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Internet Marketing Secrets – Create Traffic and Income
by Ashley Smith | on January 11, 2013



                      Internet Marketing Secrets
The three Key elements to creating a successful income in Internet Marketing are: Generate
Traffic, Convert into Sales and Follow Up. If you don’t do all three then you’re missing a valuable
link in your Online Business. In this article I’ll share with you a few internet marketing secrets that
will help your all-round business.
Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand at internet marketing there’s always something new to
learn or it just may need an adjustment or fine tune. Ok. First you need to be getting out there
in the world wide web and getting your real estate seen. It doesn’t matter if it’s free or paid
advertising that you’re doing as long as people are seeing your material.

                                                                                                          The Empower Network
                          Internet Marketing Secrets                                                      The Empower Network
Whatever method of advertising you are doing to promote your online business you need to
have it placed where your potential customers will be looking for it. If you are focussing on article     A Marketing System for people who like to
marketing and blogging – then you want to be fully utilizing your efforts: so with your new               be LAZY :-D
article you have to leverage it to the max.
                                                                                                          How To Start Earning 100% Commissions
The very first thing I hope you’re doing is keyword research – google keyword tool is great for a         Today
freebie, “spinning” it which reproduces the article in multiple ways but keeps the keywords your
targeting as well as giving you the maximum “quantity” of articles for a particular keyword, using
                                                                                                          Meet two leaders that want YOU to get to
document sharing websites such as,, etc.
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                              Internet Marketing Secrets
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Now if you’re making video’s and feel more comfortable in front of the camera that’s great, what
you have to do is really drive in the keywords into the description and long-tail keywords too,
and when you’re done, I ping my URL (I don’t know why – I just do – and I get
ranked – even higher than some of my corresponding articles!).                                             Welcome The The Home Of Automation,
                                                                                                           Viral Marketing and 100% Commissions
The same goes for pretty much all different formats of advertising – what you’re trying to do is
send them to your capture page / squeeze page so that you can get their email address and
they can watch your company’s presentation. It might be for them or not. Don’t focus on it too
much. If you’re getting 20 or 120 other people to see it that day then it’s of little significance. It’s
a numbers game.

                              Internet Marketing Secrets
One of the most powerful internet marketing secrets that I have learnt since becoming a full time
internet marketer is that you have to communicate with your list of people – and think of them
as “people” I know it’s a buzz when you’re new and you think of all the numbers being “leads”.
Internet Marketing is a PEOPLE business! First and Foremost.
So when you have your lead / person in your autoresponder: I’m sure your team / company
has a code or list of follow up messages that go out to your new subscribers – that is great –
what makes a HUGE difference – I cannot stress this enough – is to go through every, single,
individual follow up message and tweak it.

                              Internet Marketing Secrets
Whether you’re putting your photo at the bottom of the message and a Facebook link to your
business page then that’s a great start. People want to know that you’re emails aren’t mass
produced and that you’ve actually taken some time personalizing your messages.
I hope you’ve found some value in this article and it has given you something to think about.
There are a ton of internet marketing secrets out there. You need to be utilizing the tools
that are the most highly leveraged. eg. by adjusting your autoresponder – you can have it seen
by you’re entire list. Capish.
Yours in success,
Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith is a successful, full time internet marketer who has “retired” from a 9-5 job and
guides people who are new to the industry into having their own success with Internet
Marketing. To Join Ashley and The Empower Network click here to watch a video and Get In for
a measly $25.

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                    Hi, my name is Ashley Smith. I've been in a few traditional MLM companies over the
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                    experience w hich gave me a solid foundation of know ledge. Now I have started
 marketing my Online business full time w ith the techniques and strategies I have adopted from the
 Top Producers in the Internet Marketing Industry. After years of struggling just to get by I've taken
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