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									1. Golden Michelia (Champ)
Golden Michelia is of two types; one is bigger and other is smaller. They
are found in the Mid-Hills of Nepal. It usually grows in the altitudinal
places from 600 to 1,500 meters.
Golden Michelia can grow about 30 meters height. It is an evergreen
plant. It is attractive and beautiful. The trunk of Golden Michelia is
smooth and ash in color. Oily and green leaves cover the tree. It gives
Yellow type flowers that have a sweet smell. It has many small and big

Source: Wikipedia Spike Nard is found in High Hills of Nepal at the
altitude of 3000 to 5000 meters. Its distribution is scattered and thinly
populated. It is an erect and perennial small plant. Its shape is full of
tissues that make like a net of hairs.
Spike Nard produces flowers. Its flowers are reddish-white color. Its
roots are used to make oil that gives sweet smell. The oil is used in
Ayurvedic medicine. It is useful it the diseases such as cholera and
epilepsy. It is also used for the heart diseases.

Serpentina is a protected plant and restricted to export. It grows at an
altitude of 1200 meters of Nepal. Its habitat is therefore some parts of
Terai and Hilly Region. The forest of Sal provides habitat for
Serpentina. Its stem seems dry and white. Its leaves are long and broad.
In summer season it produces white and red bunches of flowers. Its fruit
seems like gram. Its roots are used to make medicine.
Such medicines are for treatment of blood pressure and relieve of pain.
It is also used to fall in a long sleep.
Himalayan yew is protected plant. It is found at an altitude of 1700 to
3400 meters of Nepal. Generally, the mid and west parts of Nepal are the
habitat for Himalayan Yew. It belongs to the Pine Species. They seem like
comb and their fruits are poisonous. This plant contains such an element
that can cure immature cancer disease.

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