; Joint Effort Marketing Opens New Office in Portland
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Joint Effort Marketing Opens New Office in Portland


Joint Effort Marketing announces the opening of their new office in Portland, Oregon along with 5 other offices around the country in the first quarter.

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									          Joint Effort Marketing Opens New Office in Portland
Portland, OR January 10, 2013

One of the fastest growing Search Engine Optimization firms, Cincinnati-based Joint Effort
Marketing announced the opening of a new office in Portland, OR at 5320 SW Macadam Ave. In
addition they reported that their year-end revenues were up 197% over 2011 revenues.

Founder and CEO Chuck Caine attributes the growth to the high level of return of investment
that his firm delivers for his clients and adds that his very high retention rate helps in the
growth of the company. “Joint Effort Marketing believes very strongly that an SEO marketing
budget should be considered a return on investment and not an expense line,”” Chuck reports.
“Therefore once our clients see results, they invest more.”

Joint Effort Marketing is adding their Portland SEO firm to the video operation that already
operates in Portland. “Video has been a very successful method for us to cause visitors to
become customers on websites by quickly explaining products and services. Nobody wants to
read anymore” says Chuck, “and video takes complicated ideas and makes them simple.”

Joint Effort Marketing has established itself as a national leader in web traffic marketing and
includes services such as web design, Search Engine Optimization, PPC management, social
media marketing, infographics, and animated videos.

Chuck’s team has over 100 years of marketing experience between them. He grew into web
marketing from the print business and has used that experience to serve his clients very nicely.

Five new offices will be added in the first quarter of 2013. Joining their original Cincinnati SEO
location will be offices for Portland SEO, Dallas SEO, Denver SEO, Atlanta SEO, and Chicago SEO.

Joint Effort Marketing is a full service web traffic marketing firm and is available for a free
consultation at 1-513-474-1158.

Contact- Chuck Caine
Joint Effort Marketing

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