Advertise Your Home Business in 2013

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					How to Advertise your Home Business in 2013

Advertising is one of the keys to any business. In 2013 will you profit from
your advertising or let it fall by the wayside? There are tons of free
advertising opportunities online. A comprehensive plan for the marketing of
your home business is essential if you plan on building your business in

Let's take a look at the advertising opportunities you can take advantage of
right now to build traffic and business for 2013.


Obviously blogging is a great way to build your business but are you doing it
right? No one wants to read a blog about just products or your promotional
post every day. Blogs are interactive you should try to engage your readers
about your topic. Here are some great blogging tips for the new year. Give
good value to your readers and you'll gain a following.

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Classified Advertising

Classified ads are a tried and true method of promoting your business. Tired
of manually posting all of your classified ads everyday? Try creating a
macro to do your posting for you. Imacro has a great free Firefox plugin
that allows you to automate anything you could imagine.

Here's a HUGE list of classified ad sites to post to.

Being Social

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years I'm sure you've
heard of social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.. etc. Social sites drive
tons of traffic and if you utilize them correctly can be a major factor in
marketing your business.

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Search and Google

Everyone wants free search engine traffic. SEO takes work. You can't just
throw up a site and hope the traffic will come. Google's new algorithm
updates have thrown SEO's into a frenzy of "the sky is falling!". If you're
looking for search traffic in 2013 you need to know what Google is looking
for which is relevance and a natural link profile. I don't care what guru you
listen to back-linking still works. The difference now is that your back link
profile has to "look" natural in the eyes of the Big G. If you build 200 links
and every one of those links have the exact same anchor text that obviously
is not natural. Diversify your anchor text and diversify your link sources.

Be Consistent

Like anything else, building a business takes time and consistent effort. You
can't expect to be an overnight sensation. Consistency is key, do something
every day to build your business in 2013.