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					The Best Destinations for Chartering a Yacht
Posted by Toni Dee - Guest Blogger on 20th, October 2012
As far as luxury vacations are concerned, few experiences can match the excitement and opulence of
chartering a private yacht. Yachts are very expensive and a good model can cause a sizable dent in even
the deepest pockets. As a result, yacht rentals are by far the most popular option for those seeking to
escape out into the sea in extreme luxury. There are a number of destinations that you can choose from
to rent a yacht at. However, only a few of these destinations are truly outstanding. Here are the top
destinations in the world for chartering a yacht:

Hawaii, USA

Whenever people think of chartering a yacht in the Americas, the most obvious destination that first
comes to mind is the Caribbean. However, it is a huge mistake to ignore the Hawaiian Islands as the
perfect yacht charter destination. Hawaii is very popular as a hub for water sports and everything else
good about the island often slips under the radar. This is actually good news for tourists.

Yacht rental and charter companies offer amazing discounts to lure tourists away from their Caribbean
counterparts. However, do not think that you are getting any less of an experience simply because you
are paying less. Hawaii is beautiful in its own right and offers something different for those who are
tired of cruising around in the Caribbean.

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Caribbean Sailing Schooner

Hawaii is also acts as a great base from where you can set off to explore some of the uninhabited
islands of the Pacific in your luxurious yacht.
New Zealand

Most people are shocked to learn that New Zealand has a very active and vibrant yachting scene.
However, it is not so far-fetched for New Zealand to be a perfect destination to charter yachts from.
During summer, when its winter in the Northern hemisphere, New Zealand experiences some of the
best weather in the world and the conditions are perfect for a cruise around the South Pacific.

Just like Hawaii, New Zealand can be used as a base to go out and explore the Polynesian islands and
indulge in a bit of scuba diving or snorkeling from the comfort of your own private yacht.

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Island Hopping Caribbean

With most of the yacht rentals in the area originating from Australia, renters can find amazing deals
from New Zealand cities that will allow you to rent much bigger yachts for the same cost.

The Mediterranean Sea

Admittedly, including the Mediterranean Sea in this list is a bit f a cop-out. However, it cannot be
denied that the list would be very incomplete without including this European jewel in it. The whole
concept of luxury yachts being the ultimate display of power and wealth originated from the dockyards
in the Mediterranean.

Chartering a yacht from anywhere on the coastlines not only lets you be a part of that lifestyle, it is one
of the best ways to explore Europe as you yacht makes its way through the shores of various European
counties, stopping at different ports.

No matter where you are, chartering a yacht is always a very special occasion. However you can make
that moment extra special by renting the yacht from one of these beautiful destinations.

Toni Dee is a travel blogger and gives holiday tips on his website You can
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