in its Presario notebook. The
mobile version of the Athlon 4 will feature AMD’s PowerNow! technology,
allows the processor to dynamically change its clock speed and operating
voltage depending on the applications and demands on the CPU.
The 1 GHz Athlon 4 will make use of the PowerNow! technology to scale
from 500 MHz to 1 GHz and run at voltages of 1.2 V to 1.4 V. This
 technolgy is AMD’s answer to Intel’s SpeedStep technology, which
made the Pentium III processors extremely popular with laptop and
manufacturers. Also being launched is the mobile Duron, which is based on
the Morgan core. This will constitute AMD’s value solution for mobile
 computers. The desktop version of the Athlon 4 is expected go up against
the Pentium 4 sometime later this year.

Nokia Playing With Linux Consoles

Nokia has announced its plans to introduce a Linux-based home
entertainment console. The Media Terminal will be able to function
 as a video game player, MP3 digital music player, Web browser, digital
TV recorder and digital TV set-top box. It will compete
with Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox in what’s becoming an
increasingly crowded space. The development platform for the
 games on this device will probably be the popular platform- independent
OpenGL system. This would also give Nokia access to a
 large existing base of gaming software titles and game development
expertise. Rickard Nelger, head of the Nokia Home Communications
 group, says that they have made the hardware an open design so anyone
else can make a clone or compatible product. This makes it
look like Nokia plans on using the Open Source approach for both the
hardware (x86 architecture) and the software on this device.
Whether this is a viable solution, only time will tell.

Yahoo! Changes Its Mind In Hurry

Never underestimate the power of your audience. Especially if the
innocence of their children is at stake.Web portal Yahoo! learnt
this the hard way. Under pressure to develop new sources of
revenue,Yahoo! succumbed to offering a broad selection of adult material,
 including porn videos and DVDs, through its popular shopping service.
“We’re hard and fast on being the largest enabler of commerce on the
Web,― said Jeff
Mallett, Yahoo!’s president and chief executive officer.“We have
chosen to offer adult-oriented content as part of that,― he added.
But parents visiting the popular portal would have none of it. “The
very real danger is that our children will have the very real
 possibility to be exposed to pornographic material,― a statement from
the California-based Capitol Resource Institute said.“This
is not appropriate and must not go unchallenged.― Faced with a barrage
of customer complaints and boycott threats, Yahoo! soon
 changed its tunes. Two days after Mallett took the ‘enabler of
commerce’ stand, Yahoo! announced that it would no longer sell
 adult-related products in its Web site’s shopping, auctions and
classifieds areas. Moral of the story: Don’t mess with parents.

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