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					                        NEW & ADDITIONS
                        •AGERATUM Blue Hawaii 5.0                      •LANTANA Nugget Improved
                        •ARGYRANTHEMUM Madeira Crested Merlot          •LANTANA Rocket Fire
                        •BACOPA Scopia Gulliver Blue                   •LANTANA Salsa
                        •BACOPA White Wedding                          •LANTANA Sparkler
                        •BEGONIA Illumination Golden Picotee           •LOBELIA Anabel Blue Romance
                        •BEGONIA Nonstop Deep Rose                     •NEMESIA Fruticans Nesia Dark Blue
                        •BEGONIA Nonstop Golden Orange                 •ORNAMENTAL GRASS Koeleria Glauca Coolio
                        •BEGONIA Nonstop Red                           •ORNAMENTAL GRASS Helictotrichon Sapphire Fountain
                        •BEGONIA Plum Paisley                          •OSTEOSPERMUM 3D Berry White
                        •BEGONIA Santa Cruz™ Sunset                    •OSTEOSPERMUM 3D Coral Sand
                        •BIDENS Namid Early Yellow                     •OSTEOSPERMUM FP Yellow evol
                        •BIDENS Namid Yellow                           •OSTEOSPERMUM Zion Red
                        •BRACTEANTHA Mohave Dark Rose Evol             •OSTEOSPERMUM Zion Shadow Yellow
                        •BRACTEANTHA Mohave Yellow                     •PANSY Colossus Blotch Mix
                        •CALIBRACHOA MF iGeneration Apricot Red Eye    •PANSY Cool Wave Frost
                        •CALIBRACHOA MF iGeneration Orange             •PANSY Cool Wave Mix
                        •CALIBRACHOA MF iGeneration Light Pink + Eye   •PANSY Cool Wave Violet Wing
                        •CALIBRACHOA MF iGeneration Purple Sand        •PANSY Cool Wave Yellow
                        •CALIBRACHOA Noa Deep Purple                   •PANSY Spring Matrix Blotch Mixture
                        •CALIBRACHOA Noa Peach                         •PANSY Spring Matrix Clear Mixture
                        •CALIBRACHOA Noa Yellow                        •PANSY Spring Matrix Blue Blotch
                        •CALIBRACHOA MF Dbl Magenta evol               •PANSY Spring Matrix Red Blotch
                        •CALIBRACHOA MF Dbl Rose Chai                  •PANSY Spring Matrix Rose
                        •CANNA Tropical Bronze Scarlet                 •PANSY Spring Matrix Yellow Blotch
                        •CELOSIA Ice Cream Mix Imp                     •PANSY Spring Matrix Yellow
                        •COLEUS Finger Paint                           •PANSY Spring Matrix White
                        •COLEUS Fishnet Stocking                       •PETUNIA Daddy Blue
                        •COLEUS Pineapple                              •PETUNIA Dreams Red
                        •COLEUS Songbird                               •PETUNIA Fame Yellow evol
                        •COREOPSIS Fruit Punch                         •PETUNIA Littletunia Bicolor Illusion
                        •COREOPSIS Route 66                            •PETUNIA Littletunia Blue Vein
                        •CUPHEA Allyson Heather                        •PETUNIA Littletunia Red Star
                        •DIASCIA Piccadilly Coral Red                  •PETUNIA Littetunia Sweet Dark Pink
                        •DRACAENA Cordyline Cherry Sensation           •PETUNIA Littletunia Sweet Sherbet
                        •EUCALYPTUS Lemon Bush                         •PETUNIA Littletunia White Grace
                        •EUPHORBIA Cool Breeze                         •PETUNIA Perfectunia Red
                        •EVOLVULUS Blue Daze                           •PETUNIA Perfectunia White
                        •GAZANIA Big Kiss White Flame                  •PETUNIA Ray Black
                        •GAZANIA Big Kiss Yellow Flame                 •PETUNIA Ray Sunflower
                        •GAZANIA Kiss Frosty Red                       •PETUNIA Sophistica Collection Blackberry
                        •GAZANIA New Day Bronze Shades                 •PETUNIA Sophistica Collection Lime Green
                        •GAZANIA New Day Strawberry Shortcake Mix      •PETUNIA Shock Wave Buzz Mix Improved
                        •GAZANIA SunBathers Jane Lemon Spot            •PETUNIA Shock Wave Coconut
                        •GAZANIA SunBathers Nahui                      •PETUNIA Shock Wave Deep Purple
                        •GERANIUM Interspecific Mambo                  •PETUNIA Shock Wave Power Mix
                        •GERANIUM Sunrise Brilliant Red evol           •PORTULACA Happy Trails Mix
                        •GERANIUM Sunrise XL Violet                    •PORTULACA Happy Trails Peppermint
                        •GERANIUM Maverick Red                         •SALVIA Argentea Artemis
                        •GERANIUM Maverick Rose                        •SNAPDRAGON Montego Red Improved
                        •GERANIUM Maverick White                       •STROBILANTHES Dyerianthus sp
                        •HERBS Artemisia Dracunculus                   •TRACHELIUM Devotion Purple
                        •HERBS Lavender Pinnata                        •TRIXI Berry Daring
                        •HERBS Salvia Berggarten                       •TRIXI Crazy for Crayons
                        •HERBS Salvia Purpurescens                     •TRIXI Double Date
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza Blue Pearl                  •TRIXI Strawberry Shortcake
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza Formula Mix                 •TROPICAL SELECTIONS Setcreasea Pink Stripes
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza Pink                        •TROPICAL SELECTIONS Assortment of Cannas
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza Red                         •VEGETABLES (PATIO) Corn Honey 'N Pearl
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza Salmon                      •VEGETABLES (PATIO) Cucumber Patio Snacker
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza Violet                      •VEGETABLES (PATIO) Lettuce Global Gourmet Mix
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza Wedgewood Mix               •VEGETABLES (PATIO) Pepper Mini Bell Redskin
                        •IMPATIENS Impreza White                       •VEGETABLES (PATIO) Tomato Topsy Tom
                        •IMPATIENS NG Tamarinda Max Burgundy           •VEGETABLES (PATIO) Zucchini Easy Pick
 NEW NEW!!              •IMPATIENS NG Tamarinda Max Lavender           •VERBENA Estrella Salmon Star
Patio Vegetables        •IMPATIENS NG Tamarinda Max Orange             •VERBENA Estrella Voodoo Red
Mix & Match them in     •IMPATIENS NG Tamarinda Max Pink               •VERBENA Lascar Big Eye Raspberry
                        •IMPATIENS NG Tamarinda Max Red                •VERBENA Lascar Big Eye Red Rose
   a large pot and
                        •IMPATIENS NG Tamarinda Max Sweet Pink         •VERBENA Lascar Big Eye Purple
attract the attention   •IMPATIENS NG Tamarinda Max White              •VERBENA Lascar Compact Pink evol
     of the X & Y       •LAMIASTRUM (Silver Nettle) Silver Frost       •VERBENA Lascar Dark Red evol
      Generation        •LAMIUM Maculatum Aureum                       •VIOLA Sorbet Yellow XP
     See page 43                                                       •ZINNIA Double Zahara Strawberry

                                                  Plants that grow places
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