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					Cold drinks sales Systems

                            ARTIC             ARTIC

                                    See manual:
                                               Artic 272
                                               Artic 510
                                               Artic Agua
                                    See technical characteristics
One of the most used functions for Vending
machines is the public packaged cold drinks
sales as refreshments cans and bottles.                ARTIC
Reason why in any sales point including a
machine of these characteristics is crucial.

      If in addition we consider the great number
      of cold drinks brands and the enormous
      demand that many of these generate, the
      capacity and variety that we are able to offer
      to the consumer is definitive at the time of
      obtaining the Maximum profits from our
      Vending machines.
For that purpose JOFEMAR has
created the ARTIC series, a cold
drinks vending machines range
adaptable to any can and plastic                         ARTIC
bottle size with great product load
                          As always all the robustness
                          that characterizes JOFEMAR
                          machines, with the most
                          advanced      technology      in
                          payment systems, have been
                          used    for    the    successful
                          construction of this models, the
                          best option at the time of
                          offering cold drinks in public
The models are differenced by the channels
number that contains to store products, to
adapt the channels to the different products
sizes available in the market, a wide kits
range is offered.                                      ARTIC

                        The Artic 272 and 510 are designed for
                        the Standard cans and bottles sizes
                        meanwhile the Artic Agua is designed
                        for the sale of bigger bottles.


                        TOTAL CANS
Artic 272    8 (x2)     272
Artic 510    10 (x3)    510

Artic Agua   2          76 (1.5L Bottles)


The Artic machines are built in 1.5mm thick
steel treated against corrosion with an outer        ARTIC
painting layer and counts with a safety lock in
three anchorage points

      In JOFEMAR we know that a fundamental
      element in Vending machines construction
      is the security since machines often will be
      exposed to the public without any security,
      reason why, avoid any type of external
      manipulation is one of the requirements that
      JOFEMAR machines accomplish in all its
Product channels and selections

Within the Artic
machines cabin, the    For the Standard can
                       format (33 cL capacity)      ARTIC
product is stored in
vertical channels in   in the base of each
which kits can be      channel is placed the
incorporated for the   cradle, consisting in a
different formats in   extraction cylinder with
which cold drinks      diverse          openings
come packed.           depending if the channel
                       is double or triple and
                       when a selection is made
                       it turns leaving only pass
                       one can to the collection
In the Artic 272, 8 channels for 7
selection keys can be included so two
of these channels will be due to be
united to a same selection key, or      ARTIC
these two channels also could be
united mechanically to form a single
 Kits codes and installation manuals for the
 channels adaptation to special sizes products
 in Artic 272 machines
Cans: Diameter 66mm and         ET-P02V01-04
Bottles: 50CL. Ø>62mm           ET-P02V01-05

Cans: Ø=53mm. L=135mm           ET-P02V01-06

Cans: Ø=66mm. L=126mm           ET-P02V01-07

Water bottles: 50CL. Ø<62mm. ET-P02V01-08

Bottles: 33CL. Y Ø<60mm.        ET-P02V01-09
In the Artic 510, 10 products channels can
be included related to 8 selection kits, 4 of
this channels could be united to two
selection keys or be mechanically united
by couples to the same extraction motor.
Kits Codes and installation manuals for the
channels adaptation to special sizes products in
Artic Agua machines

 Bottles diameter: 66mm y L<126mm           ET-P02V02-05 ARTIC
 Water bottles: 150CL                       ET-P02V02-06
 Bottles: 50CL. Ø>62mm                      ET-P02V02-07
 Bottles: 50CL. Ø<62mm                      ET-P02V02-08
 Water bottles: 33CL. 55>Ø<57mm. L<189mm.   ET-P02V02-09
 Water bottles: 33CL. 57>Ø<60mm. L<189mm.   ET-P02V02-10
 Water bottles: 33CL. Ø>60mm. L<189mm.      ET-P02V02-11
 Bottles: 50CL. Ø>65mm                      ET-P02V02-12
 Bottles: 50CL. Ø<65mm                      ET-P02V02-13
 Bottles: 53>Ø<60mm                         ET-P02V02-14
 Cans: Ø=53mm. L=135mm                      ET-P02V02-15
 Cans: Ø=66mm. L>126mm                      ET-P02V02-16
In the Artic Agua machines as they are
prepared for standard packing sizes two
products channels are incorporated each
one united to a selection key.            ARTIC
Kits Codes and installation manuals for the
channels adaptation to special sizes products in
Artic Agua machines

  Características de la máquina    ET-P13-01
  Panel publicitario               ET-P13-02
  Venta de botellas de 1’5 litro   ET-P13-03
  Advertising Panel

In the Artic machines door outer part is the front
panel, is illuminated by fluorescent lamps so
accomplish the function of attracting public and     ARTIC
simultaneously can be used to insert any
advertising motive.

