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					                        Assignment of Accounts Receivable

Assignment and Agreement made this the (date), by (Name of Assignor), hereinafter
called Assignor, of (street address, city, state, zip code), to (Name of Assignee),
hereinafter called Assignee, of (street address, city, state, zip code).

I.      Statement of Assignment. For value received, Assignor unconditionally assigns
to Assignee, as of the respective dates of shipments and sales, and the rendering of
services, all of Assignor's interest in the accounts, commercial paper, notes, and
installment sales contracts enumerated in Section II of this Agreement, together with
any security or guarantees on such items, including proceeds of credit insurance due
and payable in connection with such items, with rights granted to Assignee as follows:

      A.     To stoppage in transit;

      B.      In Assignee's own name and for Assignee's own benefit, to make
      collections from the debtors on the accounts;

      C.     To endorse and deposit in his own bank account all commercial paper
      received in payment of the accounts; and

      D.      In case such merchandise is not received or accepted by the purchasers,
      or is returned, title to any account, contract, or merchandise created through the
      resale or exchange of the merchandise, and all amounts due and to become due
      on any such resale or exchange.

II.    Schedule of Accounts Assigns. A list of the Accounts being assigned is
attached hereto as Exhibit A and made a part hereof and is initialed by both parties.
Said Exhibit contains the following information: Date of Invoice; Name of Debtor;
Address of Debtor; Invoice Number; Due Date, and Amount of Invoice. For the express
purpose of inducing Assignee, Assignee's successors, and assigns, to purchase these
accounts from Assignor, and to make payment for them, Assignor warrants that the
following statements (in Sections III through XII) are true, to Assignor's own knowledge.

III.    Genuineness of Documents. The financial statements, invoices, orders, proofs
of delivery, and other documents submitted by Assignor to Assignee, together with all
statements made in such documents, as described in Section II of this Agreement, are
true and genuine.

IV.   Manufacture of Goods.
      A.     The goods described in the invoices and statements of account described
      in Section II of this Agreement were manufactured strictly in accordance with
      specifications required by the purchasers of such goods.
        B.     Prior to the effective date of this Agreement, all the merchandise
        represented in this Agreement as sold to the purchasers was packed and
        shipped, and all services rendered, to the purchasers, in accordance with bona
        fide orders and sales, and not in accordance with any consignment agreement or
        sale on approval.

V.     Shipment of Goods. The goods were shipped to the purchasers on their
request, and in accordance with their directions, on the days and via the carriers
indicated in the invoices, statements, and proofs of delivery described in Section II of
this Agreement.

VI.    Original Orders. Purchasers' original bona fide orders for the goods and
services have been duly received by Assignor. To date they have not been canceled or
altered, verbally or i
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