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									Salwar Kameez - A Classic Indian Wear for Women

Salwar Kameez is a national dress of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Not only is it popular in
those two countries but also in other South Asian countries. Salwar Kameez is one such
classy and versatile outfit that fits women of all ages. Even the little girls are fond of the
Salwar Kameez. This beautiful Salwar Kameez has garnered a lot of interest among
women. It has withstood time developing more and more liking all across the world.

Bollywood industry has contributed a lot resulting to the immense popularity of the outfit.
This is one of the reasons that led the International stars deck up in this attire. One more
reason is its comfort level and so a lot of flexibility. Salwar Kameez is available in lot many
fabrics, designs, patterns and styles. The fabrics being used include cotton, silk, faux,
georgette, raw Dupion silk, crepe, tussar silk, Brasso, brocade, satin, etc. The artwork used
includes zari, zardosi, embroidery, mirror work, Kundan work, sequins, motifs, etc. It is
again available in too many range of color combinations including the maroon, red, green,
yellow, blue, purple, beige, brown, violet, rust, white, orange, pink, off-white, golden, etc.

One such designer Indian wear called Salwar Kameez combines aesthetic and practical
virtues as a result of which the women of smaller regions have also started wearing this
outfit. India is a diverse country and so the people living in. Indian culture is surrounded
with a whole lot of festivals and occasions so women would obviously like to wear a
Salwar Kameez in one or the other event. Women have got many reasons to dress her in a
beautiful Salwar Kameez and look the most graceful.

Each and every woman loves to look trendy wearing the latest Salwar Kameez suit. Online
stores offer both traditional and contemporary styles of Salwar Kameez; also called formal
and semi formal kind of Salwar Kameez. The formal wear consists of heavy embroidery
work which can be worn at weddings, birthday parties, festivals and other such important
occasions while the semi formal consists of light work which can be worn at casual get-
togethers, shopping, etc.

The fashion conscious ladies can try out the fusion of both of them. Designers have
worked upon such fusions giving a successful result. Designers truly provide an awesome
set of the party wear Salwar Kameez, maintaining the traditional appearance along with
giving it a modern touch. These days, the printed and floral prints are highly in vogue.
Along with that, the animal prints, stripes and butterfly prints are also popular.

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