 Model           Height           Width
 Artic 272       1.688 mm         560 mm
 Artic 510       1705 mm          734 mm
 Artic Agua      1688 mm          620 mm
Programming System
In the Artic, prices programming and channels
union is made with the frontal keyboard and the
programming button in the inner door part, with
this we will accede to the different programming
directions and with the frontal keyboard we will
define in each one of the directions the wished
options as language, channels union, prices by
product etc...
Besides this method the
programming can be made
via card reader integrated or
as portable terminal, we will
be able to record the wished    ARTIC
configuration in a 32K card
and transfer it to the
machine in seconds, by
laptop computer connecting
it directly to the machine
serial port, or by telephone
line if this option has been
built in we will be able to
program the machine from
our work place.
Coin acceptance

The ARTIC has an integrated compact coin
changer prepared to admit MDB and
Executive communication protocol, with         ARTIC
five return tubes, exact accounting control,
programmed to delay to the maximum the
out of change selecting the correct coin to
return at every moment.
The coin validator is
equipped      with    several
security systems as two
anti-thread sensors and
diverse sensors that analyze                         ARTIC
all     the     legal    coin
programmed parameters to
obtain a complete rejection
of the false one.
                    In addition its advanced anti-
                    blockage system avoids the
                    coins jamming in the tubes
                    entrance which could leave
                    out of service the device.

Jofemar payment systems are designed as the
most complete and reliable in the market
obtaining thanks to the investigation and
development department dairy work the highest
reliability in coin payment.
Electrical power suply:
Electric network: 220 +/- 10% VAC


 Model           Maximum       Maximum
                 power (W)     intensity (A)
 Artic 272       600           10
 Artic 510       600           10
 Artic Agua      600           10
Cooling unit

The Artic machines product container is a
thermally isolated cabin where the
channels, the evaporator and the ventilator      ARTIC
of the cooling unit are built in. In the cabin
inferior part is located the cooling unit
made up of a compressor and a refrigerator,
the temperature control is made by means
of a thermostat in which the temperature
can be selected to vary between 0 and 7


Model              Height   Width   Depth   Weight
                   mm       mm      mm      Kg
Artic   unpacked   1780     725     530     210
272     Packed     1875     735     565     235
Artic   unpacked   1923     910     805     340
510     Packed     1930     1020    865     365
Artic   unpacked   1780     785     530     220
Agua    Packed     1875     795     565     245

 Ground flour anchorage Kit for Artic 510 machines

In many cases in which machines Artic 510 are
installed in exterior places without no security, to                         ARTIC
avoid the taking away of the machine set, a
complete anchorage Kit to the ground is
available to the operator with which the machine
will be totally immobilized in its position.

     It is possible to choose between the direct anchorage
     of the machine to the floor and anchorage on the
     wood legs that serve as base, their codes are:
        Kit of direct anchorage to the ground: 9050090
        Kit of anchorage on wood legs: 905091

For installation instructions of these Kits consult document: ET-p02v02-04

A public telephone designed by
JOFEMAR can be integrated with
the ICE-PLUS.                           ARTIC
This offers advantages for the
consumers using the machine and
will increase profitability by
offering this service to the public.
The telephone modem can be used
to access the machine for
programming and telemetry to
monitor operations, inventory, and
sales results, cash/coin supply data,
and operating status for service and
restocking frequency.
Card reader

In the Artic machines the card reader works
under MDB protocol, so the reader to           ARTIC
incorporate will have be the PROTON MDB
and will be used for credit discount.

   The Advanced JOFEMAR card readers
   serve in addition as external programming
   elements for accounting extraction.
 Bill reader

Adding a bill reader will depend on products to
be sold and prices to be set.                     ARTIC

      The new JOFEMAR bill reader is
      designed for perfect recognition of all
      bills programmed. It is an MDB device
      and is fully compatible with any of our

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